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  1. Sica

    Full Size Botm Pic

    If it's any help when I had them first they all horizontal barred up (fear stripes) and can have very quick colour changes if something startles them. Most of them have striped up vertically and gotten 'eggy'. The only oness who haven't striped up vertically is Illyria who is a very dark royal blue betta and Snow white who is white with red and blue fins and her body is too pale to show any striping. I'm in the UK and got them from a normal pet store, I don't know exactly where they were imported from. They are all mostly nacreous on the body apart from Illyria (the dark blue one)
  2. Sica

    Full Size Botm Pic

    Thank you for your comments everyone! I'm pretty certain they're girls. They all have oviposters. Also one of them is a cambodian female with short ventrals and a big oviposter etc. 100% certainly a female and there's been no breeding behaviour at all. I mean if some of the otheres were male they'd be showing interest in her? At the pet shop I very carefully screened for oviposters before buying any of them. They've been together in the tank for 6 months now and there's a lot less fighting going on than was at the very beginning. They mostly flare at one another these days but don't actually fight. (Except when they do of course)
  3. I don't think ph matters much to bettas. Keeping it stable is what's best for them, extremes either way is very bad but anything moderate should be good. So usually it's best to just keep them at what your tapwater is naturally, usually any messing around with the ph leads to ph fluctuations which is bad for the fish. Your betta should be fine at ph7
  4. Sica

    Full Size Botm Pic

    Hey hey, I've been first very stressed with alot to do at work and then ill (still am, but better) so I've not checked up on here for a while but very happy that my picture won betta of the month this time around. However the original photograph was bigger and clearer so I want to show it to you now that Im allowed. These two were from the same sessiont: I have a 30g tank with 5 females and 5 cories. I love being light stocked because right now I have no energy for waterchanges and I'm pretty certain they'll do fine. I've had my girls since last October and they used to fight a fair bit but they've mellowed out now although they still get into scraps.
  5. Sica

    More Pictures

    thanks for the comments everyone. I have a Digital SLR camera. Nikon D50 to be specific. Currently Im using the lens that came with it. I could set it to be manual but fish move around too quickly for my hand to be able to keep the focus properly. The camera auto-focus is actually better. The bettas leave the cories completely alone (well apart from stealing food from them sometimes). Ive seen one cory with a nipped dorsal fin once. That has healed up fine now. They get along very well. The bettas are too busy squabbling with one another to pay much attention to the cories I think.
  6. Sica

    More Pictures

    Thank you I'm really glad I took those pictures yesterday because Illyrias anal fin got shredded somewhat today. There's apparently been a catfight in there. It's nothing serious though. My tank is a 30gallon tank, it's planted with 5 female bettas and 5 sterbai cories. I have photos of the tank itself here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...pic=37619&st=20 Ive been an amateur photographer for a while now. I really enjoy taking photos and I really enjoy fish so it's pretty much a given that I like taking pictures of fish
  7. Your fish are gorgeous. The fantails look so tiny in the tank. It's like they're lost in a forest in the last pic. It'll be fun to watch them grow.
  8. Sica


    She's a cutie! and good luck you had there with her being one of the more dolcile bettas Yay. New Fish!!
  9. Sica

    More Pictures

    I had a session yesterday of photographing the tank. My alpha female has been showing some fin growth etc. which worries me a little but she's definately a beautiful fish. The girls are all getting along alot better now. Less fighting. There is some and I think aways will be but Im not seeing the non stop chasing and ripped fins on all of them anymore. *knocks on wood* Same fish here with some cories, the first photo is taken with flash, the second without. Big colour difference there. One of the wild coloured ones, that's Snotra, she's the daintiest one: Illyria again:
  10. Here's the tank now. Im phasing out the anacharis. It's served its purpose in helping the tank get started. I still have it in the back for now because it's a great nitrate remover. Ive pruned so much of it out. I think what Ive taken out (over two weeks) is probably around 4-5 times the anacharis plant mass that originally went into the tank. With the oily sheen I just take care to remove as much of it as I can during waterchanges and that seems to work out okay. I dose the tank with fertilisers at waterchanges so it gets a boost once a week.
  11. Id actually not put more than 4 bettas in a 10 gallon. They do need space to run around. I might be biased though because I have 5 bettas in a 30 gallon and feel it would be crowded with more. (I also have cories though so the tank is close to fully stocked). Bettas reach 2" so each one needs 2 gallons. Then they usually need abit more space than that for territory issues. It's always safer to have lots of plants and/or hidey holes so that when the most aggressive betta is chasing the other ones they have somewhere to escape to. Also if you're keeping multiple females together it's best to keep atleast four. They will fight and get nippy. They don't really seem to like one another for company they see the others as rivals to bully and control (atleast mine do) but it keeps them busy.
  12. Sica


    Get her! You can keep females exactly like you keep males. Alone in tanks or bowls. They don't have as long flowing fins so they're not as vulnerable to fin nippers (like danios can be). Beware though that if it turns out that she's one of the really aggressive female bettas keeping her in the 10 gallon might not work out. Especially when it comes to the frogs. If that happens just seperate her out and put her in a 2gallon bowl and take care of her like you would a male. You can get really cheap 2-2.5 gal bowls in most pet stores. If pushed even a big enough tupperware container can do. Hopefully you won't have to do that. Not nearly all bettas are that agressive. It can happen though so be aware of the possibility.
  13. Sica

    Photos Of Xp

    He's gorgeous! Looks almost like a flower. Great pictures of him too. I only have short finned girls so now Im all jealous (but in a good way). Congratulations
  14. That tank looks good. Nice arrangement of the plants (I need to work on the aquascaping in my planted tank). I doubt you'll have to buy more plants to get it to fill up. A little time should do the trick, i.e the plants you have now should grow quite nicely.
  15. They're both labrynth fish. Related and usually they're not compatible. Both bettas and gouramis can be territorial and aggressive. So yeah I wouldn't recommend putting them together. The fish that go with bettas are usually bottom dwelling fish like cories etc. It all depends on the individual betta though.
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