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  1. Hi neither of the people that are checking on house and feeding my cats have any fish knowledge!! but i will try and give them a lesson - and organise for them to do one water change. when you say that he may have had some organ damage - how will i know?? i'm encouraged by his appetite and the fact that he has these swimming sessions. am relieved that the high PH is not causing any more stress for him. had forgotten that the black marks were a good sing - as in a healing sign. so i guess all i can do is cross my fingers and carry on as i have been doing. thanks for your advise. amanda
  2. NO3 - 25 NO2 - 0 GH - >10d KH - 10d PH - 8.4 ammonia - 0 hi this tank has been running for about 3 yrs. holds about 15UK gallons. has one telescope goldfish living in there - he's (nose to tip of tail) 7in. fluval 2 internal filter plus additional airstone. i posted on here last week when i thought that indy was choking on a stone. despite looking i couldn't see anything. i then tested the water - i did a water change the day before - and to my horror it was all over the place, really high ammonia - so he was choking- but obviously not on a stone! i didn't post back, as i knew that i had to immediately take action on the water. he was upside down for at least four days. but i managed to give him the odd bit of food, like peas or sinking pellets - which he readily eats when he can find them. he is now resting on his side - though he will take the odd swimming session, where he is predominately upright - but when not swimming will tilt to the side - which i'm hoping is a good sign as before he was on his back. i'm feeding him very sparingly though. i've removed most of the stones - as i think that may have been part of the culprit to causing the water decline - along with the fact that although i normally change 10% of the watr every week - for the last month i've had bronchitis - and so hadn't kept up with it. so i'm aware i am to blame enormously. i've been doing 50% water changes daily i've just done a massive water change - and the PH is incredibly high!?! its normally around 7.6 i cant remember what is causing this... there are no plants or any ornaments in there now. i've pretty much stripped it bare. in the last two days some black marks have developed on his dorsal and anal fin along with some black smudges on his side. other than that he looks remarkably well considering i've practically poisoned him! today is tuesday - i leave the country for two weeks on sunday - so timing aint good. any suggestions on what i should do for him now? i did have some melafix in there - as his fins initially got a bit ragged at the ends - but this has stopped. i've added a couple teaspoons of aqualibram salts also. any advice would be great. many thanks amanda i should add that he has a healthy appetite, poo is normal - but clearly he's not out of the woods yet.
  3. Hi Jen this is a nightmare. he now has some blood on the inside of one of his bubble eyes! i cannot see a thing in there.. he has his head leaning forward all the time as it is.. it really looks like he has something that he is tryign to get out - but he cant.. and i cant see anything in there.. he's quite big. the size of my hand
  4. Hi. i have a white telescope living on his own in a 19 gallon tank. no sign of any illness. all is well with water - i've had him for about 3 yrs now in the same tank and set-up. he is at the bottom of tank and appears to be gasping - shaking his head once in awhile. dorsal fin upright etc.. i am convinced he has a stone stuck inside - i've tried holding him and looking in but cant see anything in there - his mouth is constantly open and his gills are going like the clappers. any idea of what i can do? many thanks amanda
  5. Hi there yesterday when i went to feed my fish i noticed my white telescope looking terrible. on his right side, toward his tail is a very messy area. scales sticking up, all red underneath, looks very sore. there was nothing at all the day before, the fish looked perfectly healthy. he is still eating, not showing any problem breathing signs, not hanging around the top or bottom. today - the area that is affected hasn't spread any further. he is in a 21UK gallon tank with a black moor - they were bought together, have had them for a year now. they are both about 6/7in. my gut instinct was that the moor had kinda beaten telescope up - as they have always hated each other. the moor always shows the signs that he's ripe for breeding, and is slightly bigger than whitey, they are always picking on each other. there is a few rocks in there, no sharp edges - cos of their eyes, but a rough surface. was thinking that it may have occurred during a lights out hardcore bust -up between the two of them. but then thought - what if its actually something more serious.... moore is fine. whitey seems fine in character etc. started feeding with medigold as soon as i noticed the injury. all water params totally fine, nothing new introduced into tank, no other signs of illness (i have 4 cory's that live in the tank also) wondered whether anyone could offer me any advice? (i know it probably sounds crazy assuming that the injury has come from a bit of a fight - but these two fish have hated each other from day one...i've never known anything like it)
