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  1. Mine doesn't have restrictions either. I have a 40 gallon and last semester I had both my 20 gallon and a 10gal QT.......all three running at the same time! And I often call maintenance. The only thing they say is "WOW! Those are goldfish?" It amuses me to no end. hahahahahha that does sound fun i'm sure i'll be doing a lot of explaining lol! i get that reaction a lot too and i will be attending a school in rurual new york
  2. thankyou all for your help i hadn't yet considered bettas... but i feel like i'd be more comfortable keeping a goldie : and i think i would find it hard to be without one... so i think i'm gonna go with ryukingirl and daryl's advice i have a missleadingly low and wide twenty gallon tank, so i think i'm gonna try and use that one- it's such a perfect plan! and i'm going to be in a veterinary program, so i doubt they'd be too strict with tank size requirments. and i'll just tell them it's a ten gallon hehe i feel so devious thanks so much you guys!! :
  3. Hello you guys well, i was finally accepted to university (yay!) and will moving on campus next fall. i always knew deep down that i might not be able to take any goldies with me, as school housing often has strict rules about pets and aquariums etc; anyways, i received my housing guidlines in the mail the other day.... and aparently i'm allowed to have nothing larger than one ten gallon aqaurium in my room at a time.... now i know that there's a 10 gallon per fancy quota that all of us meet, but i've never kept any of my past fish in a ten gallon aquarium for a long period of time- i've always opted for 20 or 30 gallon aquariums for one or two fish. as the ten gallon always looked a bit small to me. so my question is, do you think a goldie will be healthy and happy in a heavily filtered ten gallon aquarium for one or two years? (by then hopefully i'll have an apartment and no longer live at school). ahhhhh i'm stressing about this and i know i havn't been on here in a while *hides from kokos stick* your opinions are much apreciated <3
  4. he looks just like my old chutney nice find!
  5. afjkladsfjadsk;lfjadsk;ljfkadsljfk;ladjsfkl;ajsdlf the cuteness it too much for meeeeeee and now i really want orandas. and elvis is just about the cutest fish everrrrrrrr. thanks for sharinggggg
  6. alrightie, no pots then silk plant and higher water level, gotchya. again, thanks for all the help
  7. i think i might place a terracota pot in there, for her to escape the current. although she seems much more active today, and begging for food. ....actually, she's adjusting quite nicely. she really is turning in to quite the sweetheart thanks for all the help you guys!
  8. OOOOOooooOoOOoOoOoOoooooooo.... pretty he almost looks like he's going through a 'panda' phase. ........................although i doubt that any colour changes could possibly take away from his utter cuteness
  9. From Tommy's latest auction: pheonix-tail lionhead since i cannot house anymore fish....or provide the funds for this one *ahem i've concluded that a kokos member should snag this lovely gilled creation, and then post lots of photos of it....so that i may veiw them and drool all over my keyboard. oh joy
  10. eeeep! i forgot about the lights (i turned them off just now) three or four days of darkness will be good for her to adjust...right? thanks so much for all the advice kathy
  11. hahahaha so this is bassically normal blind-fishy behavior? (example provided below ) click me!
  12. that's so cute but i can't help but be concerned about my newbie's bottom swimming....she kindof just shuffles about looking for food and whatnot.....but it seems kindof weird. she also seems to enjoy drifting under the filter output and letting it push her in circles- consequently, i end up freaking out. i suppose i could try handfeeding, but she seems pretty wary of me for the moment.
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