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Owner of: Boxer - Trogdor Kitty - Tiger Blue and Gold Macaw - Cyrano Solomon Island Eclectus - Pippin Blue-Crowned Conure - Ollie Peach Faced Lovebird - Petri 2 Bettas - Hannibal and Xerxes Tropical tank with Barbs, BN's and Loaches Goldies - Grim, Hugo, Number 2, and Poe A butt-load of cherry shrimp (Oh My God!! stop breeding) I'm Finally Finished!!!!!! I graduated from the University of Central Florida on May 7. I had an interview at Orlando Regional Medical Center the week after that and last week I got offered the job. I am now a medical laboratory scientist and will be working in the microbiology department at ORMC. Yay!! I love books. I eat through them at a ridiculous pace. Usually a book per week, anything sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, fiction. And I love music. Classical, rock,pretty much everything. Recently I've been sucked into the blugrass/folk music genre.... still not into hardcore country....ew. And I love to quilt. I just need to catch up with all the projects I had to put on hold due to school and exams. I'm in the middle of about 4 quilts now, have finished one that just needs to be quilted, and have bunches of projects that need starting!!

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