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  1. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.c...ayer_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> attached is video of oranda in main tank with open sore,white flecks? on fins and questionable areas. willl get all the water parameters this evening. on herlright side is most of the problem areas. open sore is just to upper right of orange patch. orange patch has one brownish spot lower orange area(left) and a couple white areas. on her left side in white area up by wen is a raised area. that is how the open sore on her right side started out. i was in the middle of the 7 day prazi one percent salt cycle when i ran out of prazi. it may have been outdated as it was opened over a year ago. the bottle is gone so i didn't check the expiration date. raised salt to 3% for now until i get the water parameters and recommendations from a mod. Sorry haven't gotten parameters yet. Also treating another oranda in qt with a large open sore. that thread is one of the HOT ones listed. title What's this? sore? most of the video is kind of blurry. there are a couple parts where there's a clear shot of her. if you pause the video you can see better. Oh she also has the red streaks in her tail. : ( I can tell you i've been having with ph dropping and tap water is evil. it's been 1.0 over the winter but went up to 2 ppm last week. i have been running tap straight into tank and using amquel plus. but i'll list all that when i get the parameters. back this evening gotta do water change on qt tank now and then get ready for work !
  2. I just wanted to specify the ppm at 8 I only tested last fall and hope it doesn't go there again. it was at a 1ppm for 3 months or more just last week it went to 2ppm. tonight I tested and it's still at 2ppm. test kit is api drops with expiration date in 2017. it's city water (new water plant a couple years ago). they get their water from a lake but I'm afraid farmers fields drain into it. there's a big issue. I'm afraid with all the water changes and other things I've got going on I may not get all the readings you want until the weekend. now I really do need to get to the water changes ? and yes I need to figure out something permanent with the water issue. I'm thinking about contacting the EPA on the water issue.
  3. just making a quick check. got to do water changes on tanks now. i'm just keeping bobbie's qt without salt. for now though stupidly put the biowheels back in yesterday and they have been floating in the main tank since I qtd her. I realized my mistake and took out but ....duh now I've exposed her to whatever's in the main tank. should I start up the salt again? or wait for now. I stopped the salt and just doing daily water changes. Not sure i'll get to read over all the posts tonight but i'll see what time it is when I get done with the water changes I've aged the water for the qt change for 24 hours. temp and ph match. ammonia at .25 on both qt and aged water. : ( I suppose it wouldn't be a good idea to add more amquel plus to the aged water ? if you even call 24 hours aged.
  4. thanks for all your input. as soon as I get time i'll review everything.
  5. just got on to ask a question about prazi and saw the debate. will read tonight. have to get to work shortly. i'm going to be starting a new situation with my main tank as I believe I have argulus but without microscope not able to diagnose. I've been doing the 7 day rounds with prazi and salt. if argulus was actually attached would it have come off by now? i'm wondering if the prazi is outdated. it's been open for over a year. I have two fish in the 75 gal I've been treating. the oranda had one round brownish spot but was showing a few more spots where ...not sure what they were but now the one spot is open and bleeding but not bad. still swimming about and eating. I also fed the metro meds for two weeks. I ran out of the prazi and i'm due to treat with prazi again on Friday. Not sure I can get another bottle by Friday. Main reason for this post is to ask about shelf life of opened prazipro ? I'll start a new thread on that tank. I'm really exhausted and thinking of getting rid of the goldies as I don't seem to be able to help them. i'd rather they go to someone with more experience and better water ! Later after retirement and moving to a better water supply starting up again.
  6. you need to get away ! i'd be worn out dealing with all the problems on this site !!! We sure appreciate the help though !! I just threw couple pellets of food in there to get her moving around. it looks like a flap of skin(if you'd call it that) coming out of her gill. i'm not up on fish anatomy so it may be nothing. I'm glad the wound looks good to you I have never had a fish with one. She's doing ok. She wouldn't hardly swim around when I was filming. after I loaded the videos and went back down she was swimming all around. My tap water ammonia is up to 2.0 ppm now so it's getting more complicated. since the filter isn't cycled and there's a limit to how much amquel plus or prime I can add...what do I do? i'll be adding ammonia into her container. i'm afraid it being spring the ammonia may shoot up to 8.0 like it did in the fall. The guy at the LFS said to age the water and the ammonia would evaporate out. is that true? i'm doubtful. I bought another sterilite container same size but it'll only age 24 hours as i'm changing daily. I guess I could buy a couple more.
