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  1. ---->yes, they're red and white orandas --- and not 'red capped' orandas, because red capped orandas are all white w/ a red wen ^^;
  2. you're labels for them seem about right ^^ ---->very cute fishies btw....do they have names? oooo. if they do, please tell me them, cause they're awfull cute fish- so they probably have awful cute names x3
  3. Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? .5 Nitrite Level? 0 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 6.5 Ph Level out of the Tap? ??? Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 25 gal. a week, not yet cycled xP What is the name and size of the filter/s? whisper 20 How often do you change the water and how much? 25-50% water change every afternoon. How many fish in the tank and their size? a one and 1/2 inch ryukin [Callie] and a one and 3/4 inch lionhead [Porkchop] What kind of water additives or conditioners? nope---- just wat i use to purify my tap water Any medications added to the tank? nope. Add any new fish to the tank? --->the lionhead What do you feed your fish? flakes, tubiflex worms, algae wafers, peas/assorted veggies Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt"- no. bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? - no. Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? [stays at the bottom and dosn't move, save for flapping his fins slowly] ---> My new liohead, about three days after adding him to the tank with my ryukin- i began to notice long, thin, stringy white poo that would stay attached to him for very long periods of time, he soon began to 'sit' in the corner of the tank and flap his fins very slowly but he wouldn't move [but would come up to eat regularly]. This alarmed me, for Porkchop had allways been such an active little goldie. Suspecting infection, I took him out of the main tank and put him into a 5 gall. quarentine/hospital tank and put him on antibiotic fish food [Jungle's]. The medicated food says to feed twice a day for 5-10 days. Yesterday was the 5th day, and he seemed slightly better, bopping around the quarentine tank and whatnot- soooo, assuming that he was better I plopped him back into the main tank- only for him to go back in the corner, 'sitting' there looking sicker than ever.... Meanwile, my little Ryukin is fine. Seeing Porkchop's repeating behavior I took him out of the main tank and put him back in the quarentine tank- for he most obviously was not better....right? aggghhh. I don't know what more to do x.x
  4. flakes are usually all right so long as they are not eaten off the top- which you have taken care of. Zuchinni and lettuce are great veggies for your new goldie [and should be boiled till soft] ^^ ---->you might want to try algae wafers, my small ryukin positivly ADORES them. =] congrats on the new fishie.
  5. EEEP X] I positivly pearlies x3 im most definatly getting one to put in my empty 25 gallon. yayyy they're just so darned cute
  6. that is like...one amazing pond -jelouse- and some pretty adorable fishies
  7. ahahaha. that sounds about right ^^ [and i too have come to adore my little lionhead, he has such a little personality, oh boy! =D] so all hope is not lost for dear porkers---as far as wen growing goes. =] [although i love dear porkers either way] thanks for the responces guys x3 i'll just have to wait and see what happens---- and feed him lots of protein rich foods ** thanks again <3
  8. ...that's a good point david... but all the other lionheads in the tank [when i bought him] had wens. hmmm. i wonder... ...or maybe porkers just won't get one, but he does have slight lumps where his wen /should/ be... idk. can anyone infer anything w/ the photos? ...they're so blurry. x.x
  9. introducing Porkchop and Callie =] [sorry the pictures are so blury x.x the little buggers won't stay still =P ] ...soooo.... anyone think he's gonna grow a wen?
  10. ^^ wow...i've posted a lot today.... ----> annnyyywayyyy, yesterday i purchased the most ADORABLE goldie [in the tank labeled 'lionhead'] to be a companion for my small calico ryunkin. Porkchop, [the lionhead] has all the distinguished bodily features of a lionhead aside from having a wen. If you look closly at his head it appears that he has the startings of one...i guess. simply out of curiousity, Him being only about 1 and a half inches in body size, is there still time for him to develop a wen? I mean, i love him to death w/ or w/out a wen, but is there a chance that he could eventually grow one? ...he is a lionhead after all ^^ --->i'll try and upload some pictures to help with the analysis =]
  11. =D so it'll hold? OH YAYYYY! X3 i was getting all worried...i thought it was gonna like explode or something . ahahaha. not really sure why, a pretty bizarre fear but whatev. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!! you have taken a great burden off my mind--- with the worry of having my box, er, explode and what not. ahahaha. muchas gracias
  12. thanks a bunch hunter ^^ I did as you suggested and the bin seems to have regained most of it's shape. =D yayyy. thanks again ...im still at a lost to how long sterlight 25 gallon storage bins last with 25 gallons of water actually /in/ them though. >.<" --->i tied it down with bungee cords ^^
  13. eeep. now i want one too =3 super cute yes.
