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  1. i am lucky in the fact that my school doesnt have rules for the size of an aquarium. I have a 40 gal in my dorm room :) and a 3 gal puffer tank.

    Mine doesn't have restrictions either. I have a 40 gallon and last semester I had both my 20 gallon and a 10gal QT.......all three running at the same time! And I often call maintenance. The only thing they say is "WOW! Those are goldfish?" It amuses me to no end.


    that does sound fun :D

    i'm sure i'll be doing a lot of explaining :rolleyes:

    If I can ask, where's your school? Mine doesn't have restrictions either; I'm setting up a 70 gallon under my lofted bed--my roommate thinks I'm insane. :)

    lol! i get that reaction a lot too :P

    and i will be attending a school in rurual new york :)

  2. thankyou all for your help :)

    i hadn't yet considered bettas...

    but i feel like i'd be more comfortable keeping a goldie :heart:

    and i think i would find it hard to be without one...

    so i think i'm gonna go with ryukingirl and daryl's advice :D

    Here is my suggestion.....get a 20 gallon tank and tell anyone who asks that it's a 10 gallon tank. If they don't know the difference between tank sizes, that's their fault.

    And you could use the excuse "Do you really think I would keep a GOLDFISH in anything larger than 10 gallons?! I mean it's just a goldfish, for goodness sakes" That way they will think you are telling the truth.....though you might have the urge to wash your mouth out with soap after saying that. ;)

    Also, just because you are a busy college student, that doesn't mean you will neglect your tanks. I am a SUPER busy college student and find time to do a water change every week on my 40 gallon tank. Last semester they took more than a hour because I had green water, which meant 90% WCes every 7 days.

    You just have to have your priorities straight.

    I, too, was going to suggest getting a 15. They have the same footprint as a 10 gallon tank and if you can get one with the filter built into the hood (The brand name escapes me at the moment - senior moment)it takes up far less space than a tank with a filter hanging on the side and an air pump on the table beside it. Besides, a typcial 10 gallon tank only holds, at most, 9 gallons. A 15 gallon tank is more like 12-13 gallons. That is argueable.....

    My daughters were allowed one "fish tank" no larger than 10 gallons. What it came down to is that they were allowed anything that "went into a fish tank no larger than 10 gallons". They had, over time, gerbils, hampsters, mice, guinea pigs, fish, frogs, hermit crabs and a smallish snake. As long as your roommate has no problems, there is usually no problem.

    It is also a fact that most students do not remain in dormitories for more than 1-2 years, after which they are encouraged to find private housing to free up the dorms for the younger freshmen coming in. Most apartments have less strict rules for fish.....

    That said, I LOVE my betta. He is at true pleasure. He is easy to care for and really beautiful. You may find that a gorgeous betta will easily fill your desire for a finned friend.

    i have a missleadingly low and wide twenty gallon tank, so i think i'm gonna try and use that one-

    it's such a perfect plan!

    and i'm going to be in a veterinary program, so i doubt they'd be too strict with tank size requirments.

    and i'll just tell them it's a ten gallon


    i feel so devious :crazy:

    thanks so much you guys!! :heart:

  3. Hello you guys :)

    well, i was finally accepted to university (yay!)

    and will moving on campus next fall.

    i always knew deep down that i might not be able to take any goldies with me,

    as school housing often has strict rules about pets and aquariums etc;


    i received my housing guidlines in the mail the other day....

    and aparently i'm allowed to have nothing larger than one ten gallon aqaurium

    in my room at a time....

    now i know that there's a 10 gallon per fancy quota that all of us meet,

    but i've never kept any of my past fish in a ten gallon aquarium for a long period of time-

    i've always opted for 20 or 30 gallon aquariums for one or two fish.

    as the ten gallon always looked a bit small to me.

    so my question is,

    do you think a goldie will be healthy and happy in a heavily filtered ten gallon aquarium for one or two years? (by then hopefully i'll have an apartment and no longer live at school).


    i'm stressing about this :krazy:

    and i know i havn't been on here in a while :unsure:

    *hides from kokos stick*

    your opinions are much apreciated <3

  4. Sounds cool! I keep thinking I might be up for a re-design soon, even though I just did it. I get bored quickly.

    sameeeeeeee.... my bare-bottom tanks are starting to look a little depressing.


    an easter island theme sounds really cool chrissy!

