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  1. its good to be back and thanks, it's always good to know that you guys are just as fishcrazy as i am. hahahha
  2. two for one sale? hahahaha i didn't know that applied to fish. regardless, THEY ARE ADORABLEEEEE i'm going through a bit of a calico obsession if i do say so myself
  3. hi you guys i havn't been around very much over these past couple months (my last post being in july [WOW]) unfortunatly, my prolonged absence was triggered by a rather upsetting occurance.... (i figured i'd share this before i get to my good news ----that and i'd hate for this to happen to any of you. ) i'm sad to report that in late august 5 of my precious little aquatic friends were victem to my cleaning lady... (some of her cleaning fluids got in their aquariums while i was away and when i came back they were.....all gone ) only two of my little fishes survived this ordeal: Charlamage (because he was outside in the rubbermaid pond) and Gin (because he was in an aquarium in my room) as you can probibly imagine, i was very upset. it took me a good two months to get over it. i had vowed to get no more fish, and simply care for the two that i had left...but, it wasn't long before the goldfish-bug struck again. as fate would have it, i was wandering around Soho yesterday and decided to venture towards the lower east side- i have no idea why. i think i was subconsiously gravitating towards the imfamous Pacific Aquariums hahahaa. i had initially gone just to 'look' but looking soon turned into buying and i went home with an adorable calico ranchu- nearly a carbon copy of the late William (although i'm fairly certain that the newbie (named 'Choo') is a she) Choo is in quarentine with a small calico telescope that i am fish-sitting for a friend (i figured i'd treat both of them w/ salt and prazi- since the poor tele came to me in a goldfishbowl of all things ). so yea. it's good to be back
  4. i think i'd be scared if goldfish were bigger than people are.... they really are impressive eaters
  5. thanks you guys he really does seem to be fattening up quite nicely (with all the fresh veggies and protein based foods he's been feasting on) it's good to hear from you again Joy andd OMGOODNESS. i was studying Laurence earlier today and.....it looks like he has a little blip of a creamy lemon wen THE FAIRY OF LEMONHEADS STRIKES AGAIN! (not that i'm an ounce dissapointed...this little guy reminds me of my late chutney even more with each passing day
  6. !!!! your telescopes look like they could be Bucket's brothers/sisters !!!! and appa looks like he's growing really really big!!!! thanks for all those great pictures now i'm going to go and sulk because there arn't any goldfish shows near where i live.....
  7. my goodness he sure is cute and he kinda reminds me of my charlamagne (the chubby little ranchu in my signature) great finddddd
  8. haha. thanks. really? i guess i'll just have to see what he grows up to be yea, i was a little suprised (incredably relieved) that my father did such a good job at picking out a fish. when he told me he got me a new goldfish i was automatically convinced that: A. it probibly wasn't going to even be a goldfish or B. it would be covered in ick. but little Lawrence (is a goldfish) and seems to be in perfect health thanks
  9. WELL. not but 5 days ago i vowed not to get anymore goldfish. and i didn't. i really didn't. i swear. as some of you may know, i've been a bit down since Chutney's death. and aparently my father noticed... so low-and-behold, on his way back from work today he went to the petstore and picked me up a 'new chutney'. i was a bit aprehensive at first, but the moment i caught sight of my new aquatic friend my heart melted. and it's not like i could take him back to that awfull petstore...right? so, with momentary reluctance, i put the tiny blighter in the 10 gallon QT. (he really is quite tiny, barely an inch long!) i've dubbed him Lawrence---- since he's totally white and he reminds me of a knight in shining armor when he shimimes his little tush around the tank.... and BOY does he shimmie, he hasn't stopped swimming around since i've let him out of his bag. >>he's a bit on the scrawny side- should i start him up on metromeds to fatten him up? well, in my infinate bordum....i took some footage of him- he's too small for decent photographs. introducing Lawrence:
  10. !!!!!!! such potential !!!!!! and utter adorable-ness. congrats on the
  11. HOLY COW! ....i want one! thanks for sharinnggggggg
  12. i'm suffering from severe jelousy right about now.....
  13. I've been a bit preoccupied with Chutney's death... so I took some photos of my right and healthy little blighters to cheer me up Buckets and Leonerd have been out in the 20 gallon rubbermaid pond for the past few months and have gotten SOOOO BRIGHT. and rather round too GOSH. the water has gotten seriously green....i had to put them in their water change container to take these! welps, here they are
  14. Yes, i'm keeping up with the epsom. She won't touch her metromeds today..... She's laying on her back, like....bottom sitting, but... belly up Her stomach has turned a rather ghastly whitish color.....she's really not looking too good..... I feel terrible watching her suffer like this......,
  15. okay. metromeds it is! she seems to be taking to them allright.... but this morning....she's laying on her back....and her tummy looks so big. like. golf ball big. and not in a good way. every time it looks like she's starting to get better.....she takes a turn for the worse. ......i don't know if she's gonna pull through.....
  16. GORGEOUS. you've got some super cute little chubsters kahlua reminds me of my waddly little chutney. they could be siblings! congrats on the they look like their gonna grow up to be some real beauties.
  17. she seems to be responding a little better to the epsom ((sorry it took so long to reply, i've been having computer troubles )) ...but she still looks pretty miserable....her tummy just keeps getting bigger..... the metromeds got here a day ago but....since it's not dropsy, should i be giving them to her?
  18. not so well.... she barely even moves around now.... she's just getting weaker and weaker....
  19. Yes this would be a good thing to do once or twice a day...... Im sorry Callie, when I saw my Dede go through this at her end it was heart breaking for u hun thanks you guys... >>i'll be putting a piece of epsom salt in one of her peas when i resume feeding.... for now, she's just kinda floating....and bottom sitting....moving every so often to avoid the filter current.... it's really sad. :cry2
  20. thanks for all the support you guys. i kindof have a bad feeling about this.... but she's so sprightly, it's hard imagine that whatever this is could possibly be terminal... even when she's bottom sitting, she allways wiggles her squishy little butt all the way over to the front of the tank when ever i so much as go near it. ....i just don't want her to suffer.... I'm starting the epsom dosage tonight... And the slow raise of temperature... And her 3 day fast... I really hope she'll pull through... unfortunatly....she's not looking too good....
  21. allright...i'll try to get down there within the next few hours.... i'm getting a little freaked out.....----could you identify anything in the photos? (or are they too blurry?) **yes, she's still eating and swimming(which makes getting a picture of her twice as hard )
  22. top veiw: (wile doing this, i noticed that her one side is WAY more swollen than the other...and her spine is like....bent. ) **unfortunatly, my tripod is being borrowed by a friend... so i had to take all these by hand (my hands shake) so there isn't very much definition on her scales...but, like i said, they arn't 'sticking out' they just kinda look....lumpy?
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