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  1. the poor fantail didnt have a chance , he has now passed away, and i announce his death as of 8:54 pm May 3rd 2005, i will miss him a fair bit coz he along with the others always came up to the glass when i came into the room and always cheered me up with there playful swimming..... R.I.P little buddy (i never knew when fish die they dont always float to the top but instead found him lieing on the bottom :|)
  2. Im praying he can make it one night in the tank before tommorrow where I have time to bathe him
  3. I think its to late he is hardly breathing but will see what i can do should i put him in treated water with prime before i salt bathe him ?
  4. i have done a 40 percent water change and no improvement, can you suggest and easy and pain free way to put him down?
  5. What kind of Filtration? Rio 180 i believe so its small What kind of Water additives or conditioners? prime Any Medications add to the tank? Prime How many fish in the tank and there size? 2 fantails 1 adult commet 15 gallon Add any new fish to the tank? No What do you feed your fish? Fish flakes Any unusual behavior? staying at the bottom of the tank for the fantail that is sick and it has a cist on it also.
  6. I got my fantail on its side I got the water tested with my own kit i baught for 70 dollars, and i found the nitrites and nitrates were high, I am now waiting on my fish to feel better, I took 40 percent water out put fresh water with something called prime which detoxifies nitrites and nitrates and ammonia along with Chlorine and Chloramine, Buy Water detoxifiers, there verry very handy, My fantail is now more responsive and i will add more water soon after the salt bath I just gave my fish does its magic work If it doesnt work then I might also have to put him down the only humane way, some soda water ina buket with majority of water and the poor lil fella falls sleep But hopefully I wont have to do that
  7. ammonia-measured 0ppm on chart ( was bit darker than the yellow, but guess measure colour to colour) Fresh water High range PH-7.8 Nitrites-0.50 Nitrate-10 These are the test results from the old water, I then did a 40 percent water change and i am running my Filter now........ I added a product into the new water called 'Prime' which removes Chlorine, Chloramine, Ammonia and Detoxifies Nitrate & Nitrites my fish suddenly started breathing mroe again after i changed water with the 40 percent water change but is still on its side with gills pasrtially open, it is slowly moving along the bottom of the tank on its side, and i am currnetly about to give the tank a salt bathe with 3 1/2 teaspoons to my 15 gallon tank
  8. My fish is at the bottom of the tank lying there on its side not even moving beside the occasional tail flutter and looks like his dieing!! How can i put him down without puting him through pain?
  9. Thanks for your help so far all, I will get them posted asap in the next couple of days when i get time off work amd have a free day to spend doing total water testing and then post before i do a 50 percent water change. Cheers Tom (i dont wish to kill him, just the poor thing barely moves )
  10. its a little rio 180 in tank filter, o ok someone told me it wasnt teaspoons per gallon :| and I dont soak my food i grind in between fingers so its smaller right into the tank. I dont know If I have to kill him.. Thanks, Tom
  11. Ok guys ill post more about Tests later on some time, Its 15 gallon tank 1 mature aged Comet with 2 fantails (1 fantail is sick, i havent changed the water for about a week so i have to get onto doing a partial water change current temp is between 77-78 with a 40 cm air stone up back running from a stellar pump. I gave the whole tank a salt bath of about 3 teaspoons of salt a week and a bit ago.and was feeding the sill fantail peas along with the others to try and treat his what seemed to be swim bladder to me...........the saltbath was for his weird cist like thing...........................I will post water results some time soon.
  12. my fantail is acting stranger now, if any of you will remember I posted about his cist looking thing and him sinking to the bottom of the tank and resting there for long periods of time, well now he seems to be going up to the top of the tank (still struggling to swim) and pierce his head through the top of the water and out of the water up to his gills he would swim up there every time hs started swimming again which is usually when I fed him he would do this many times before eventually going back to the bottom......anyone help me? its strangehis doing this. (He piereces through the top of the water and out many many times now daily)
  13. Ohhh gawd!, I noticed there tails have red blotches on them, yes and the fish seem to be calmer now, so you suggest 25 percent water changes fora while :| so much stuff to remember ill probably botch it up preety soon, and everyone is telling me to get a bio wheel :|
  14. Well the colour changed from 0 to about a 0.25-0.50 now what is happening to my fishies :crp
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