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  1. Trinket, Pixie, or Daryl will be along to help you shortly. I have nothing to offer but empathy. I'm sorry. Good luck with her.
  2. Awwww! I'm sorry. I'm totally going to get a microscope myself. I can't wait to do scrapes!
  3. Pretty soon you're going to be complaining of high nitrites, and wondering why they won't go away. Am I qualified to say that?
  4. I give up. But for the record, I dosed AquaPrazi for two weeks continuously recently, to be on the safe side. Rick is a very knowledgable, experienced fish owner, as is Ken of Dandy Orandas, and I do get a lot of my advice from them. I consider them to be reliable sources. I think the gist of all I was trying to get across, which was very simple or so I thought; is that the AquaPrazi is meant to be dosed in 7 day increments. The Prazi Pro is meant to be dosed in 2-3 day increments. That is literally all I was trying to say. This got blown hugely out of proportion. Sounds like a fight with my husband. We are saying the exact same thing, only in two different ways.
  5. I find it comical that some of you think I am disagreeing with you. I am not. Prazi NEEDS to be redosed, but the frequency is different between the different strengths available. YES...Rick said that, as I quoted twice already in previous posts. Geez.
  6. You know who sells it? Companies who sell bottled water. That's where we got ours.
  7. You need to watch out for temperature, of course, if you decide to move your tank. As long as your bulbs are 2-3 watts per gallon, and of the "full spectrum" variety (I prefer 10,000K), you're going to do a great job with replecating natural sunlight. Nothing is better than the real thing, of course..but I think when people say a goldie needs natural sunlight to retain dark colors, they are thinking pond situation, not windows.
  8. Lolafish


    I think overall people are always going to be confused by this issue, becuz everyone has a different answer. Some sites you find online will say 2-3 flakes or 3-4 pellets per fish, and others say however much they can eat in a certain time...but I've found some fish like to chew on their food for a long time, and others will practically swallow their food whole. By the time you adjust for all of these variables, overfeeding is easy to do becuz you're trying to give a little more to the one who chews slowly, but the one who inhales everything is vacuuming it all up just as fast as you drop it in. I think most people don't breed their fish, but I rarely find someone who only feeds once per day. I've fed once per day for over a year, and just recently started feeding twice per day. But I am rethinking that again.....for now, the extra helping of food is helping my wenless oranda develop his wen again. Prolly when it's nice and full again, I'll cut back to once per day again. Variety is prolly more important that amount or frequency anyway, considering this is a new concept for most fish owners, who have fed nothing but flakes to their fish for years. As with anything, trial and error will always win.
  9. Rick recommends twice a year treatments in pond fish, and annually in aquarium fish. The reason AquaPrazi can be dosed singly, I suppose, is becuz of its strength. The Prazi Pro, however, is not as strong, and needs to be redosed. This is what I got from talking to him on the phone when I ordered last from him. Yes, he's in the business to help fish owners, but would not sacrifice his own greediness over the health of our fish. I trust his judgement. I never said Carol didn't know what she was talking about. I hope you didn't assume that.
  10. Chubby, is that you in your avatar? So cute!!
  11. Not according to Rick here: http://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/det...30&catId=21 "Our Prazi-Pro takes app. five treatments and you would need 3 jars to treat your 100 gallon tank @ $14.99 a jar. Our Aqua-Prazi takes just one treatment which would be just one teaspoonful, and has a "shelf life" of at least two years"
  12. Lolafish


    Those tails are looooong! How pretty.
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