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  1. WOW!!! PRETTY, WELLFED, HUGE FISH!!!! your oranda and moors are STUNNING
  2. hahahahhahahahahahahathanks he does kinda look like Roman:Ddon't worry, i'm doing all i can----- he ate his first pea (half a pea) this morning thanks lolhe does seem to be coming out his shell a bit today,darting from one side of the tank to another- like an aquaticexplorer thanks I hope so. hehehehehehehthanks thanks lolmy brother said the same thing. why thankyou lol:P aw shucks. >>thanks for all the comments you guys!>>>more updates sure to come, and some more photoshoots of the big kids too!
  3. good save thanks it's good to know the members of Koko's are rooting for him. Yes!!! Black is a healing color!!! perhaps he is getting better:heart thanks
  4. Yea....it was really sad. there was this GORGEOUS bright red ryukin. he was HUGE! and i remember thinking, what on EARTH is he doing here? but upon closer inspection i discovered....HIS PECTORAL FINS HAD BEEN RIPPED OFF. I was shocked. and they wanted a very large sum of money for the poor fellow.
  5. zomg zomg zomg zomg zomgggg! they're all gorgeous!!!
  6. the pictures have been posted BABY RANCHUS!? oh come on heidi, you must have a spare ten gallon somewhere. i still can't beleive i have six goldfish
  7. I've allways wanted a solid orange fish. It seems my dreams have been answered... and now i give you....SOUFLE! he's so tiny compared to all my other fancies. even little Leonerd dwarves him! he's so tiny!!! with REALLY promising finnage. and an adorable mug i just hope he makes it he's got some pretty gnarly ammonia burns, and a pretty bad case of flukes....
  8. okay. so. this morning, my older sister made an 'emergancy' run to the bookstore to purchase my father a father's day present... ANYWAYS. the bookstore is located next to our local mmmmmmmm the chain petstore that is notorious for improper fish care.... and of course, me, being me, wandered over. I was horrified of course>>most of the goldies were missing limbs. ............. BUT! I also fell in love. With a tiny 99 cent oranda....who is also....well, let's face it..... less than healthy. and about 1 inch long. I've named my galliant rescue Soufle'. PICTURES COMING. its getting harder and harder to resist the goldfish bug.... i have all this extra tank space>>with the monsterous tank near cycled. EEEeeeeEeeeeEeEEeEeEeEeEEeeeeee!
  9. great fish! your calico tele is GORGEOUS.
  10. PHEW! thankyou so much for all the help a 70 percent waterchange should about do it right? and lots and lots of peas. i'm practically shaking from the adrenaline rush. i think i was more scared than chutney was i'll be sure to update if things take a turn for the worse...but she seems allright for the moment. ***will the filter be okay?
  11. DUDE! i was reading. about aquarium thermometers. and aparently... the little gray balls that I thought were mercury, are just small lead weights. are they still just as harmfull?
  12. thanks joy. she's breathing rather heavily...or maybe it's just my imagination. oh dear.
  13. Well, you all know my beloved chutney. the choco. oranda i keep in a 20 gallon on my desk. well, somehow, last night the bottom of her thermometer broke off. i wasn't really paying attention this morning when i fed her, she was acting normal and everything. but a few minets ago i noticed. not only is the glass bottom totally off of the thermometer, some of the mercury balls are scattered across the aquarium bottom. i immediatly removed chutney and now have her in the 10 gallon hospital tank. she's acting relativly normal and everything but.... mercury CANNOT be good for goldfish. what if she ate a piece of it? WHAT DO I DOOOO?????
  14. WOW!!!! he's enormous and adorable t'boot.
  15. AWWWWWWW! they look so healthy. and happy. and wellfed.
  16. JELOUSE. it's GORGEOUS. your goldies must love you very much.
  17. i just noticed them last night does this mean he's mature enough to breed? because i have him in the thirty gallon with william (who is also a boy) and he won't leave the poor blighter alone.
  18. made this wile i was at a loss of things to do. enjoy!
  19. 'bulldog pleco' is another name for a 'rubbernose pleco'....
  20. OH! and is there a reccamendation? >>as far as goldfish-compatability goes.... bristle nosed or bulldog plecos?
  21. I'm not new to keeping rubbernosed plecos. I had one way back when with my first set of goldies (his name was Norway). ....but sadly he too perished in the miss-communication. ANYWAYS. i was thinking a getting one to be Chutney's (my oranda) companion in the twenty gallon- since she's by herself. but i was wondering....how does one go about quarentining a pleco? I mean...can they carry the same diseases goldfish can? Ich, flukes, worms...etc; it sounds like a stupid question...but i (personally) have yet to see a pleco displaying significant signs of disease.... ....maybe i'm just new to the fish world.
  22. i'm fairly certain they come in every color >>your spook must be quite the looker
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