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  1. congrats on the new additions.....great looking bunch!
  2. Congrats on the new tank! I look forward to seeing it set up. I think it's a great way to spend money!!
  3. sweet! it's like Christmas! very nice.....loved the video
  4. love them! I actually picked out one of the bunch that I want, he's to the right of the first photo, orange with some black, he looks like he's laying on top of the rest of them.....he's awesome looking!
  5. nice, I'm a giant fan of the comet! Are you cleaning the pond or upgrading or just have them out to check them out?
  6. great colors on everyone. Nice pick, I loved the story to go with the photos!
  7. I totally can relate....maybe you need a velvet rope around your tank!
  8. this made me laugh, simply because I just bought the same tub from Walmart to grow duckweed on my front porch! I also have a tub like this in case I need a hospital room for a fish from my main tank. Those tubs come in handy, wonder if the makers really know how much goldfish fans love them.
  9. duckweed is a good treat for them and you can grow it yourself.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about Dexter, I know all to well the heartache of losing fish, I get very attached to mine. Sad
  11. very nice. that's a great Coral Beauty. I love salt, I have 1 fresh and 1 salt but thinking about starting up another salt....I can't ever seem to have enough water.
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