  6. hi all i think my Mr Henry is absolutely ok!! i think that toothless hit the nail on the head with something being attached to his spikes! upon closer inspection, for the last few days i cant see anything on him - but at the same time, i couldn't figure out what it could be that would be attached to him looking like that. however i have just noticed that my onion plant isn't looking too healthy - and the leaves have turned pale amd one of them has gone whispy - so i think that a bit of broken dying onion plant had got attched to him!!! good detective work once again!!! i can almost hear the quincy theme tune coming back again!! thanks for all advice - i'm so chuffed to realise that not only he is ok - but what must have caused it - i feel like having a party day!!! though, sadly i must get on with my work... many thanks amanda
  7. hey babe!! well not really any sign of any algae at all in this tank!! would be cool if you could come and see him - though he's hard to see at times - plus i've just tried to look at him, and i cant see the stuff this morning - so maybe it was something attached to his spikes?? if he is ok, which i'm fairly sure he is - have you still gotta a nice big tank he could move into - i want him to go to someone i know and trust - am very fond of the fella, dont really want him to go - but he will be much happier in a bigger tank, probably get back to his old self within no time!! A
  8. hey toothless! frankly it is odd the strands are really really fine, as in i cant tell if they are individual strands, or whether the clump looks this way!?! there a couple of inches long, say about 2.5" definately hair, not slime - looks like a cross between hair and smoke - like how smoke comes from a cigarette i like the idea that it could be something stuck on his spikes! he doesn't look unwell at all, he's not as active as he used to be since moving him to a smaller tank - its not a long term solution - but had to be done as he decided one day to attack my telescope fish - even though they have lived happily together for ages! his head is well rounded, and area around his eyes seem fine - i cant see any physical signs of illness. the tank params are the same as his other tank in terms of temp, ph, kh, gh - no ammonia and less than 20mg nitrates, no nitrites. he has his old favourite archway in there, which he loves, and some drift wood - which he also loves. he seemed to really sulk when moved - tho he has gone from a 96 litre to a 60 litre - and didn't really move much for the first wk, but in last couple weeks he seems more settled. has always eaten his food ok. he is currently around 6" long. can no one please moan at me about the fact that he should be in a larger tank - i know, i'm hoping to have him re-homed (nudge and wink to kev! ) thing is toothless, that he's currently on the back of his archway - so i cant get a fresh look at him - so cant say anymore at this point - or whether its some stuff stuck to his spikes. do you have any thoughts??
  9. ah, thanks for the pic - based on that i'd say definately not anchor worm - cant think of better way to describe it...????
  10. really???? but i thought they literall ylooked like little anchors? its several inches long, and like fine mesh, hair like - its so fine it just looks like smoke drifting thru the water in the current. really hard to explain. i was wondering could he have scratched himself on his driftwood? as he's rather fond of it, he could have perhaps scraped his head - i am dragging bizarre scenarios out of my head here...
  11. hi all - and of course Kev my common plec was most unhappy having been moved to another tank - however in the last week he's become a lot more active again. however having just looked at him, as he's visable at the mo, i've noticed that he has what looks like some fine white wispy hair coming from his head!?! as it smoving around with the water current, it almost looks like he's smoking!! i cant see any signs of an injury or disease on him. anyone know what this could be? tank params all fine. only in with tetras and cory's - so no-one likely to pick on him. any thoughts on course of action or concerns?? thanks in advance amanda
  12. hi, thanx for the replies. tank is as follows: 60L heated to 27c /80f, fluval 2plus and an IPF duo filter running, several plants and bogwood, plus all the normal hiding places. inhabitants: 5 neon tetras, 4 black tetras, 4 glolight tetras, 3 harlequins, two cories and a pl*co. all other inhabitants fine. in reference to NTD, i've read that any type of tetra can get it, it was just first discovered in the neons, but is by no means exclusive to that sort. i did have 6 neons, but within 24 hrs of getting them i could tell that one of them wasn't well, appeared to be developing a lump on one side. i removed it, and within a few hrs it died. tank params : PH - 7.6 KH - 6d GH - 10d NO2 - 0 NO3 - 25mg so what do you think guys?
