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  1. both of my black moors went through that same colour change . Shadow was perfectly black for 5-6 years then all of a sudden within about 2 months turned 75% orange, 10% silver, and maybe 15% black lol. he passed away a little while ago unfortunately. My other black moor is also now orange/black/silver
  2. u dont need to trim those, thats nothing u should've seen my pom pom Brownie when she was alive, she had a bit of a deformity so she had 5+ pom poms per side, and she was still fine this is her: (the pictures arent very good, but u can see her pom poms)
  3. I had a fish like that once too. Normally this can be resolved, however this fish was so extremely aggressive he nearly killed one of my fish and left him with serious injuries, so I had to make the decision to give him away. He was very large so there was just no other option. I did not want to return him to the store so I gave him away to another aquarium society member. I hope u find a solution
  4. just give them some time, they will find it
  5. been keeping fish for 6-7 years, goldfish i've had the longest is about 6 years, just lost one of them a few weeks ago r.i.p. Shadow
  6. lol no, i meant 2 ac's OR a canister, i guess u could go with 3, but that seems excessive
  7. sounds like a good plan . personally i think i would also go with 2 aqua clear 50's, thats what i have on my 46 g tank (plus a submersible filter and a canister). if u want a canister, i ony have experience with the marineland (dont remember the name, the silver one) and rena filstar. both are great, but i think i prefer the rena. if u think anubias are fail proof u obviously havent met my fish lol
  8. i know how u feel, my dad disagrees with me on absolutely everything when it comes to my pets, and it drives me nuts. we fight constantly, im so glad to live on my own now. good luck with ur situation, i hope it all works out for u and ur fish
  9. if u want to find a breeder (there arent many), ur best chance is by contacting ur local aquarium society if u have one.
  10. yikes, several goldfish in a bowl? where do they come up with this stuff? just basic common sense would tell u that that is not good
  11. about 50% of the goldfish i've had, have had deformed anal fins, its not a big deal
  12. Not all rural areas are like this. In my little town and municipality people do care a lot about their animals. Yes some are farm dogs and barn cats or work horses but I don't see a lot of people neglecting their animals. There is sometimes a clear line between work animal and pet that's all I can really see. People have asked me and a few other people in town (there's one family with 6 trop tanks and 2 reefs) about how to better the care of their and I will tell them but I don't actively point it out. If I don't know and they are computer savvy I will send them to kokos or ask for them. There is always going to be people who don't care for things that I find important, either their pets or even their own children. Yet they will actively seek out a way to have them in their lives. I help out with those who will listen. true, not all rural areas are this bad, but where i used to live, it certainly was. there was very very few people who cared. alot of people dont even feed their dogs, they just expect them to catch food on their own . i dont see why they even have pets if they're not gonna take care of them.
  13. i agree with what everyone said. i dont think goldfish, or all fish in general, should be treated like they're disposable, they are living things too. but where im from out in the country, honestly, every animal is treated badly. dogs are kept on small chains all their lives, then when they finally turn aggressive, they are (if they're lucky) put down, or if they're not so lucky, shot, or just left to die. unaltered cats roam everywhere, kittens are shot. even horses and larger animals are terribly neglected. its horrible, but its definitely not just goldfish. and i dont know what it is about rural areas, i mean there are some good people, but almost no one out there cares about pets, they're all disposable to them. they all have that "oh the dog got hit by a car? no problem, the neighbours just had puppies we can get a new one for free" attitude
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