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  1. I boil mine if they are small enough to fit in a pot.
  2. I would advise against zucchini and cucumbers. They're viney, spready plants and they get huge. Ours covered an entire fence.
  3. Thank you! It's a 110 gallon tank.
  4. Around Christmas time my local quilting shop had a deal that was too good to pass up on a Husqvarna Diamond. It's my precious baby! Anyways, I've been playing with it. I thought you guys might appreciate the awesomeness of this design. Obligatory action shot in front of the aquarium.
  5. So after my two big orandas died last year my tank has been looking somewhat empty with the 4 guys I have in there now. I was keeping my eye on the auction but really didn't want to spend quite that much money. So I thought I'd look into raingarden..... but I didn't really want to spend that much money either. But I was down south this weekend to visit the boyfriend again and went on the required trip to Allfish Emporium (formerly a Big Al's). To my delight they had three beautiful babies I ended up bringing home with me today. Please forgive the dirty tank shots. I didn't wipe down that side and I just fed them a little gel food before I took the shots. This is Fanty. With the beautiful lipstick swatch. And this is Mingo. And this guy, I haven't picked out a name for him yet.
  6. Woo Hoo!!!! My heater's on the not currently affected list!
  7. Actually my XP4 has the same stuff... I've never had any problems with it though.
  8. I've fed it to my fish. I really liked it. I seem to remember it being a bit on the expensive side though.
  9. I have 2 of them. One in my tropical tank which has been in there for almost 2 years now and one in my 5 gallon betta tank. I've had no problems with them and they work just fine for me. That being said... I really...and I mean really.... love my Rena smart heater.
  10. I've done it with a couple of really sick fish. The clove oil method works well and they always go peacefully.
  11. No, Merlin died about a month ago. That's the new purple guy I got from the goldfish connection auction, Grim. I just really need to remake my siggy. Sadly, I've lost all of those fish now.
  12. I decided to do some redecorating in my goldie's tank. I've gotten so into plants in my other tanks and over time I've gotten to know a bit about them. I have some kind of love affair with Anubias...seriously...I can't get enough of it. Anyways, I was playing around on aquabid the other day and found "Anubias mother plants". The idea hit me that these are probably large and healthy enough that they can stand up to some nibbling by my piggies. I'm not done with the decorating yet, but just the addition of these couple plants makes the tank look so much better.
  13. Provided it's all ceramic, you can boil it. That won't work too well with plastic though. I would just rinse/soak/scrub the tubes and canister parts out with bleach water. Just make sure you thouroughly rinse it afterwards and let it air out.
  14. I've had this sterilizer for almost 2 years on my tank. It's amazing!!
  15. Ah! You gave me an idea! I think his name shall be Grim.....and when I feel like it.... Grimey.
  16. I still need a name for this guy. So far the creative process isn't working and I haven't been able to think of anything. Anyways, I cleaned the tank on Monday and took some awesome pictures. Om Nomnomnom (in for the zucchini kill!!) Poe Hugo Group shot!
  17. No. I think they're just from stupid people who know nothing about goldfish. They probably just think you stuffed it full of food so it would be morbidly obese. I think as far as tikos go he's awesome.
  18. They're both beautiful! I especially love that spotted, pudgy, adorable little face on Minestrone.
  19. You might want to check this breeder out too. I haven't personally been down there yet but I've heard he has amazing fish. He's located in Homestead. I was told you need to call him before you down there too. http://www.goldfishandkoiusa.com/
  20. The good news is he is doing excellent! I think tonight I will do a big photo shoot on him to make me feel better. I've been having trouble coming up with a name for him. Maybe I'll get some suggestions.
  21. I don't know what happened last night but Momo didn't make it. He seemed stressed out when I transfered him. Maybe between recently getting over other illness and having half his wen eaten and being put in a new tank, he just had to much. My two big oranda boys are gone now and my tank looks so empty without them. Momo and Merlin. You were my gentle giants and I will miss you guys.
  22. So I haven't posted anything in quite a while. My new job has been keeping me extra busy and tired, what with the getting up at 4 in the morning. I've been having some goldie problems though. About a month and a half ago Momo started pine-coning. I put him in a qt tank and treated him and he was fine so I put him back in the big tank. Then 3 days ago I noticed Merlin had pop-eye. He unfortunately was not so lucky. I got to him too late. I started him on MM and did the same treatment and I found him dead when I got home today. Poor Merlin. He was my oldest baby and had so much personality. I will miss him terribly. I noticed yesterday that Momo's wen seemed extra jiggly. I don't know if it got more so during his treatment or whether it was just because he was in a tank on the floor and I hadn't noticed it so much. But he was doing fine. Until one of my other fish decided his wen looked tasty this morning. He only nibbled a chunk and I couldn't do anything about it before I left for work. He did a real number on it though while I was gone. He's leaving it alone now so I don't know what the deal was. How do I treat this? The qt tank is all set up and ready to go. Do I need to add salt or heat or swab with something?
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