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  1. Your fish are gorgeous. The fantails look so tiny in the tank. It's like they're lost in a forest in the last pic. It'll be fun to watch them grow.
  2. I wish I could just shell out for ANOTHER tank and get the goldfish. They were so pretty and Im really missing having goldfish. Ive been fishless for almost two years now so the 30 gallon is my only tank atm. It wouldn't really work putting goldfish in the tank as it is now. The filter is not good enough for goldfish, the substrate is too deep etc. Ive spent money on plants that I know aren't goldfish safe etc. The cories are awfully cute so I don't want to give them away to get the goldfish. I think I'll just have to let those goldies go, there will be another day and other fish. Still that black and white oranda and the crowned pearscale.. *sigh* They were absolutely adorable. Oh well.. can't have everything. I told my friends about this and no one understood, so I had to post here because I figured if anyone would understand the lure of healthy beautiful goldfish it would be you guys.
  3. Hey hey, Im currently setting up a 30 gallon planted tropical tank. However yesterday when I went to the lfs to get more plants for it. (It's all set up with co2, thick subtrate, laterite, lights etc.) they had GORGEOUS goldfish. A wonderful little crowned pearscale and a white and black oranda. I know it would probably end up being all white but it was a gorgeous fish. I almost threw away all my plant plans and got them. (My tank has nothing but 5 cories in at the moment) but Ive invested in the kit and set the tank up to be for plants and Ive got the cories so not really possible. Still.. I wanted those fish *so badly* Oh well.. I think I see a new tank in my future (and I haven't even finished setting up my current tank, heh..) I know I wont be able to get those specific fish but yeah, I miss having goldfish. They're so cute and lovely individual personalities.
  4. Gorgeous pond with just beautiful and healthy looking fish.
  5. The best fish store in Edinburgh that Ive seen is more than half way down Leith Walk. It's called Aquatic Rooms. It's fairly cheap, has clean tanks with healthy fish. Nice selection. Although its goldfish aren't particularely good quality.
  6. My fish grew around 3" in a year (including tail) or 1.5" (not including tail). I always felt that the fins and body were growing pretty much together. Although a fish I got from someone that had kept her in a 5 gallon tank with 5 other goldfish, grew pretty much only in fins and got fatter in her body. Not bigger. My tank was a 20gallon, technically overstocked with three fish. Around 3" body two of them (shubunkins) and then a 2" bodied fantail.
  7. Hey everyone. I don't know if any of you are around from way back when I had fish (or if you remember me from back then) But Im thinking of setting up a tank and getting fish again. I used to have fish before (Darcy and Bingley) but they died when I moved to another country and left them in the care of my parents and sister. I don't blame them though because well I did run off and leave them with a tank of fish they didn't particularely like or want to care for. Anyway this time around I went looking in the lfs and they had these adorable shubunkins. Cute little things. (Darcy and Bingley were both shubunkins). I was thinking of getting a 30 gallon tank and getting two of them. It's nice though having done this before i.e I think I know how to care for them and can try to not repeat my old mistakes. I mean I know that 30 gallons is probably not enough for 2 shubs in the long run but it should be fine for a year or two. We'll see how it all goes but Im veeery tempted (and they were so cute!) I want fish again!
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