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  1. TOSAKIN goes into hibernation
  2. Baby tosakin is 2.7 inch. 3years Redtosakin is 7inch.
  3. This is pearlscales sales office. Greenfish shop Aqua nara fish and people
  4. GoldFish speciality store doesn't exist in Korea. I made the button, referring to the relevant sites. Wanju Fish Village Ansungkoi If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask us. E.-mail: tosakin.org@gmail.com
  5. I personally love this and I updated it here because I think my BABY GOLDFISH (TOSAKIN) are very pretty.
  6. Very excellent in healthy ranchu 2009 ,sub-adults baby(about 8 weeks)
  7. Hello?My friends.. A couple of days ago,i have some ranchu. Go see My top view Ranchu. it's my Blog (I'm Korea but,Life in Tokyo) http://blog.daum.net/topranchu/?_top_blogtop=go2myblog
  8. More more more fry .......
  9. Thank you everone.. pic etc.. Brine shrimp tank
  10. Devs Thanks.. I hope you can some nice Ranchu fry sonetime also.
  11. I believe that it's going to be a valuable experience to participate in a competition taking advantage of my unconventional ideas and talents. some sub-adults must do sale.
  12. there are 3.4 weeks old ranchus.. hollow leg ...^^
  13. i'm living in Korea please do not hesitate to contact us any time. jhhoon@gmail.com
  14. woow~~ ^^ very great ranchu ..greetings..
  15. automatic studio public house sign
  16. Thats great! Congratulations
  17. I'm go to japan for the sights Great. I had a 3 days of sightseeing. and some pic here, if you want to see them a railroad ranchu1 ranchu2 2weeks ranchu
  18. Thanks everyone. if you want transport them (cost free .. do you want??)
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