  14. I'm thinking Charles and Frita.... not really sure- they just look like a Charles and Frita. =P so cute though x3
  15. 10 gallons is usually an okay size for goldfish on average--- it's a ten gallon per fish ratio. so i'd say you're in pretty good shape ^^ VERY VERY cute fish btw. i recently bought a calico ryukin and love her death x3 they're so cute. yayyy
  16. ^^;; I had originally bought Callisto [my small calico ryukin] and had kept her in a trechorous goldfish bowl. For a total of one day. For by then I had stumbled upon Koko's, in the midst of research, and realised what a horrible thing I had done. I quickly took her out of that 1 gallon bowl (with much apology, for I felt terrible T-T ) and put her in a 5 gallon tupperwear bin---for temperary perposes. She was in that for a total of 2 days [and changed 50% of the water each afternoon]. By then I had researched/learned much in the art of goldfish keeping, and knew that my tiny 1 and a half inch Calli would need space to grow to her full potential. I soon went to the petstore and purchesed a rather pricey filter and a friend for Callisto---> Porkchop [the orange and white lionhead]. Knowing that five gallons was much to small a space for my beloved goldies I transfered them into a collosel 25 gallon plastic storage bin [which is sitting atop my desk rather awkwardly ^^; ]- filter, gravel, plant and all [and have begun the cycling proccess]. my question is---- Is keeping these two small goldfish in a well filtered, 25 gallon plastic bin allright? If it is, will the bin be able to support that much water mass untill I am able to purchase a proper fish tank? ---->for one of the bin's sides is starting to bow. and i realllllyyyyy do not want it to leak...because that would not be best. =/ x.x but as of now, Porkers and Calli are swimming around happily and seem to be relishing in all the space. although they do look rather funny- them being so tiny in such a large tank----> or bin, rather. ^^; help and answers would be greatly apreciated. =] I only want the best for my goldies whom I have come to love so dearly in the past few days. <3 I never knew such tiny creatures could have so much personality
  17. =D thanks you guys ^^ ...although, callie didn't seem to enjoy the spinach- can't really blame her though. Im thinking of trying some of the other suggestions [romain, carrots, zuchini, cucumber, dandilions...] LOVE YOU GUYS =D and thanks a bunch z ---->i'll keep you updated on Callisto's condition and see what she takes to
  18. ----> and how often should i be feeding dear callisto veggies?
  19. Hello ^^ I just got a small ryukin [Callisto] and i've been feeding her TetraFin goldfish flakes (soaked first of coarse) -----> but i heard that it's good to get some greens into my aquatic friend's diet-> i was going to feed her a pea or two but alas....i don't have any v.v so thennnn i heard that romain lettus (?) is good....but i wasn't sure.. sooooo. can anyone tell me if baby spinach and/or romain lettus is good for my lovely fishie?
  20. =0 so you're the infamous punch's owner!! omgshhhh. i am like, such a fan ^^ i saw punch and your er. hand (i guess) on youtube the other day <--- i just got a very small calico ryukin and was researching to take better care of her, not quite sure what i expected to find on youtube though ^^; --->but thennnn i stumbled upon you and punch and i was so amazed. and i totally agree, fish have feelings too. and they are just like us. ^^ and they are sweet and effectionate(sp?). SHUN THE NONBELIEVERSSSS!!! wow. that sounded rather cult-ish...eheheheheee.... so anyways, thankyou for posting this because it is so true. =]
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