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  1. WOW! i've never seen a fish like that. hehe. I love his colors you've got yourself quite a beauty
  2. !!! you're fishies are so pretty :] your oranda is particularly striking.
  3. !!!! great fish :] i must say, i am rather jelous of their vibrant reds. x]
  4. !!!! just when i thought goldfish couldn't get any cuter.... >.< eeeeeeee. i want one xP
  5. EEEEE! they're so adorable. x] it makes me want to get a tiny blue lionhead to follow around my charlamagne ^^ but i guess you can't really 'buy' that kind of bond. THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!
  6. Another question: do the three intervals have to be exactly 12 hours?
  7. thanks for all the help you guys ^^ ((yea. i know this filter isn't that great >.< ---and am guilting rather heavily, but luckily for Buckets her ultimate home as a filter of 400 gph.)) ----i'll be making a salt diary (sticking it on the wall just next to her tank xP ) ALSO, i went to two lfs (es) today and neither of them knew what Prazi was !!! mildly horrified i went home empty handed. i think i'm gonna try and order some from goldfishconnection...but even then it won't get here untill at least another three days. -----is salt enough? or should i order the prazi? -------Buckets seems alot better today ^^ (after a 50% water change and syphon)
  8. Those filters only have room for floss pads, right? No bio media? I have a Top Fin 60 that came with my 55g. kit, but I only use it in conjuction with other filters becuz there is no room to add bio media. I consider it nothing but a poop catcher. Mine has a floss pad and carbon media. o.0 ....should there be more? ......i mean.....i am doing a lot of water changes. >.< i think i'm freaking out. AHHHHH!
  9. Thank you soooo much trinket ^^ i'm sure buckets apreciates it too i'm gonna start the salt dosage this afternoon when i get back from work. eeeeee. any ideas on how long to keep this up? i'll try and track down some prazi as well...
  10. ---->i've been doing water changes every other day since she's been acting so strange. (i did a 70% change this afternoon) ---->i'm aware of the cycling process and have been trying to compensate for the tanks lack of bacteria. ....i'm just worried about parasites- cause of all the yawning and jerky movement. >.<
  11. =/ i guess i could try that. (Charlie is kinda small) ---I must admit i was mildly horrified when I saw him getting swept all over the tank by the output. It just seems really strong o.0 ---->Do you think he'll be okay if i make him a 'sweetspot' like you suggested? i just don't want him getting stressed >.<
  12. Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 0 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 7.6 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 10 gal. (it's the quarentine tank) --->two weeks What is the name and size of the filter/s? TopFin 30 (150 gph) How often do you change the water and how much? 50% once or twice a week How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 telescope (new) 2 inches- 3 1/2 with tail What kind of water additives or conditioners? Amquel Any medications added to the tank? nope. Add any new fish to the tank? no. it's the quarentine tank....she is the new fish xP What do you feed your fish? peas, Hikari Oranda Gold, freezedried tubiflex, carrots, spinach, algea wafers... Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? nope Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? She dropped eggs on Sunday, 'yawning' a lot, will kinda just 'sit' there 'treading' for a minet or so and then swim off... She's eating (three meals a day), recently started swimming to the top and taking 'breaths' of air. I don't really know...she's just acting strange. o.0 am i being paranoid? I've heard about parasites running rampid in petstore fish so i'm a bit concerned. When she does swim, her motions are kinda jerky and awkward. She keeps twitching her anal fins every once in a wile- and rapidly moving her dorsal fin up and down. whatever's going on....it's not normal.
  13. yea. i'm probibly gonna go with that... if nobody else has any ideas. actually, I'm gonna go switch back right now. poor kids fighting the currents. >.<
  14. oooooo. sounds very pretty ^^ i don't think i've ever (personally) seen this combination before. although i have seen something simalar online...somewhere o.0
  15. First of all, :] ---i'm pretty sure that commons need 20 gallons a fish. so, in that case....you're kinda over stocked =/ also, fancies and single tailed varieties of fish usually don't do so well together. eeep. i'm sure other members will offer buckets more of information ^^ you've come to the right place....
  16. i was using two one of them was a whisper 20 and the other one i got from a friend that said it was good for 40 gal. >> << it was a rather interesting setup. **i was doing obsessive water changes though, like (50%) twice a week.
  17. :[ yes. poor baby. >.< i send your dear dunlop all my good chi. -sendsendsendsendsend- ((eeee. that totally made no sence---- BUT I HOPE HE GETS BETTERRRRR!! ))
  18. >.< eee. thanx. I just feel so bad, it seems like charlamagne is confined to the bottom half of the tank.... O.O uhoh...
  19. I bought it for my 30 gallon ----->but the output is really strong (it's good for up to 80 gallons) i think it's making it harder for my fishies to swim. o.0 eeeep. any ideas on how to make it less forcefull? (temporarily...seeing as i'm looking into getting a 50 gallon for my birthday ^^ )
  20. :[ it's allways hard to lose fishies. --->i hope the other ones get betterrrrrr.
  21. hahaha. mine too. xP --->well i like peas....so maybe they just taste good ^^
  22. a very cute and tiny lionhead :] can't wait to see what he looks like when he gets bigger
  23. My dear Charlamagne is sorta bluish/tanish color (see signature) are there any foods that will help to intensify his hue? ---->i'm feeding Hikari Lionhead, algea wafers, tubiflex, peas, cucumber, spinach, carrots.....
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