  5. Congrats on the license and happy belated bday :D

    You're making a pond hey? That's super exciting!

    thanks chrissy :D

    and why yes, i am making a pond....out of a rubbermaid container....


    sometimes i feel like my compulsive need to spoil my fish is slightly alarming.


    i blame kokos :heart

  6. WOW!

    i feel like i havn't been on Kokos in FOREVERRRRRRRR


    *runs and hides from kokos stick*

    but-but-BUT i have an excuse (not a very good one...)

    i had mid-terms and schoolwork....and lots of SCHOOLWORK.



    my three beatifull fisharoos are doing wonderfully


    Wanda has really settled in nicly, and is by far the family favorite (much to Charlie and Choo's displeasure)

    even my father (the one who relentlessly hounded me for spending so much on a 'freaky looking fish') stops by to dote over her.


    In other news..... I TURNED SEVENTEEN LAST WEDNSDAY! .....but more importantly..... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

    and that means....me and my new liscence (and my very unfortunate liscence picture) will be compuslivly driving to the petstore



    and with the construction of my new goldfish pond underway (fifty gallon rubbermaid :happydance : ) THE GOLDFISH BUG IS STRONGER THAN EVERRRRRR!

    ohhhh yeaaaaaa!!!!!

    >>oh! and i promise some pictorial updates on my babies within the next week so watch out for those ;)

  7. hi you guys :D

    just stopping by to let y'all know that everything is going well.

    >>although it's been kindof crazy around here due to mid-terms :crazy:

    so alas, my fish have not been receiving quite as much doting over as they are used to.


    but as soon as it warms up i'm prepping my ranchu's new outdoor patio-pond :happydance

    I am glad your celestial is doing well. Why not set up a 55 gallon in your room and keep them all together


    i wish i could do that :D

    if i had a fifty gallon.....and my bedroom floor would support the weight.....and my parents were really into the idea of me keeping that much water in my room (i'm on the second floor) - then maybe.


    but for now the setup seems to be working just fine :heart

  8. TODAYYYYYYYYYYY was Wanda's first water change :D

    everything went smoothly, as far as Wanda was concerned.

    BUT when i went downstairs to put away my water-changing-supplies-of-DOOM

    i came to the horrifying discovery that the tank water in my main tank is hovering just

    above 55 degrees.



    do these goshdarn aquatic heaters always


    ....it's becoming rather tiresome.


    well, is suppose i'll be off to the petstore to purchase

    yet another heater...and try to stay away from the

    goldfish section...


    what else is new?


  9. WELL.

    today was quite epic if i do say so myself.


    .....in goldfish-news, Wanda is settling in quite well and happens to have the most irresistable fishy-face i've ever seen in my life EVER.

    (and i'm finding it quite hard to resist feeding her....and talking to her for that matter. :krazy: )

    the main tank is LONG overdue for it's weekly waterchange...and i really should get on that.

    Have you ever just had one of those days where you don't quite feel like sticking your hands in aquarium water?

    *le sigh

    but i love my dear ranchewy-chus so i'll endure the chilly water and siphon up their gunk.

    oh boyyyyyyy.

    so yea.

    not much is new, which could be considered a good thing (no crisis to speak of!)

    then again, i could have just jyxed myself


  10. it has been a rather sad past two days because i've been away from my goldies :(

    BUT i'm going back to my house tonight and am hoping that everything is just the way i left it.

