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  1. Im in the second largest city in Indiana, USA.....nothing too special here, lots of corn and bean fields and cows and pigs, but not too many sheep.
  2. Hey everyone! Just thought Id update those of you who care to hear. I decided to retire from breeding(I may buy a really nice pair of CT later on to spawn). My last spawn was Flower(my "purple" crowntail, I say purple in quotes because it doesnt exist, technically he is blue with red wash) and a darling little red female crowntail that doeant have a name. The spawn went well and several friend got the little fellas. I have used a lot of self control and havent bought a new betta since the red CT female so Im down to 5(instead of the 23 I used to have). I still have my 2 pet store males which I love dearly. And the pastel male which Devs has relatives to also. Flower is doing well too, he still is a tiny fella and his tail still hasnt healed completely from the spawning, its barely a CT right now. Hopefully Ill stop around here more often, although it might lead me into buying more bettas... Talk soon, Nykole P.S. Ill post pics soon...
  3. Heres a litle update. I no longer have 20 bettas( ) As of now I only have 5. I had a mysterious illness that caused dropsy to kill many of them. I still have my 2 petstore bettas (Blue and Lion) and Pixie the betta that Devs has relatives of. I also have Flower my little CT male that I won from Aquabid and an adorable CT female(Cinnmon) that a friend of mine bred from offspring of Flower and my beloved Jazzy(she was my favorite betta of all time; died of dropsy ) I may breed Flower and Cinnmon for some CTs in spring. I havent decided if I want do all of that work again. I post pics of them soon, Nykole
  4. Today Bug, my very first goldfish, whom I had for at least 3 years, died today of unknown causes. Two nights ago I removed her from her tank becuase either the oto or Rubberlip was sucking her slime coating off. They didnt cause any open wounds though so I figured Id move her to the Q tank and add some salt. Well then last night my kitten, Gracie, was climbing on a shelf and knocked a pencil and a small tupperware dish that had had crackers in it into the Q tank. I removed them almost immediantly but didnt have the time at that moment to change the water. She was fine this morning but by the time I had gotten home from work she was dead. She was my favorite fish Ive ever had and didnt plan on losing her so soon. Shes been through everything, like before I knew how to properly care for goldfish, a severe fungal outbreak, several cyclings, etc.
  5. Yesterday when I woke up Peanut was dead. She looked as though Jellybean and her were in a fight. So today I bought two more female guppies. In the acclimation/Q tank one of the females dropped 2 fry. I thought one was just orn with the yolk sac still attached but upon a closer look there are 2 guppies connected at the head. One of them is tiny and I think it may be dead but the bigger of the two is paddling around happily looking for food. I fed them but couldnt tell if the twins ate anything. Has anyone ever had this happen before? the other fry is perfectly normal and is definitely eating. Ill try to take pics but they are so tiny its hard to focus. Nykole
  6. A few pics..... These are my new girls....Does Peanut look gravid? I know Jellybean does, shes huge! Here are my "old" girls, Ive had them 2 weeks on Sunday. One of them dropped fry 2 weeks ago on Monday and I think it was Jewel because Jasmine in stomache is growing. B) Heres Spots, my only feeder guppy that survived. Hes the most tame of all the guppies. And here are the 2 fry, Omelet and Porker. Omelet is the smaller of the two. They will be two weeks old on Monday.
  7. For those that use/have used Rubbermaids, how high can you safely fill them? Im worried that it will blow out when Im not home and my fish with dry up and die or my cat or dogs will get them.
  8. At my local vvvv Penguin 330s run $46.99 and on their website they were $22.99 for I just printed the page off and took it in and they gave me them(2) for $22.99! The manager didnt seem too happy but I sure was! So I highly reccommend checking the internet for such deals.
  9. Ill bet that was quite a mess! I dont even what to begin to think about everything my little housecat cat has stolen.... <_< . Her favorites are paper-y things(She'll rip pages out of books if they arent closed), pens, notebook bindings....not to mention hair ties, nail files, bottle caps.....
  10. I would sooner believe the AP test since test tube test kits are more accurate compared to the dip tests.
  11. Thanks guys, I didnt even think of putting something underneath the filter
  12. Nykole

    Lost Jazzy

    Thanks guys. Jazzy was very, very special to me, she was my first crown tail female and I miss her a lot. On a brighter note Flower is doing great. He acts as though he never was ill. And I lost my last female feeder guppy. Only two males left. They really have become tame in the last 2 weeks Ive had them. My fancy guppies hide when I come near but the feeders will nibble on my fingers and eat from my hand. Maybe they are thankful to me taking home snd out of the feeder tank??
  13. Nykole

    Lost Jazzy

    Jazzy and Flower spawned on Monday of last week, But Flower ate all the eggs. Then they both came down with fungus as did my feeder guppies. It was too much for Jazzy and she past away on Wed. 4 of the guppies died too. Flower is still fighting it. Hes doing very well and all signs of fungus are gone. Too make myself feel better I bought a beautiful trio of guppies. One of them even dropped fry today.
  14. I recently started using a few Rubbermaids and I cant find a filter I like. I tried to rig one(think it was a AquaClear) but that didnt work very well and now Im using a Whisper power that I got in a tank kit a long time ago but every time I change the cartridge I lose my cycle. So anyone know of any filters that have a bio wheel and will work on a Rubbermaid?
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