  7. i like tetras and barbs. the zebra barbs are so flashy and school well !
  8. Thanks but ive got my other tank in!! lol i know i suggested you put that one in lol ..... i'm thinking the next one they have in may
  9. video one. note...about 1/2 through maybe more than 1/2 look at gills looks like inside is coming out ???? weird what is that? video two will check back later to see what you all think. sorry thought i only posted the link then when i hit post it's embedded.
  10. Awesome !!! Koko's has another tank of the month contender
  11. i'll get a video today. charging the battery for my camera now. not sure how helpful it'll be since she's in a sterilite and it's kind of frosted. I hate to take her out and move her since she's been so stressed. I'll do one though this afternoon and get it posted.
  12. whatever she is she sure is pretty !
  13. good idea to keep testing tap water. my ammonia in tap fluctuates. today it is 2.0ppm. last fall it was to highest reading which is 8.0 ppm. I think I will start an aging tank as suggested !!!!
  14. update: I've been keeping my girl in the 10 gal changing water x 2 a day due to ammonia up to 1.0 after 6 hours. she has been really stressed out. I've had her on the kitchen counter so that's part of it and the other part is my continuous problem with ph ups and downs. tested the tap water and today it's a 6.8. haven't tested in awhile. it's usually 7.5 to 7.8 but due to farmers fields and addition of chemicals etc the water parameters fluctuate sometimes dramatically. as I've said before up to top of chart for ammonia which is 8.0. so I thought her sore was improving but as of last post I don't believe it's gotten any better and today it appears she's developing another one near the one she already has. later today or tomorrow I will get the tap and tank water readings. I just purchased a 90 liter sterilite container and moved her to that. it was due to this move I tested the tap water. I tested her qt water for ph to compare to tap and wah wah wah...it crashed again. was a yellow which is bottom of chart ! I've been adding baking soda when I change the water but can't remember if I forgot to add it last night or what. So I'm in a quandary here. Do I put her back on the metro meds? do I start up something new? I also have medi gold, coppersafe, melafix, fungus and parasite meds. Should I start up the salt again? Should I give her more time? I moved her to the basement in a quieter area away from the kitchen activity. Got her in a bigger qt container so I would only be putting her through one change a day.
  15. i'll just keep her in the qt for now. I was just wondering how long something like that takes to completely heal. if it's going to be a long time i'm going to get something bigger than the 10 gal. i'm having to change the water 100% twice a day. the ammonia goes up to at least a 1.0ppm in 6 hours. also the water seems to get cloudy if I don't rinse out the media every time. I guess since it's been two plus weeks maybe bacteria blooms. not sure. I posted a pic a couple comments above from the 7th. the link is super tiny. it hasn't changed much since then. she still had the red streaks in her tail so that's the main reason I stopped the meds.
  16. I stopped the meds and brought salt down to .2% . does the sore have to be completely gone before I put her back in the main tank? I took her off the meds and took salt down to .2%. should the sore be completely gone before she goes back in the main tank? how long does it usually take?
  17. I had a 30 gal on a metal stand. the tank sat on a frame and was open to floor. I set potted plants under it. the light from the tank shown through the water onto them. they did great there and looked good !
  18. Great tank you should post that in the tank entries for april as of yesterday there was one spot left !
  19. All those plants are live? yes but this is the community tank.
  20. http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc510/cathy00776/5c9067a7-2409-4cef-931e-85bc6bfa4311.jpg here's one of the pics I took today with special effects from photobucket.....that's what makes it look so cool : ) didn't add any special editing to the one in contest though.
  21. Thats an awesome tank Thank you KOKO !!! That means a lot to me : ) want to come and do my goldfish tank I don't think it would look like that with goldfish in it oh I thought I was on the tank of the month. that's an old pic of my tank. I took one today and posted to the april tank of month contest : )
  22. Thats an awesome tank Thank you KOKO !!! That means a lot to me : ) want to come and do my goldfish tank I don't think it would look like that with goldfish in it
  23. Thats an awesome tank Thank you KOKO !!! That means a lot to me : )
  24. Thats an awesome tank awww thanks that's so sweet.
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