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  1. i love your fishies x] they look so happy. :] ----as for your question, i'm sure someone around here will offer an answer. i'm a bit noobish to this hole goldfish thing >.< good luck ^^
  2. Last year (on a whim) I bought my first goldfish (Callisto. aka CC) an adorable calico fantail---- i was totally uneducated at the time, keeping her in a shallow 5 gallon plastic bin as my drawing subject. I soon fell in love with my new friend and scoured the internet trying to find ways to make her more comfortable. It was then that I stumbled across KOKOS and learned the way of Goldfish Keeping. I was hooked. Obsessed (if you will). ----maybe even a little horrified when I learned how many goldfish out there perish in bowls..... So that night I went to my lfs and bought a whopping thirty gallon tank with a BioWheel filter and began the process of cycling. I was so proud of my tank, and so proud of how well my dear CC seemed to be doing. She had near doubled in size withing 3 months. But like so many Goldfish keepers, I soon began to wonder if Callisto was lonely- So, after doing some research on other breeds of fancy goldfish I fell in love with lionheads. Not long after, I returned to my lfs and purchased Porkchop (Porkers, if you will). After quarentining the little fellow, the two were inseperable. Happy as clams. IT WAS ADORABLE. With confidence I tended to them, giving them a 50% water change every week, checking amonia and nitrates, making them food in the blender, feeding them snacks and watching them grow... I can't even begin to describe how happy it made me to see them everyday ^^ The months passed and my fish became a part of the family, my friends joked about the 'huge tank for just two tiny goldfish'. I simply laughed along, knowing that my fish were happy. It wasn't long before August rolled around and it was time for me to spend a month in Greece. Naturally, I began to freak out when I realised that I needed someone to take care of my fishies. My mother offered to take the job. I was a bit skeptical at first, but she went on to explain that 'It was better than paying someone to do it.' So, putting my trust in her, I accepted- wrighting down my explicate instructions as to their care. Placing the month's worth of food in pill containers as suggested on this site. But as it would turn out, it wasn't the food that was an issue. Despite my explanation of the nessisary water change each week- or perhaps every other week....she neglected to change the water at all. ....and that was the end of porkchop and callisto.... T-T It has taken me months to regain my confidence in fishkeeping. But I simply can't bear to look at the empty tank anylonger (and I must admit that I began to re-cycle it months ago). Tonight I'm going to scope out the goldfish selection at my lfs. wish me luck ^^
  3. these guys are awesome can't wait to see some updates ^^ ----Feraro reminds me of my late CC.......in comparison to (the massive lionhead) Porkers (sadly the two of them passed in a misscomunication between me and their temporary 'fishkeeper') yea.... keep posting pictures, i love em :]
  4. so pretty. and healthy. and happy. and Dorthy is ADORABLE
  5. fajdkfjadkfjlads i want one toooooooooooo :] they're too adorable. like. !!!!! x]
  6. dsfklasjfkldjsfkljaslkfjads THEY'RE SOOOOO CUTE. X] -jelous- i hope they get better soon :]
  7. ^^ why thankyee. yesh, he shall be joining my dear porkchop and callie as soon as his two weeks in quarentine are up =]
  8. i got a rubbernosed pleco =D and his name is Norway. and he is positivly ADORABLE. and is currently in quarentine. yayyy. just thought i'd share.
  9. awesome fish =D s/he really is quite the cutie <3
  10. Galieo and Calin are simply darling =D they look like they're gonna grow REALLY REALLY big and be REALLY REALLY prettyyyy <3 congrats on the
  11. =D great fishies. they're so colorfull and cuteeeee <3
  12. laces sure is a cutie =D i'm sure he'll love being in a nice big pond in a few weeks ^^
  13. ahahahahaha.a fanukin.it kinda sounds like...fig newton. =D ADORABLE FISHIES ^^ they're so big and tall and perttyyyyy. <3
  14. =D bubbles is adorable!!! yes. i too am a fan of the name ^^ that's an oober cute ryu you've got there <3
  15. any type!!?? =D i guess i'll get whichever one catches my eye then... and eventually persue buying them a larger tank- when they outgrow the ten gallon. thanks for the answers guys, i really apreciate it ^^ and i'll be sure to post pictures of the new addition to my fishie family....as soon as i figure out what/who that's going to be =D hmmm...i've allways wanted a pearlscale...do they do well alone? <333
  16. wow you guys great pictures =D I can't wait till my little guys grow up big and strong so i can post them in here ^^
  17. hello ^^ I recently inherited a free 10 gallon aquarium from a friend (yay ^^ )----> and am desperatly hooked on goldfish. My two babies (Porkchop and Callie) are currently residing in a cushy 30 gallon. But I think i wanna keep the 10 gallon in my room and get a third goldie to keep in it (by themselves of coarse). soooooo i'm wondering what breed of fancy goldfish will be most comfortable in a 10 gallon aquarium by itself w/ more than adequite filtration ^^ --->of coarse i'd deffinatly upgrade if my hypathetical finned friend outgrew the tank....but what is the smallest variety of goldfish?
  18. really? i'm so excited that means i can deffinatly get one =D my goldies will be so excited to have a new friendddd thanx for the answerssss <3
  19. why thankyee =] i feel that porkchop and callie are rather pleased w/ their new home ^^ me and the fishies really apreciate the comments guys <3
  20. lovely fish----> adorable dorsal fin x3
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