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  1. I have massive amounts of that !!! I was just getting on to search for a cure !! i'll be following this
  2. keep in mind you still have to do a weekly water change.....or at least I do one. you also have to make sure the drip rate is correct and add the vodka twice a week. as I said previously email your specifics to aquaripure and get their recommendation before you order . make sure you get the correct size, drip rate and vodka amt. do not go by chart on site. that is based on either freshwater tropical or saltwater tanks. You need a bigger size and different drip/vodka rates depending on size and bioload of a goldie tank and depending on filter/s you have running on it now. they had me continue what I was already running and not take out the biomedia as instructed on their site. ( they say to leave the mechanical filtration and take the bio filtration on your regular filters.....for tropical and salt water)
  3. Nitrates have been zero since my last post. I still do a weekly water change. Do not know about going from a zero to a 30 if you have nitrates out of tap. I believe somewhere on this site someone talks about a filter you put on your tap for nitrates that is supposed to work well.
  4. Thanks I like it. Only has a couple problems.....no swim room for fish and harder to keep clean. Guess I need a bigger tank !!!
  5. great ! my nitrates have been zero for two weeks ! have the aquaripure that takes nitrates out but if I don't keep to schedule they will go up.
  6. thank you ! when I got him he was tiny and had no wen at all. I can't believe how it grew ! From petsmart !
  7. sorry I thought I answered previously. It's straight eco complete the red.
  8. I just love love love your new tank !!!
  9. http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc510/cathy00776/DSC01833.jpg here's a different angle. I added a few more plants and rocks.
  10. thanks sherry I hope they get well and I can keep to. we'll see.
  11. just thought of another question. are api test results accurate while using prazi ?
  12. i'm rehoming my community 46 gal tank this coming weekend. After that I will see how things go. Doing a Prazi treatment on the 75gal with 3 goldfish now. At end of august will decide if I can possibly keep it or will rehome the 3 goldies to a wonderful home within driving distance.
  13. On bottle says to stop skimmer. Should I also stop a large air stone? Just started Prazi today.
  14. was thinking of treating main tank with prazi 1st since it's been awhile. last time I treated the prazi had been open for over a year. i'm pretty overwhelmed with the stray my husband brought home. I have a topic going ...the german shorthaired. he was spayed and vacinnated. stitches out this weekend. he has a high energy level. I get up super early before work and throw the ball for him and my dog for at least an hour. he also has separation anxiety. he has a barking fit when I leave for work. makes me sad thinking he barks until he's exhausted. then first thing when I get home I have to throw the ball for at least an hour and pick up the yard and then he's glued to me or my husband all evening. hard to do anything with my tanks without tripping over him. other life issues going on I'd rather not advertise. This coming weekend have a busy weekend will be out of town and the following weekend will be out of town. so hard to do a d & d at this time. WIll try and prazi but probably not the recommended treatment. I'll use the directions on bottle for now.
  15. yes but it's been a few months at least.
  16. i'll try and get one after work. link to new video of black moor with possible fungus ?
  17. Plant on right side is possibly giant hydrophilia . I asked my daughter who is origin.
  18. i'll try and get one after work.
  19. how do I know if it's new growth? he's also had a few white spots on his dorsal fin for several months now on other side. I had did a salt dip and then salt treatment for a few weeks. some of it went away but now it's on the tail. so I would be thrilled if it was new growth but as I said before his new growth has never been white before. substrate is all eco complete.
  20. well I had just moved it back when I was vacuuming the substrate but need to move it back. it's probably getting air in the filter for sure.
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