  13. i've set up a small tropical tank, with a mixture of neons, glo lights and black neons and few harlequins. i lost one of the neons within 24 hrs of buying it - i could see it wasn't well, swimming alone at the top and had some kind of lump developing on one side near its gill, so i removed it before it passed away. now i have a sick black neon, its been ill for about 3 days. it cant balance as normal, has its head pointing up all the time and appears to be juddering its head a lot. its not eaten. its hanging around in the java, to help stabilize its self. no visible marks, lumps or loss of scales or fins. i've been putting a daily dose of Myxazin in the tank since i noticed the fish was unwell. there has been no improvements though. wondered whether anyone could shed some light on what it might be? what is my best course of action? could this be neon tetra disease? amanda
  14. thats cool that you have caves in there - but you still referred to it as places for THE cory to hide - does this mean that you only have one at a time? i ask, as they are schooling fish, they like to be in groups of at least 4 of the same type - this could be another reason you are losing them. you could perhaps get away with two - though i've read that its best to have them in groups of odd numbers - though i've never read a reason for this! (apologies if i've misread your text in anyway, and have got it wrong!) if the above isn't a factor - then it must be the temperature....maybe..... sorry if i'm being of no help at all! Amanda
  15. hi, i've had four peppered cory's in with my two telescope fish since about last october. all are doing fine. i do have a thin layer of fine gravel, i feed them sinking wafers and frozen blood worm, the tank is kept at a fairly constant 26c (tho easily done even during the supposed british summertime!) and the cory's are doing fine, i think albino cory's are the same time as the peppered, as in they are just the albino version - they are the hardiest of the breeds, and actually come from slightly cooler climates than some of the other types - maybe 80 is too hot for them? plus i would definately recommend feeding them sinking wafers, they love them - and its great watching them eat blood worms - they look like their sucking up spaggetti!! i would avoid trying the panda's as they are supposedly much more delicate. i also have a little cave for my cory's so they can take refuge or just relax from the constant greed of my two telescopes. i dont know whether this is of any help - but good luck if you try again - oh, and obviously you should always have a minimum of about 4 or 5 - as they like to school, one on its own would suffer... good luck Amanda
  16. note to say hi and thank you for the fish food!! i hope, and presume my payment went through ok? thanks for sorting it out tho, sorry i've not been around much lately, been very busy. hope you and everyone else are ok!!! amanda
  17. pumpkin


    Hi Frank!! water quality is inevitably an issue - but more often it's to do with the food they eat, some foods have colour enhancers, although i've found that some products that say that encourage a change in colour. it will also depend on the initial colour of the goldfish - a lot of fish that have black in them will change, the black will often become orange / red. when i got my telescope fish, he was a blue colour - within two months his blue started turning a silvery white. when all the blue had gone orange bits started to occur - but at the same time as this happened, my GF developed a taste for nothing but algae wafers - the orange started to disappear, and now it has completely gone. so my all blue telescope is now completely white!! they may be other reasons, but thats all i'm aware of.. i hope thats been of some help. amanda
  18. what detectives we are!! the spray bar was indeed loosened, in fact if i remember correctly it was barely attached (it was done in a bit of a panic) i think that must be the culprit!! thanks guys!! it was on fairly tight, but maybe the fluval 3 is more powerful - and so it may have got loosened over time!?! i think i might just leave it off for now, dont want a repeat occurrence honestly, whilst reading the above posts - i had the Quincy theme tune pop into my head!!! well i've replaced the fuse in the surge protector - so i think i can reconnect everything fairly safe in the knowledge of what had happened! incidently the fluval is one of three filters i have running - i also have an internal eheim, along with the big juwel corner filter that is built in. it is starting to look like a big built up area in the tank though with them all being internals B) wish i had invested in an external now. maybe a new thing on my list.... Kev, can we get bio wheels over here?? i've never seen em - or the aqual clears?? Amanda
  19. Hi all all of my filters are the internal cannister type filters - no water is supposed to ever leave the tank - i just have the power cables that connect to them, in the tank - if that makes sense? i dont have a seperate air supply - so again, nothing that could in theory syphon the watr out in case of a power cut. incidently, the power was only out in one room - so it was that section that got tripped out only - so whatever happened is what caused the power to go / trip - and yes i'm also quite glad - things would have been a lot worse otherwise! the only thing i can think of is that it has something to do with the spray bar that was attahced to the fluval - i've been using them for yrs - maybe they get clogged inside (as in i always clean the holes a bit, but the inside is pretty impossible to clean), which prevents the water from coming out of the filter - enabling a big build up of water and then a sudden surge, which then got forced through the gaps in the hood, down the back of the tank - and voila - water everywhere!! i can think of nothing else. irony here is that i've never used external filters for the fear of anything going wrong and having a sudden water problem - who woulda thought it! what do you think toothless? does my idea sound like a possible notion? incidently toothless - i wanted to PM you to thank you for your help in past with my comet that had similar problems to yours. but it seems i cant PM anymore - i guess i dont post enough these days! sadly my comet marmalady died the other week - although it looked to me like the flukes were long gone.... i wanted to thank you for helping me out with her - you may remember, as it was in the early hours of your birthday no less!! thanks anyway, i feel like columbo or something trying to figure out the missing water mystery....
