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  1. If you're like me then you sometimes forget to empty the test tubes right after testing your water. I have found that the ammonia test will stain the inside of the tube a light yellow color if left overnight. This can make reading the results of future tests harder. I tried everything from running and soaking in hot water, to scrubbing them down with the filter intake brushes. Nothing worked. Then I remembered something I had learned to clean the stains from glass coffee pots. For the coffee pots you would fill them with ice then soda water. The Ice acts as an abrasive agent and the soda water moves the ice around against the stain. Well that wouldnt work for the test tubes because the opening is so small so I thought about using salt instead. If you fill the tube to the top of the stain and then add water, cap it and shake for about 30 seconds to a minute, dump the contents and rinse. Most stains will be completely gone with one or two of these treatments. Its cheap and easy. You can use any salt that you would use in the aquarium as long as it is a larger grain such as aquaruim or epsom salts are. No more stained test tubes to annoy you.
  2. I have had multiple fry nets hanging in my 46 gal tank for over two months now. It is frustrating to only be able to change out 5 gallons of water at a time. So my dad suggested I get some sort of container to sit the nets in while I change the water. I found plastic "shoebox" containers for under a dollar each that are big enough to fit a net each. You get the container into the tank and carefully scoop up the net so there is always water in there for the fry. Then carefully remove the container complete with water, net, and fry to another location. You can now do as big of a water change as you want without worrying about jostling the fry or keeping the water level above the bottom of the nets. After the change is complete you can float the container in the tank and slowly mix the new water with the old to acclimate the fry before lowering the net back into place. No more doing 3x the work to remove the same amount of nitrates.
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