    ....i tend to go through major seperation angsiety when i'm away from my babies for more than 24 hours :krazy


    my boyfriend's always teasing me and saying that i'm going to end up like one of those crazy 'cat ladies' but instead of cats....i'll have goldfish, aquariums lining the walls of my entire house.

    i havn't the heart to tell him that such a situation wouldn't be all that bad- in my opinion :D


    i'm thinking about applying for a job at my local MMMMMM and working in the fish section.....because going into the city has become a bit of a chore, and ski season will be over in a few months (there goes that income).

    that and i wouldn't mind being around all those little fishy-friends everyday afterschool.

    yay minimum wage!

    >>my parents are keep telling me that i should get some more expirience in 'real' jobs.....aparently standing infront of a camera and being fussed over dosn't count.



    i really havn't much else to talk about for the moment.

    i can't wait till all the snow melts and i can set up my goldies little rubbermaid pond, maybe i'll add a fountain this year?


    well, i'm off to take some more English notes.


    my blog has officially reached TWO PAGES.....yay meeeeeee!

  11. i think i might place a terracota pot in there, for her to escape the current.

    although she seems much more active today, and begging for food.

    ....actually, she's adjusting quite nicely.

    she really is turning in to quite the sweetheart :D:heart

    thanks for all the help you guys!

  12. Ok, he probably hasn't changed in the past few days, but I just took some pics so here's another one :P

    You can see where the black is almost receding on his face in this one



    pretty :D

    he almost looks like he's going through a 'panda' phase.

    ........................although i doubt that any colour changes could possibly take away from his utter cuteness :heart

  13. From Tommy's latest auction:


    pheonix-tail lionhead :heart

    since i cannot house anymore fish....or provide the funds for this one *ahem

    i've concluded that a kokos member should snag this lovely gilled creation,

    and then post lots of photos of it....so that i may veiw them and drool all over my keyboard.

    oh joy :D

  14. I hope he just gets taken care of well. I have to admit I felt like a proud mom when he made his first bubble nest for me.

    Oh, I ran into Pe*t*co last night to pick something up and they had a whole tank of Pearlies. There was the cutest all white one with a lovely crown. Really healthy and pretty. I've never seen an all white one. If only I had the space...


    an all-white pearlie?!

    that sounds just about too cute to imagine.....

    just like a little golfball...






    just kidding.

    i commend your tremendous display of self controll :D

  15. Well hello again.

    I suppose it's time for more updates...seeing as i'm trying to postpone my schoolwork for as long as possible...


    I've bassically been busy obsessing over the newbie- who has been officially dubbed Wanda, because my father thought it was quite possibly the best name ever...

    He and my best friend think it's an amazingly clever parrallel to the movie 'A Fish Named Wanda'

    because she's a fish....named wanda.



    ..........................moving on.

    My family had Direct TV installed to our house today and the TV-Installer-Guy had to run the cables through the garage (incidently where Charlie and Choo are kept)...and of coarse I was nominated to oversee that he didn't do anything wrong.....(crazy people-paranoid mother.....*grumbles* )

    I'm fairly certain the poor guy was afraid of her.

    ANYWAYS, he spent a good five minets with his face plastered to the aquarium, looking at the ranchus before starting an entirly riveting conversation.

    TV-CABLE-INSTALLER-DUDE: What kinda shrimp are these? *point point*

    ME: ......what? *entirely confused*

    TV-CABLE-INSTALLER-DUDE: *losing patience* The shrimp. In the aquarium.

    ME: ....OH! They're not shrimp....they're goldfish.

    TV-CABLE-INSTALLER-DUDE: ....I like shrimp.

    ME: ....they're not shrimp.

    TV-CABLE-INSTALLER-DUDE: ....they arn't?

    ME: *shakes head* ....no.

    TV-CABLE-INSTALLER-DUDE: *dissapointed*....oh.

    possibly the bizzare conversation i've had in a while?

    oh boy.

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