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  1. Thanks so much, everyone! Yes, I do think he or she has very pretty fins. As to there being an Eowyn fish in his future - well. He/she got the name because I have a little betta in a gallon bowl "next door" to his tank. I bought her as a baby, too young to determine her sex or type - and I do know I shouldn't have, but she was a rescue. She thrived with clean water and decent food, and will be two years old this October. Well, her name was going to be Boromir betta, but my sister talked me out of it. "Boromir dies!" she said. "Don't name him after someone who dies!" Then, as the betta grew, it seemed clear she was female. So I named her Eowyn. I got the baby goldfish a year later, and of course he had to be Faramir. I suspect he's a girl, though! Eowyn is a lovely red veiltail - in other words, a common or garden variety betta. I have not introduced them and probably won't. But I'm very glad they're both doing well now.
  2. I can't seem to post a pic from Dropbox; I'm trying to share the link. Some of you may remember that my new baby comet, Faramir Fish, was ill this past winter. You all helped me a lot, and I wanted to share a pic of him now. He's twice as big as he was and doing very well. This should be the URL, at any rate. I don't know why I can't post the pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/62wtom3j0m51l96/2015-07-30%2018.51.59.jpg?dl=0
  3. Oh, Mickyrom, I am so sorry! You can ignore everything I just said - that is, until you get another goldie. I hope you will, since you were clearly trying to do the best you could for your fish.
  4. Mickeyrom, I just wanted to chime in though you may not be checking the thread any more. I just want you to understand that the people here, especially the experts like ChelseaM, are really passionate about giving their fish the best possible environment. They really aren't trying to blame or shame newbies. I always found Koko's to be a friendly, welcoming, and helpful place, and I learned a lot here. That said: I would hope everyone with a pet would want to give that pet the baseline of care that he or she needed to have a good life. Just the baseline! That's what I'm aiming for. What many of the experts here would prefer is that every pet, and every goldfish, got the exceptional care that would give them the chance to reach their full potential. Full potential, for a goldfish, really does mean the chance to grow to perhaps a foot long and to live for ten years or more. It really does mean having society - either fish or human or both. Goldfish CAN be trained; I have trained every one of my fish to eat from my hand. I know they can recognize and remember people. So I believe Chelsea when she tells me about her adventures in training. I think that's really cool! Now, obviously, a fish isn't a dog or cat. But fish do have memories; they do have basic needs; they do have basic emotions. You can actually bond with them and interact with them. I hope Goldie is doing okay. Faramir fish is doing swimmingly right now! As to keeping nitrates down, he really wouldn't need more than a 20 percent change every week. His nitrates have never gone above 5ppm. But I learned here that more is better, because nitrates aren't all you have to worry about. You also have to worry about pH, and larger water changes help keep the pH from crashing. That's one reason why people here push large water changes. They really do help. Let us know how Goldie is doing, and have fun with her! She can be fine in a smaller tank, provided it's well filtered, not too small, and you change enough water.
  5. Still not succeeding with the pics, but Faramir Fish is doing quite well now. I have upped his water changes a bit and am feeding the New Life pellets. His blotch grew for a while, but is now almost entirely faded. He, too, seems to be growing a bit. I'll post pics when I can, but I think he's through the worst of it, whatever it was.
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate the help I've gotten over the years, and hope my experience can help other newbies.
  7. Yes - Doctor Johnson has a whole list of plants that don't like salt, but it seems most will survive. I was terrified of killing the marigolds, but, so far, they don't even seem to have noticed. They're still blooming like mad. Thanks for your help and your response! About the plants: I imagine the experts here do all the parasite treatment in separate containers before the fish go into the planted tank. That's obviously the best way, but, alas, I have neither the space nor the money for that. I am still happy I got such good guidance here on treating for parasites.
