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  1. thank you all so much for the advice (i caved soon after making this topic and put out my first bid ) (...i decided that bidding, risky as it is, was a better option than buying him full price....) i know i said i was aprehensive, and still am....but like snowbabe says, i won't know untill i try ....that and i've allready fallen in love with the little guy. and finances really arn't an issue at the moment.... so why not? and i'm sure that if there are any problems, kokos will be here to help! now i'm left to wait and see....and pray that he/she will be shipped to me!
  2. such priceless faces *demands more photos* and your tele is simply darlingggggg. i hope you find a good home for him.
  3. Hey you guys as i'm sure most of you are aware, this month's GC auction has a bunch of adorable celestials.... and when i saw all of them, i nearly fainted (i've been rather hung up on celestials as of late ) but i'm nervous about taking the plunge and purchasing one. i've never spent that much on a fish....and what if something went wrong? i'd feel absolutly horrible if he/she didn't make it.... I mean, i've only been keeping goldies for three years....and Charlamagne seems to be the only one that's survived all the mishaps (and i've only had him for a year....) So what do y'all think? Should I take the plunge? (and adopt the little cutie in lot #32?) **edit forgot to emphasize the cuteness factor:
  4. hahaha. yay for rhymes. so bassically, i've given up (for the moment) on taking pictures of Choo....she's simply too camera evasive ANYWAYS i filmed the two little buggers this morning, just after a hefty brunch of brine shrimp (could these fish BE any more spoiled?)... sorry for any motion sickness the sudden camera movments may cause! without further adu, here they are!
  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww are they ryukins or fantails?
  6. SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEE. i hope that my little ranchus get big wens like that someday....
  7. OHMYGOODNESS! penny got so big and they all look so happy and healthy and ADORABLE! and i'm in love with edwin and i'm in love with your tank setup. *demands more photos
  8. ohmygoshhhh your 'fish corner' is absolutly perfect! hahaha and so are your lovlie fishies but at the rate they're growing.... arn't you afraid that they're plotting to take over the world????
  9. based on the bottom two pictures, i'd say you've got a lovely little oranda. sometimes when their younger, orandas tend to be rather elongated. also, i can see the beginings of a wen
  10. That is a great description of her! I'll pass along the compliments to Buster, well all but the potato comment that might bruise her ego a bit hahahhahhaa awwwwwwwwwwww. well, i said she was a cute potato, emphasis on the 'cute'
  11. thanks you guys those two little bruisers are wallowing in the compliments
  12. you're very welcome. oh and in case you havn't heard, i'm plotting to fishnap your fish.
  13. SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE can i have them, please?
  14. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! they look great (both your fish and the plants ) and btw, i am in love with your tank setup!
  15. I finally found my USB cable! So i was finally able to upload photos of my new baby (errrr. maybe not so new--- i got her in october ) Anways, Choo is finally together with Charlamagne in the 29 gallon. and the two get along suprisingly well. Charlie was always a bit of a bully, but Choo seems to keep him in line. Which is ironic, considering she's about a 4th of his size... enough of my babbling! here she isssssssssss: a shot of her and the charlanatorrrrrrr (the king and queen of blurry photos*) and two more of charlie for good measure *choo is by far the hardest fish to photograph, in the history of fish! well, that's all for now. enjoy
  16. HOLY COW! SHE'S A LIKE POTATO WITH FINS!!! A VERY, VERY CUTE POTATO. thanks for sharingggggggg
  17. wahhhhh! i think i'm falling in love with orandas all over again they are both absolutly gorgeous! congrats on the
  18. the first photograph of your ryukin is stunning annnnnnnnd. if i'm not mistaken, your oranda would be classified as a red and white oranda- because, although it has a red cap, it has red on other parts of its body.
  19. i love you oranda's wen! and all your fish are simply darlinggggg
  20. thanks you guys pictures of choo and charlie are cominggggggggg
  21. KAWAHHHHH! he's absolutly perfecttttt. -perfectly adorable! congrats on the
  22. Well I'm back (again) i feel like this is starting to get old (this dissapearing and coming back) but yea, school's been kinda crazy and my internet system's been rather shaky. but, with the holiday's rapidly approaching i'm back Sadly, Gin (the lovely red and white ranchu who survived the windex incident) passed away. so now i'm down to Choo ( who i've yet to officially introduce ) and Charlie. i'm hoping to post some photos of those two crazies today....so hold on. and yea, s'good to be back
  23. okay. well, after the cleaning lady incident- i've moved all my tanks to the garage. but, it's been consistantly getting colder. and this morning the water temperature was just above 50 degrees! the temperature's been gradually dropping so i'm not so worried about sudden temperature shock (should i be?) but my fishkins have been moving rather sluggishly, so i'm concerned. any suggestions for a good tank heater?
  24. awwww. thanks you guys pictures are soon to come !!!! and Pacific was amazinnggggggg. i was a little bummed that i only brought 20$. hahaha. but on the other hand, that's probibly a good thing. who knows what could have happened otherwise. ahahhaahha. but as soon as i get my next paycheck, i plan on going back very soon. thanks for reccamending it
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