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  1. >>two fish remain mysteries 1. I've had my beloved William for just over two weeks now and he's overcome a myraid of differant illnesses. But one question remains....what breed is he? side veiw: top veiw: 2. I've had Charlamagne for almost 7 months, when I first got him I was thinking Lionhead----> but he's grown some and now i'm not quite sure... side veiw: ( he's a bit deeper in body now, this picture's from a while ago ) tope veiw:
  2. allright thanks Heidi. >>i think i'll keep her by herself untill i can move her to a bigger tank and then look into buying her a fishie friend. okay look's like i'm gonna be chutney's companion for a long long long time>>or untill i've fully established the big tank. hahahahhahaha. I agree with Daryl, Orandas get really big. My Pharoh got to 9" long cause he had 15 gals min for him. Right now my goldies have about 15 gals per fish so they can grow. Right now only one is fully grown up Mongo the rest are babies but knowing that they will get big I wont add any more fish to the tank and I dont have Orandas right now just Ranchu's, Lionhead's and Telescopes she's certainly got lotsa' room to grow. thanks for all the responces you guys! i will have to restrain my oranda bug untill i have more space. >>any idea on ideal water depth?
  3. Well, as most of you know. I am the proud owner of a BEAUTIFUL choco. oranda named Chutney. She is one spoiled fishie. >>currently residing in a 20 gal. long aquarium on my desk. >>>moving on to the questions: I've heard that Orandas can grow quite large, larger than other fancies- would keeping two of them in a 20 gallon aquarium be too small? Also, is there a preffered water depth for this breed? (the tank she's in right now is roughly a foot in depth---- her pond is about a foot and half)
  4. yes. yes. i do roxanne. it's a good thing you live on the other half of the country, because if you were on the east coast.... there'd be some serious fish-napping going on. just kiddinnnnnggggg. well no....i'm not sure if i was. i think i just confused myself..... ANYWAYS. the fish-lettes look GREAT. and i can't wait to see what the ever wonderous sun does for them
  5. eeee! congrats on the pond it really does wonders with their colors, Chutney was in hers for just over two weeks (untill i let my worrying get the best of me ) and she looks like a hershey bar THE SUN IS AMAZING
  6. hahaha allright. but she does seem much happier in the tank than in the pond..... it certainly is a delema. maybe i'll rescue a feeder and let it keep the pond cycled.... hmmmmmmmmmmm...
  7. hahahaha. thanks >>i'm pretty sure she's enjoying all the treats i give her. !!! i knowwww !!! i hope i can save some, and maybe she and willy can have some fry------ that'd be sooooo CUTE! ....somehow my topic went up twice.
  8. hahahahaha. well, i didn't have any plans today- and i have a really bad cold. SO. i was working at my desk....but got sidetracked. without further adui, i give you chutney (in her sparsly furnished 20 gallon aquarium, with me ) just for fun
  9. hahahaa. i think i will thanks joy! i'm really glad he's pulling through too
  10. "...as you might have guessed, unlike dogs and cats, goldfish are NOT a free range pet." >>i agree with Hidr, it was kinda......misleading?.....and the tanks were too small.
  11. what do you mean by 'arn't flushed' ? >>I've taken Chutney out of the pond because i couldn't stop worrying about her >>she's now residing in my spare 20 gallon and under observation....
  12. hahaha. her expression is liken to mine in AP bio. hahahaha. my fish are so goofy thanks yes. my goldfish are all plotting world domination (like in Pinky and the Brain! ) muahahhahahahhahahhaa! if only i could resist her begging.
  13. your fish are all GORGEOUS! and certainly well-fed
  14. those are some great looking fish! chibby is my favorite
  15. william seems to be getting much better he finished his 7 day treatment of prazi today, and today is the last day of his antibiotics! things seem to be looking good for sir william wobbly. the mysterious white thing seems to have dissapeared completly. >>thanks for all the help trinket! *i'll be keeping up w/ the treatments, and updates !
  16. hehehehe. maybe when William's feeling better (and fully QT-ed) i'll introduce the two of em' Chutney is still swollen as ever, but she's a bit more active than she has been. it's so cute, the way she wobbles around, swinging her bum. should i be worried that she's still so round?
  17. No. He's allways quite excited for food. He swims around happily munching like any other fish. His bouts of sluggishness are rather random....
  18. he most certainly is handsome. GREAT FIND!
  19. Willy was fine this morning. but now he's acting rather sluggish once more. he's hardly floaty at all anymore. could the antibiotics be what's making him feel icky?
  20. PENNNYYYYYY!!!! i've been waiting to see pictures congrats on the she's still adorable AND VERY PHOTOGENIC. *request for more pictures and a question, when you win the auction>>how much is the shipping cost? (generally speaking)
  21. I'll try to track down a magnifying glass. **Willy's SBD seems to have gone down significantly- he's hardly floaty at all anymore he seems a lot less stressed, something seems to be working but he's still bottom sitting at a slight angle i'll keep up the updates
  22. allright. >>yes. the minimal course is 5 days i beleive. so that's the next four days- not three (sorry). ! after the antibiotic is done, should i start him with the anti-parasite food? (assuming he's not better yet) i'm so worried about him! *oh! and the little white thingy seems a bit smaller, so that's good. **how long should i carry out the course of dimlin?
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