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  1. Hi Callie -- It is good to hear from you again, although I wish it were under better circumstances. The starting dose of EPSOM salts is 1/4 tsp. per ten gallons. The 3 tsp. per gallon dose applies to REGULAR salt only. It is kind of hard to tell from the photos if Chutney is dropsied. The last photo makes her appear sort of pineconed. Can you take a photo from directly overhead? This is usually the best view to discern scales that are lifting. If she is pineconing you need to get Metromeds ASAP. Can you call them back and request overnight shipping? Please keep us posted. DUDE. i completley skipped over the word 'epsom' sorry bout that ....i'm not sure if i have any epsom salt either.... uhoh. i guess i'll be tracking that down too.... i'm gonna try and see if i can change the shipping. >>i'm also gonna take a trip down to my lfs and see if they have any metro meds in stock... >>>i'll attempt to take a top-veiw picture....hold on. sorry. i didn't realise we were talking about 'epsom' salts. and not regular salt. i'm a bit frazzled at the moment >>but thanks for all the info. >>>i'll be posting a top veiw picture soon and you guys can help me decide....i'm not quite sure if they're 'sticking out' but they look....ruffled?
  2. yea...i was thinking bacterial infection too...but when i read up on her symptoms it rang up as 'cancer' and i was, like, about to cry. ANYWAYS. i've moved her into the 10 gallon (it's easier to dose w/ salt and meds) and i took some more pictures which i'll put at the end of this post. >>thanks heidi >>i've ordered metro meds from GC....but they might not get here for a couple of days... ... i've allways been under the impression that it was 3 tsp. per US gallon for an effective salt treatment. IE: 30 tsps for 10 US gallons. >>>correct me if i'm wrong. as far as pinconing goes, she looks...strange. but i'm not sure if it's 'pinconing' but, none of my fish have ever expirienced dropsy....so i don't really know. i'll be posting some pictures at the end of this....further analysis would be much apreciated correct me if i'm wrong. thanks sea, i'm holding off on treatment untill we figure out what's going on... pictures: her eyes look a little bit swollen too.... ...please. please. pleassseeeeee. don't let it be dropsy.
  3. thanks lynda. but my water perams are pretty stable... but i'll fill it out anyways here goes. ammonia 0ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 19ppm hardness (gh)150ppm chlorine 0ppm alkalinitty (kh)120ppm ph 7.2 (>6.9 tap) [*] 20 gallon, running for almost 3 months now. [*]What is the name and size of the filter/s? emporer 200 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? 50% on a weekly basis. [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? just chutney- she's around 3 and 1/2 inches [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? amquel plus [*]Any medications added to the tank? none. [*]Add any new fish to the tank? ...she's by herself. [*]What do you feed your fish? peas, broccoli, spirulina, brine shrimp, blood worms, hikari oranda, spinnach. [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? just her swollen belly and 'mushy-ness' ----and lack of scale/color/shimmer **she'll come up to eat, and eats...and then goes back to bottom sitting. she only moves if she thinks it's feeding time. or she just kinda scuttles across the bottom. it's cute....but clearly there's something wrong... could it be cancer?
  4. hey guys- i know i've been kinda absent around the forums, but things have been pretty busy around here..... >>it's good to be back ....okay, so you all know my beloved chutney. (chubby little choco. oranda) well, she's always had a bit of a 'pudgy' belly. and i've allways assumed that she was egg bound....or something.... but she only dropped eggs, once. and the swelling never went down. she just.... continued to grow (in roundness). and grow. and today...i was doing a water change, and when i picked her up (to put in her bucket) she was....mushy? I mean, she eats, and swims and everything...but her movements are awkward and almost look....painfull. I love her so much, but i'm worried...and don't want her to be constantly hurting. So i did some research and aparently....a mushy belly is a sign of cancer? organ displacment/stunted growth? both seem quite plausable. i'm really worried. i've allso noticed that some of her scales are losing their 'shimmery-ness'.... and her belly is like...i don't know...it just dosn't look right. photo: any opinions?
  5. he's adorable and his home is GORGEOUS. >>how many gallons is it? it looks awfully big
  6. congrats on the he/she really is GORGEOUS. i'm kinda jelous.
  7. eeeeee! i your white butterfly **request for more pictures
  8. eeeee! he's so cute i his name tooo!
  9. OH YAY! it seems i have an endless suply of these.... i suppose i'll just post a few of the good ones ET anyone? this one's just plain trippy. and beause they felt left out:
  10. a pom-pom? WOW! that'd be really cool i don't think i've ever seen a smallish pompom before... regardless, LARRY IS ADORABLE
  11. Well, since I couldn't stop worrying about my portly little Chutney all alone in the rubbermaid pond.... These guys got to move in (Buckets and Leonerd) My two little (er. not so little anymore) telescopes are living the good life. in twenty sweet gallons of summer goodness. they've been in there for just over a month now and their colors have gotten SO BRIGHT and they've grown a good bit too. well, here they are! that's all for now
  12. great picutures!!!!! great fish!!!!! i hope to be seeing more of them
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S GORGEOUS congrats on the (i'm really glad you got her!) and might i add, that i'm DEMANDING photos!
  14. he was floating towards the intake... thanks for the advise...but i just went to check on him and....he's gone.... he put up a good fight but....i guess that was all for little Soufle. he's not breathing....not moving....not responding..... the little guy is dead. ....i'm not sure why this is shocking me so much....i guess it's just been a while since i lost a fish. i suppose he's moved on to the big pond in the sky...
  15. part of me is still hoping that he'll pull through... but i don't know... .....is clove oil the best way to do it? ((i honestly don't think i can bring myself to doing it, but i guess it's good to explore my options...))
  16. ...he dosn't seem to have gotten any better.... ......he's weaker and weaker everytime i go and look.... he's just floating there, breathing just enough for me to know he's alive.... it's all but breaking my heart. i'm starting to consider euthinazing....the poor little guy has been fighting for so long. :
  17. I just went in to check on him (again) and couldn't help but notice that his gill plates are a sickly pink. i feel so useless....i don't know what else to do. .....it's sad to see the little guy like this. .......i knew he was in bad shape, but i don't think i was prepared to watch him suffer so much.
  18. The tank water is at a o.3% salt content. and i'm treating him with prazi. >>he seems particularly bad today he's so weak he can't even swim against the filter current, he's just kinda floating there, looking at me with those big blank eyes... i've been reading up on flukes and aparently damage is even more detrimental to smaller fish- when it comes to excessive bleeding through the gills. I'm doing all I can to maintain near perfect water conditions. ....I guess all I can do now is wait....
  19. Is there a direct coralation? My little Soufle' spits out everything he puts in his mouth (it's really sad ) I doubt he's eaten anything for a very long time- the poor little blighter is all but emaciated. I know I've only had him for three days now, but when should I expect the prazi to start working? (I started treatment on Sunday) I don't want him to starve. are smaller fish more suceptable to the hazards of gill flukes?
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