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  1. Well my first fry from about 8 months ago is now in with his parents, here is Big Boy and his dad Roger (moore) He is doing very well and growing like crazy. At least I think there is a family resemblance.
  2. I would recomend the rena xp, if you can afford the new xp4 go for it, 450 gph so two would do your future 90 gallon nicely. I have 3 units and love them, so easy to clean and get going again. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  3. Congrats you have got a really good filter there. I have all three the xp2, xp3 and just got an xp4. I find that if I put filter floss in the spare compartment just above the sponges I don't have to change the micro filter so often. Give it a try, filter floss is much cheaper than the pads.
  4. Thanks guys, will post more pics this week, the latest batch is growing fast. I still cannot get my guys to fess up to who the parents are.
  5. Hi gang it's been a while since I have posted, we have been very busy with new arrivals and learning how to care for them. Thanks all who have posted with their fry raising experiences the info was just what I needed. I only have one guy left from the first surprise egg laying four months ago, I have two females, a black moor and a calico telescope and three males, an orange telescope, a black moor and a bluescale oranda in a 55 gallon so I have no idea who the parents are for each generation. They always do their mating when no one is watching. This is Big Boy the only survivor of about 50 he is four months old. Here is where it got a little wierd, these three came along about two months ago and they are all from the same batch, the only three eggs that hatched. Here is a better shot of Little Boy Here is the latest generation, (two weeks old) there are about twenty five in this batch, their bellies are full of baby brine shrimp. Big Boy is in his own 55 gallon tank untill his brothers and sisters are big enough to join him. One thing I have learned is that food really does matter, my first batch was feed Hikari First Bites and they were slow to develop, I tried raising brine shrimp for the second two batches and have not lost a fry. Maybe there is a connection. (PS thanks Devs for the post about hatching shrimp) The other major thing is regular water changes and cleaning up after these little guys, there is lots of little fish poops every day to vaccuum up. Raising fry is fun and I just wonder what they will end up looking like.
  6. Good choice on the river rocks, you will find cleaning alot easier too.
  7. technogold

    Omega One

    I get omega one pellets at vvvv in London Ontario, it is great stuff and my guys just love it.
  8. Dumb thought: Why not start collecting spare change in it and use that towards more fish supplies or a bigger tank.
  9. Those guys are amazing Nicely done, Please let us know your set up details, tank size etc.
  10. Great post, you psyched me out Congratulations on the new tank, you will love it and your guys will love it even more. Have fun
  11. My kids think he is cute too. He is about 4 inches long now, he was very tiny when I found him barely and inch and a half long. He was so small we had to crush up his food so he could get it in his mouth. We think he is a he but we are not sure yet.
  12. Hey gang, I was going through some old photos and found a picture of Scooter, my calico telescope, that I took when I first found him about 8 months ago This is scooter then: Here is scooter now. I was quite suprised at how much he had changed.
  13. Hi mkinga: Question: how long are your lights on during the day, I have found I have to limit my tank to 8 hours of light or the alge takes over. I have them on a timer from 4pm to midnight. Another suggestion is a UV unit, that will kill the floating alge. hope this helps
  14. What a looker, congrats on your geat looking
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