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  1. Hi! This is a brief, preliminary review of the ecoaqualizer, which you can purchase online at their website (www.ecoaqualizer.com). If you go there, you'll note the site is a bit glitzy and not too informative - but they were having a sale, and I thought, if this will really fit in my hood, I'll give it a try. The aqualizer is a magnetic tube through which you pump your tank water. It is meant to ionize the water and thus increase oxygenation, improve water clarity, reduce or eliminate diseases, and help fish with osmoregulation. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well- Before (and after!) buying it, I looked around the web and got a fair bit of info on copper-silver ionization. This is a relatively mild and nontoxic method of dealing with germs, viruses and algae, and it really does work. Copper and silver ions bind with these organisms, disrupt them, and allow them to be removed by the filter. I don't know, however, if there are copper and silver electrodes in the ecoaqualizer, and I'd worry a bit if there were, since fish can easily be overdosed with copper. I still need to get my water tested for heavy metals - What was the result of putting on the ecoaqualizer? It was very easy to install - you just hang the little tube off your filter box (in an eclipse hood) with the cheap little hooks they give you. The tube itself must be above the water level, and the pump below. The pump's not beautiful to look at - a disadvantage. There is only one plug leading from the pump. Just plug it in and it's on. I had bought an oxygen test kit because my apartment's been so hot. Fortunately, I did have enough O2 in my tank for Poly, in spite of the heat. I tested before and after putting on the aqualizer, and there seemed to be a slight rise in oxygenation, but this wasn't definite. What was definite was the great increase in water clarity. I had thought my water was clean, but the difference, after a week, was actually visible. I'd bought it in the first place because I was having a blue-green algae problem, and it really did help reduce this stuff. I have no opinion, yet, on the effect (if any) on Poly's health and stress levels. I'm still dosing her with fungus clear, so it's hard to tell if it's doing anything the medicine isn't. But she is perky and hungry. Summing up, I think this device has been a good addition to my tank, if only because it seems to have increased oxygenation and surface turbulence. I don't know how, or why, the water got so clear, but the device seems, so far, to be as good as or better than algone at algae control. I took the algone out a couple of weeks ago to see if I would see a rise in nitrates, and so far I haven't. There also seems to be less dirt when I vacuum, and, though I don't know if this is significant, my anubias has put out a couple of new leaves. Weird stuff - I wish I could explain it and/or understand the science behind it. But I'm not sorry I got it. I agree, however, with another reviewer who said that, if you have a large tank, you're better off with a UV sterilizer. The ionization, it seems, merely binds and reduces problem organisms; UV actually eliminates them, and the science is clear. That's all I have to say on it so far - I guess I recommend it with reservations. Will post again in about a month, when I may have some test results for copper.
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