  8. Hi, everyone! Some of you may know me from years back. I've relied on Koko's for good advice since my very first fish, Gilbert Keith Chesterton Goldfish. I learned a lot over the years, and I'm certainly not going to reinvent the wheel! But you can always learn more. I really think my new little rescue, Faramir Fish, is alive today because of you guys. So- Here's what I JUST learned. 1. Of course, you need to have at least a ten gallon tank for one small goldfish. Of course, you need a filter. Of course, you need to change the water every week. But I learned that, if you have a heavily planted tank or a plant filter (plant filters are great!) you can't rely on the nitrate level to guide your water changes. The nitrates in my tank are always near zero, because of the groponix filter. BUT I still needed to change more water! I noticed this way back when I was moving little Gilbert into his bigger tanks. He would perk right up after a big water change. So, from now on, I'm aiming for 50 percent a week, even if the parameters seem perfect. Even more would be even better. 2. Your goldfish almost certainly has flukes. Especially if it's a rescue from the feeder tank. Be proactive and minimize those guys! Hikarki prazipro (what I'm using) is a gentle med that can help your fish a lot and won't kill the filter. 3. You CAN salt your tank, even if it's planted. It's a good idea to treat all new fish for parasites. Believe it or not, I hadn't done this with my earlier fish; I would watch and wait and treat after symptoms showed up. But, when symptoms show, your fish is getting attacked by nasties! You can and should take care of the major ones he or she is likely to have before you see any symptoms. One thing I learned is that the therapeutic dose is bigger than I'd imagined. I had, in the past, used the guidelines on the aquarium salt boxes. That's not enough to kill ich and other parasites. You really do have to get the concentration up to 0.3 percent to do any good. 4. Give your fish good food, and presoak it I began by feeding flakes, and they were leading to constipation and other problems. New Life and Omega one foods are so much better! Eventually, I'll probably get Faramir fish to eat a pea. Then that can be a weekly treat, and I'll look out for other fresh foods for him. 5. We've all heard you shouldn't overfeed your fish. You shouldn't underfeed them, either! I'm serious! When I got Charlie Weasely goldfish from Dr. Tepper, it turned out that I was seriously underfeeding the poor little guy. I wasn't feeding Faramir right, either. Dr. Tepper told me I was starving Charlie, and that I must feed him more. Underfeeding will stress and weaken your fish. Yes, they make a mess when they're fed right! That's why you need to change so much water. So that's what I learned in the past month, (point five got reinforced this past month.) Of course, I did some things right, too! With Faramir fish, I did my first fishless cycle. I also took great care to acclimatize him to the tank. And I do think plant filters are awesome, especially for goldfish. Dr. Tepper, of the Long Island fish hospital, did a lot of research into plant filters and how they help guard the fish from disease, as well as cleaning the water. I'm happy Faramir is doing so much better now. The places on his face that looked red and swollen are now black, which I think is a sign of healing. His gills aren't swollen, he's not constipated, and he doesn't look as skinny. Thanks to everyone over on the other thread for all their help! And - one of the things that's cool about keeping goldies is that there's always more to learn! So thanks again, and happy goldfish keeping!
  9. Bagho, I just wanted to add my condolences. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet.
  10. Oh - just one new wrinkle. Faramir now has a brown blotch on his face. It looks as though someone gave him a black eye. Otherwise, he looks good! Is this a sign of healing? I thought at once there could have been an ammonia spike at some point. Tried testing with the old drop kits and got: ammonia: 0 nitrates: 0 pH: 7.6 or a bit under. The color is very hard to read - it's a sort of pale blue. I am also soaking his food now, but I don't need to soak the New Life spectrum pellets for five minutes. They fall apart if I do. So I am just soaking them for 30 seconds to a minute, and that seems to help him chew them up fast. Thanks, everyone, for the help! I am going to try to get a pic of the spot, and some "before" and "after" pics, later on.
  11. Here is the latest film, which explains why Faramir fish is named Faramir. I wish the quality were better! He looks much better to me, but I don't know if it's clear in this film.
  12. I am sorry, Mickey. I know you did your best for him.
  13. Thanks! Did another big change today, added the salt (15 teaspoons for five gallons), and added about 7/8 teaspoon of prazipro. And - he didn't crash! (yet). No fin clamping; he's swimming and eating normally. I am going to leave the salt and meds in the tank till Wednesday, when I'll do another big change and then replace the salt. Thank you so much for your help. I think I want to do a short "what I learned" sort of post over on the main page. One of the main things I learned from this is that you really do need to get the salt to the correct concentration. It seems like a TON of salt, but it can really help. Another thing - and I'd noticed this way back when I moved Gilbert, my first goldie, to a larger tank - is that bigger water changes are always better. I am going to keep them up from now on, especially since the tank is rather small. Since he doesn't seem to be reacting (yet) to the prazi, should I still give him another dose next Saturday? He will then have had: 1 week prazi. 3 days off 4 days prazi 3 days off. Thanks again. Oh - I'm going to start taking the salt out gradually next Saturday. He should then have been on salt treatment for a minimum of a week and a half. Hopefully, that should be long enough to kill off any ich or other nasties.
  14. Mickey, how are they doing now? I just wanted to add that the people here are super helpful and know what they're talking about! 0.3 percent seems like a shocking amount of salt - I am adding 15 teaspoons back with each 5 gallon tablespoon - but it is the therapeutic amount, and it can really help with parasite infestations. My little guy is doing much better after being treated with salt and prazipro. And the plants are hanging in there. It's actually a tolerable amount, and will kill off many parasites without doing much harm to your plants, or any to the biofilter. Bagho, that's a great tip about soaking the food. I am going to start doing that, too. Mickey, you have lovely fish, and I hope they're better now.
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