  20. Hi all i got back home yesterday - was out for about 7hours, to find that the fish tank had lost about a third of its water (around 7 uk gallons!!) and all the electricity was off. the tank is on the proper cupboard designed for the size tank, and the extension lead is housed inside the cupboard. obviously the floor was very wet, inside the cupboard everything was soaked and each plud was soaked (obviously everything had been tripped out - and my very expensive surge protector is now broken!) i dont have an air pump in the tank - so water couldn't have gone out that way. i have 3 filters running independently - they are still all working fine. we decided to fill the tank back up - as we couldn't see any major problem with the tank (was brand new in january - has not been moved since day of setting it up. i put a piece of tape outside tank next to water level - got up this morning and level is the same. the only thing i haven't reconnected is the spray bar for the fluval filter. my only possible theory for what could have happened is that the spray bar connector may have worked its way undone, causing the water to be directed upwards which enabled it to go out the back of the tank.... however how a third of the water got out is a mystery...... can anyone offer any thoughts? am so relieved that this didn't happen a week ago when i was on holiday - as all the filters had stopped etc. it really is a bit of a mystery!!
  21. Cory's, Cory's, Cory's.... Cory's alll the way!! they are great fish, a delight to watch, very peaceful - plus some swim round all over the place!!
  22. Hi amanda the fish is still swimming fine, and has a healthy appetite... i've never seen a fish with a tumour - and was shocked by the speed at which the lump has grown..but as you said yours grew within a week, then maybe thats what it is. i cant see how this lump could possibly go down, but having done lots of research i cant see anything else that it could be. fingers crossed that it will be ok. thanks ffor your advise! (good name incidently - i would be amanda71 - in theory!) pumpkin
  23. Hi not sure if this is the right place but... since buying some plants from a certain chain store i'm having problem with bloodworm. it doesn't seem to mattr how many times i clean everything out - my tank is littered with them! my main concern is that they seem to die fairly promptly - and so the visible areas of tank base is covered in dead bloodworm, theres some dead ones on the tank sides, plus what small amount of gravel i have in the small tank also seems to be covered. could this cause ammonia in my tank? as i cant keep up with them - i dont know how they are being reproduced - what to do about the problem, whether i should be really worried - or just keep everything in check? water params are all ok at this point in time. only strange thing is that the dead worms are all on the left handside of tank - and my fish always stays on the right handside - that surely cant be a coincidence? should i be worried? what should i do? many thanks pumpkin
  24. Hi all i'm asking the following on behalf of a friend. she has 3 shubumkins and 5 minnows - she has had them all for at least a yr. i tested her water yesterday - all perfect except for higher nitrates - we did 50% water change to reduce. basically one one of the shubumkins has developed very suddenly a fairly large lump on one side of its body. this occurred whilst she was away for 10 days- i saw them 7 days ago and no sign then - the person who was feeding them didn't notice at all - so not sure exactly how long it has been there - but has occurred ion last 7 days. its very large, imagine a few of peas pushed together for size idea. it looks fairly firm, it is under the skin - it is pushing the scales out due to the stretching of the skin. the fish is eating and pooping fine. since last night the fish has only eaten peas. all the other fish seem ok. the fish is not being picked on either. i was wondering whether this is likely to be a tumour - or whether there is anything else that it possibly could be? what course of action you would perhaps take? i dont know whether its normal for a tumor to grow so large so suddenly - if not, that might suggest that it could be something else.... any thoughts folks? many thanks pumpkin
  25. hi i just wanted to let you guys know that the strange thing that appeared under her fin socket has gone!!??!! i can only assume that it was an injury she must have sustained on the rok that was in there - which i have since removed. total relief that it wasn't any kind of horrid parasite!! her fins are no better - but no worse - they still seem to have bits of fungus on the tail fin - but her fin hasn't rotted away any - and this is without any meds - just small water changes everyday and stress coat as conditioner. i will now put in some anti fungus treatment to see if that will help clear it up - i go away on may 8th - until the 17th - am so worried about leaving her!!! my other concern is that i am sure she is lonely - she's not use to being on her own for so long - but i dare not put even a tiny goldfish in there with her as my moor and telescope attacked her when i first got them - and they were tiny then... am i being paranoid - what can i do to keep her happier??
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