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  1. It depends. The currrent should not be too strong all over the place. Is the stong curent just near the filter? Or is it everywhere? Where? everywhere
  2. any suggestions I hope it is at least 20 gallons
  3. I'm looking to buy a new tank but need to make a quick decision before tomorrow SO i need your help Roughly how much gallons of water fit in a tank 400mH400mmD800mmW ????? Much help plz thanx
  4. yes it did happen very quickly
  5. darker tank? ??????? PLZ HELP
  6. very nice! indeed 40 dollars ain't bad either compared to 250
  7. really?! that is interesting i expected you would be able to
  8. what I'm trying to ask is can a fish die because of a too strong current?
  9. about 5 weeks ago I got a calico fantail he was orange with black on his tail and on his head but just recently I stopped feeding him a brine shrimp based food and he lost his black I also increased the amount of light into the tank. So now he has completely lost all his black on his head which is a substantial amount of black can I make him get it back? I love his black I have also been feeding him more then normal considering when I got him he was very very skinny.
  10. beautiful pics stanley looks like he is wearing lipstick gilbert has a lovely long tail. ha ha baloo is very very cute and stella actually does look like she might have some oranda in her you will have to wait till she matures some more though but gr8 pics
  11. here I'll bump it back to the top for you but sorry nothing to add
  12. what a buy he is soooo cute
  13. 40-70 gal? Y? I'm planning after a coulpe of years to breed them and in this forum there was a topic that 20 gal is enough for two fancy goldies to breed in? still apply?
  14. cool thanx I still wanna know about the ranchu though? bekos that will probably be the one I gte along with the black moor. But won't the fantail be too fast?
  15. yes please pics! btw i reckon you can get away with 5 goldies in the tank if it is 64 gals
  16. Is it possible that a filter can be too strong for a tank? What filter is recommened for a tank the size of 20gals
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