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  1. seachem flourish excel (liquid carbon) helps a lot. I've considered a c02 set up but haven't gone there yet. I also keep the insulated drapes closed part of the time. I have a 75gal with windows all across the back and on one end. I live in the Midwest. Tank is in west window.
  2. I think you have too many in that tank. i'll take one or two ....hehee....
  3. she'll be fine. she has a great dad !!
  4. I'm sorry I don't. I think it came with an aquarium I bought. It's at least 3 years old. I would think they would all be pretty much the same. http://www.1000bulbs.com/product/95309/GROW-AS4RD.html?utm_source=SmartFeedGoogleBase&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_term=GROW-AS4RD&utm_content=Air+Stones&utm_campaign=SmartFeedGoogleBaseShopping&gclid=COrG-sWt4rwCFSFo7AodyHQAMA above is page I got the pic from. it looks almost exactly like mine. I just searched air stone. I've never ordered from that site before.
  5. I use the tetra whisper ap150 in my 75 with airstone like the one below. It creates a large rolling surface agitation....almost like boiling water.
  6. oh i'm so sorry I hope she recovers asap !!!
  7. Wow it's fantastic ! Makes me want to empty my tank and do the same. For now I have black drapes hanging behind.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have no idea if the tank it came from was healthy or not.
  9. I wasn't sure where to post this so please move if this isn't correct place. I have some sand that came with a used tank I bought a few years ago. It's been sitting around because I was afraid to use it. I have not idea what kind it is. It's a light greyish white with some black in it. I was going to just dump it in the garden but my daughter thought it was worth keeping. Is it possible to sterilize this and use?
  10. Maybe a sky background? ...of course fish don't swim in the sky LOL...
  11. GLad to see you're a caring papa ! I'm sure someone with more knowledge will help you out. As far as I know you just have to wait and keep an eye on. One thing I hear all the time is keep your water clean clean clean...including checking water parameters. You would be surprised how clean looking water is not necessarily "good" water for fish. You'll get there. Have you tested your tap water? If you have ammonia in it you will need water treatment that deals with that. I use Amquel Plus that is available at the large pet chains. I order it online at Foster and Smith. Much cheaper....free shipping if you spend 50.00.
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