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  1. yea when it comes to filtration bigger is always better but this is for smaller ponds and to spark ideas for designs that others might like to incorpate with. This is similar to a barrel filter just minimized and is a mix of mech and bio.. I would really like to see one of these with bio-media completely ........ maybe an idea for me in near future.
  2. In my case the seal was not that tight so I used cement but all I do is unplug the hose to top of filter after every thing is out. Then just lift it off the wood planks in the pic to go wash with water. I do know bigger rubbermaid containers have built in backwashers but it is still nice to take everything out once in awhile.
  3. Thanks... I tried to make it more of a visual then writing because thats how I kind of am so I hope it helps a lot of you new or experienced ponders out there. I have noticed a lot of people with plans for making a pond on this board recently to so maybe this will help and spark some more ideas from others minds to.
  4. I just made the thread... check it out
  5. On the request of some people from another thread I recently made with pictures of my 900gal pond, here is how the diy filter is made. This filter can handle about 600 gallons nicely. It is not as good as maybe a 55g barrel filter setup but this gets the job done for a less bulky product. FYI This filter can be made into a bigger product but mine is just an example. Along with the filter is a sumberisble hooked up to a 280gph pump that then goes to a 8 watt lugana uv. Materials: 1 Rubbermaid Container of your size (mine is 18 gal) with lid, 2 pieces of Pvc pipe half the size of your filter, 1 Rubber seal that can be found in the shower drain aisle and will need to be the size of the inlet that attaches to the drilled out pvc piece, 90 degree Pvc Elbow with one size having an inlet for the pvc adapter to screw in, 1 pvc screw in adapter, Pvc cap for one side of the pipe, 2 mesh bags ( can use more or none if you want, just ease to pull out of the filter is all), lava rock(about 1 and a half buckets for my size), Filter mats (I used some filter mats I had but also used cheap bio-degradable furnace matting..cheap$ and works well), inlet for pumps hose, rubber hosing to attach to pump, Pump( for this size a 600gph - 740gph, PVC Cement (comes in a small can in the plumbing aisle), silicone glue Now with that all done here we go: 1. Drill holes in a piece of pvc pipe half or less the height of your filter, though leave about 3 inches on bottom untouched for it to leave room for settling and to allow the adapter to screw into the elbow, and 2 inches at the top for the cap to plug onto. 2. Drill a hole at the top of the container 2 inches from the top, this will be for the pump and hose inlet, use silicone to seal the inlet piece and help keep it a little more sturdy 3. Drill a hole at the middle of the bottom to the size of the screw in adapter that attaches to the elbow, this piece will be inside of the filter and have a seal between it and the plastic 4. Put the seal on the screw in adapter and push it through the hole and twist the elbow onto the screw in adapter once it is through, be sure to use pvc cement on all the seals of pipe with water running through 5. Attach the other foot long piece to the other side of the elbow and be sure to use pvc cement there to, this will lead the water back into the pond. 6. Place the filter in the proper location by the pond and it will probably have to be raised a little bit to keep the elbow and pipe from hitting the ground. 7. Place the lava rock in the mesh nets at the bottom 8. Place the fine mats on the lower section of the filter and the mats for catching larger debris on top. Total cost for whole filter w/o pump was $39.... the pump was a cheapy from ebay for $25 FYI Can be done for more or less if you have some of these products at home Any other questions can be pmed or over this topic Example of what it should semi look like without mats: Before, you can see my tiny old diy box: After:
  6. Alright will do and this thread that will be up shortly will probably be put in the thread for koi and pond not photos
  7. its a fairly simple filter but if you want I can do it... Not better than a 55 gal barrel filter but if you want something smaller like this 18gallon one than just tell me through this topic. It handles about 600-700 gallons which is why I added it to a submersible filter that handles 400 gallons.
  8. Yes I am aware of that... I originally was only going to keep 3 in there but the new butterfly tempted me and well yea I gotta feeling you know what I mean.
  9. Thank you all, I hope to get some pics of all my fish soon for all of you...but soon might no be for a while
  10. lol thank you... it is pretty funny how they both were in the same spot... Never noticed that. By the way the pond is stirred up because I was mopping off the sides to get some string algae off, as most ponders know that is the toughest to control lol
  11. This is my almost year old 900 gallon pond with new filter system in top right( plus new uv in top left) and two baby koi that are not visible in photos because of cellular camera. The two koi overwintered in the pond and went from 3 to 5 inches. One is a platinum ogon and the other is an orengi ogon. Ponds temp just dropped from 50 to 45 over weekend so hopefully it will reach about 52-54 soon for the new babies. My new longfin Orengi Ogon awaiting warmer pond temps My new little mutt that comes with a story but anyways he is awaiting warmer pond temps to(developing some interesting patterns)
  12. I was given the oh so popular little 10gallon whisper filter in this kit a friend gave me for 10 bucks lol that has a problem. The little pump appears to just be grinding and sends no water up into the filter. Is it toast or can I do anything? I am running a bigger filter right now just wanted to see if I could get it to work.
  13. I have people on other boards who over winter and raise some koi in aquariums. Even then it is a neccessary for 20% water changes a day. Koi are practically identical to a goldfish while at small sizes which does not last long. Although there is generally a little more poop for some reason in my expeirence lol. I know of people who have kept 3 of your size in a 10 gal but this was only for short time. I will admit I am a victim of this to, but the two baby koi I have right now in a tank are enduring 30-50% water changes almost every day and a cleaning of the filter every other day. Plus they are only in there for about a month or until my pond water hits 52. In yours and my case our tanks are overstocked, but I reccomend finding a larger space for atleast the koi in your case as he will grow on average an inch every two months, due to being a mutt and being a baby.
  14. I put an algae remover chemical in my pond... I lost pretty much all of my 3 plants though I am still working on saving parts of 2 of them
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