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  1. LOL. i think my goldfish eat better than i do... >> <<
  2. I boiled some peas for my (relativly new) goldies. and they went CRAZY! i don't think I've ever seen Charlie look so happy ^^ --->Buckets was a bit aprehensive at first, but it wasn't long before she devoured hers. it was just TOOO cute. anyone know why goldfish go so crazy for peas?
  3. WHAT AN ADORABLE ORANDA!!!! grats on the new fishie ^^
  4. haha aw thx ^^ ---->he really is very expressive---->i'd be interested to see what your Teddy looks like----->Maybe they're cousins! lol. EEEEE. yes. i was/am freaking out @.@ dose anyone know how many more water changes are nessisary? there's still some eggs stuck to the plant.....although Buckets has eated most of the ones that i didn't vacuum.
  5. ...but then again i could be wrong (if charlie is a boy)--- seeing as i never would have expected Buckets to drop eggs. eeeeeee.
  6. haha. yea that would be kinda cool ^^ (and adorable <3) --->but i don't think Charlie is old enough to fertalize xP ------>and i'm not even sure if Charlie is a boy. >.< eeep.
  7. I cleaned out a majority of them. I'm in no position to be raising fry. o.0 ----there's still some in the tank....of course, Buckets is doing her part in eating them. >.<;
  8. hahaha. ----->i had no idea a fish so small could lay so many eggs. o.0;;; lol yea ^^ ----> i did a water change a couple hours ago, but thanksssss. how long should i keep doing them?
  9. SOOOOOOOO. last thursday I brought home my beloved Charlamagne (lionhead) and Buckets (telescope) they were living it up in the lavish 30 gallon. But when Bucket started bottom sitting and getting all her food taken away by Charles -ahem- I moved her to my ten gallon to keep an eye on her (I've never had a tele before so I was being extra carefull) She continued to bottom sit, but was eating much better. It occured to me that her belly was rather swollen- but the idea of her carrying eggs never crossed my mind. She seemed better anyways. So off I went for the weekend and when i got back.... THE TANK WAS COVERED IN EGGS. O.O I would have never guessed.... SHE'S ONLY 2 and 1/2 inches (not including tail)!!!! is this normal?
  10. ^^ Lionhead it is. thanx guys ....I'm sure Charlamagne will be pleased to hear that he has been identifed. i think he was having an identity crisis o.0 er. maybe i was having it for him. hahaha. thanx again. posting more pics of him and Buckets soonnnnnnnnnn <3
  11. cute cute cute cute cute!! and such a nice story :]
  12. x] soooo cute !!! he kinda reminds me of my new telescope Buckets :]
  13. ^^ thx. ----i think i'm naming the r/w telescope Buckets haha. and maybe Charlemagne for my lion/chu/fish hehe.... so then i can call him charlie. or chubs. o.0 chyea.^^
  14. new fishy ^^ -confusion- ????? ----->his back is a bit rounder than my last lionhead....so i was just wondering....
  15. =/ yea i have been travelling a lot latley- well, at least work is good. haha. ------>i'm deffinatly looking into professional help for the future ^^ PICTURES!!! ....more, better ones coming soon- just thought i'd get a few up. albeit, a few of them are a bit unnessisary. lol. enjoy :] http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...mp;#entry738523
  16. eeep. sorry the fishes are so blurry. @.@ they won't stay still. xP -----any opinions on whether the lionhead/ranchu is a lionhead or a ranchu? lol. i have no idea. wheeeeeeee.
  17. the 30 gallon ^^ ...me fooling around with the lighting. o.0 hahaha. uhm....hahaha. presenting the fishies..... who can resist this face? or these bulgy eyes? <3333 and again.... name suggestions???? -----the man at the petstore thought i was crazy. xP
  18. ^^ Thanks guys! x] as it would turn out, i fell in love the moment i walked into the store -----i went home with a GORGEOUS blue-ish, blakish, champaigney colored lionhead (or a ranchu...i'm not sure o.0? ) -----and an ADORABLE red and white telescope x] [they don't quite have names yet. >.<' ] i'm gonna go put up some pictures ^^ I'll post the link here when I'm done :]
  19. BELLA IS BEAUTIFUL she's all chubby and cute and chubby and cute. GAH! X]
  20. They're awesome :] i must say, malcom really does have expressive eyes ^^ and the both of them are very photogenic hehehe. CUTE!
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