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  1. no it's all eco complete. I had 8 bags in there but took some out. it was recommended with the goldfish to not have it so deep. I should probably take more out but it's recommended 2 to 3 inches for plants.
  2. i don't know if it's new growth i think i'm going to have to qt him. never had white growth before.
  3. I've got the flourish products. sometimes I put in the regular flourish tabs, flourish liquid and flourish excel (liquid carbon). No Co2.
  4. the older tank video those were definitely crypts but I killed all those bleaching also. this plant may be a different variety of crypt. it was a big long stem with roots all up and down it so I laid it over and weighed it down and it's now bushing out but will get tall and leggy with roots along stem again. I didn't think crypts grew like that but like I said it may be a variety that does.
  5. I'm not a mod but this works for me if you feed dark green lettuce daily that helps a lot with the swim bladder. Mine really like the red leaf lettuce. You can also feed spinach occasionally. I don't think you should feed spinach daily? They also love love love broccoli but it stinks if you leave the stems in so make sure you pull those out when they're done. The frozen shrimp in spiraluna algae are good too.
  6. I don't even know. My daughter gave me one a few years ago. I gave a piece to my son. I killed the original one when I bleached it then got a piece from my son : ). They grow like crazy though and the goldies do not eat them !!
  7. recent video of my 75 gal
  8. above is video of 75 gal I just took. my daughter may take the 46 gal so i'll hold off on that one for now.
  9. if I did link correct above is link to a video I did 4 months ago. the battery for my camera is charging now i'll have to load a newer video later.
  10. i wll be in Champaign / Urbana the first weekend of August if there's anyone near there who would be interested.
  11. thank you. I would prefer not to ship. I just want a good home for my babies. someone who knows the nitrogen cycle and needs of a goldfish. I might though if I can't find a good home within driving distance.
  12. To All Koko Nuts out there, After many days of tortured consideration I have decided to rehome my aquariums. My situation has changed and I will no longer be able to care for my beloved goldfish or my lovely tropical fish. Unfortunately my goldfish do have some issues. The black moor seems to have cottony fungus? on him. My raingarden oranda continues to have red streaks in his tail. My large petsmart oranda has sbd but it is manageable.l I was hoping to have them healthy before rehoming but have failed at the task and i'm no longer have the time to treat them. Ideally I would like my fish to go with the tanks to a good home. If not I will give my fish away to an approved home and sell the tanks separately. The 75 gal has 2 inches of ecco complete, 3 plants (amazon sword,java fern and ??) With the tank is a new large aquaripure ( paid 350.00) a 3 basket RENA FILSTAR canister filter and two penguin 350 biowheels. I also have a fairly new heater and a whisper deep water air pump. It also has a two bulb T5 light fixture. Both light brackets came broken and glued. Recently the one broke again. but is usable but should be replaced. The light also has a slot that spans the length where hangers/chains or whatever can be attached and hung. The 46 gal also has eco complete and is crowded with plants. It also has a nice two bulb T5 fixture. The tank at this time is housing 2 neons, 5 fruit tetra, one bristlenose veiltail pleco, 4 cherry barb, 1 glolight tetra and a lot of snails I'm located in southern Illinois USA. If anyone is interested please PM me. I will add some pic links this afternoon.
  13. If these are crypts I have some and my goldfish do not bother them. I also have another plant that looks similar but grows more like a bush but I cant remember the name of it. the goldfish don't bother it either. if spread out could tell better. but I do believe they are crypts. I have a 75gal but it's not taller than the 55 only deeper.
  14. Happy Birthday Clementine! That's amazing how much she grew in one year! How often/much do you feed ?
  15. i'd pay for shipping if you'd send some water lettuce ? I'm southeast of st Louis mo
  16. yeah nitrates back to zero today !!! they did go up last week to 10 to 20 then I did a gravel vac and rinsed out the media in the rena filter. they went down to 5 after that and today down to zero !!!!
  17. not sure if it's the eheim i'll have to check it out. the one I was looking at though had mixed reviews. some really liked it and some complained the filter and bag got clogged up right away with substrate. so...I;m hesitating as it's 109.00 though if it works well it would be worth it. thanks for the input.
  18. Does anyone have the power gravel vacuum sold on foster and smith? thinking about ordering one. It looks like a hob filter with siphon hose attached and has a filter then media bag the water runs through.
  19. it's definitely worth it if you have ammonia in your water like I do. if you read from beginning you see how previously I would change the water and a day later I had 20ppm nitrates. the tap water was treated for ammonia but that only neutralizes the ammonia. it is still available to be changed into nitrites then nitrates. Between the tap and 3 big goldfish my nitrates were ridiculous. I had to do a 75% change twice a week and then it always still seemed to be at 20ppm. The other day it was up higher than it's been since I got the filter. it was up to 40ppm and the only thing I can figure is I had added the 3rd and biggest goldfish to the main tank from quarantine and I've been feeding a lot. the tank was pretty dirty needed gravel vac done etc. I did that and only changed about 25 to 30 % of the water. after the change nitrates were still between a10 and 20 but went down to less then a 5 in a couple days. So I know it works. The secret is getting the correct size filter, drip rate and vodka amount to go with your tank and bio load. the drip rate is really important. if you don't keep it at the correct rate the nitrates will go up. Before I bought the filter I emailed John Straus at Aquaripure and gave him my specs. He recommended the filter size, drip rate and vodka amt to add. It was different than what is recommened on the website. I believe the site is geared towards tropical and salt water fish.
  20. probably is still cycling and I keep changing the variables. john said to up the alcohol to 12 twice a week, give it a month and have patience. got any patience you can spare LOL !! i did big water change, gravel vac and media rinse. the plants really trap the waste !! i'll test again in a couple days.
  21. got the cyropro but haven't used it. haven't seen anymore evidence since I completed the previous treatment I was using. her sore looked much better. my daughter is a vet and thought it was healed enough to add back to main tank which I did. the other two are not bothering it so i'll keep an eye on it.
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