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  1. Both tank and fishes all look great! Water looks good and fish looks healthy! Really got lots of space for that goldfish now? haha
  2. HAHAHA fishcrazy!! you were talking about Ace right?! haha for a moment I thought it was screaming for peas! HAHA and nice cory by the way KelzosWifey
  3. actually sand really doesn't work very well with goldfish, but they are solutions to solve this, you simply have to be very careful when using sand with goldfishes! I forgotten what is the name of my crab! HAHA but I know it is a land crab and because of that and the fact that it may snap the goldies, it is somewhere else. The crab is pure white, I will try to get a pic! (so maybe you can id for me?! HAHA)
  4. HAHA ye I am surprised they don't pull them out as well! (maybe cos they are tired of doing it?) The substrate is just normal sand.
  5. ok so here are more pics!!! Left view of tank Right view Full Tank Shot And here is where most of the filtration is done, biologically.. and things like that! (pls don't mind that white patch over there, it is just some calcium residue from my calcium reactor, this tank use to house marine animals so that explains the calcium reactor.XD)
  6. Nice! is the cory with it still?? haha
  7. HAHAHAH THX!! AND.. *rushes to install new goldfish security system with 24 hr surveillance*
  8. HAHA THX! well the snails have already been multiplying very fast! And my goldies do eat them, but only those baby ones where their shell are softer and smaller. The goldies can't eat those adult ones, their shell are real hard! But! my crab eats adults!! HAHAHA THX! Yes I can do a full tank shot but maybe have to wait till tomorrow! HAHA ! cos the lights in my tank are off now. THX!! HAHA ye your fishes are really nice too! more pics coming soon!
  9. Hi everyone!! Been busy with school lately! and finally is time for school holidays again!! so ye! here are some updates of my goldfishes! and something else that happened in my tank too. My Long Tail Ryukin! Ranchu!! Oranda! And after so long ! It is my short tail ryukins again! ^^ Here is the something else that "popped" up in my tank! are they ok?? I think they should be right? since they aren't doing any harm at all now.
  10. HAHAHAHA that is too complicated! anyway we got the formulas and the reasons already feeling less stressful now! HAHA and we are going to look in to how friction changes the speed in the tube next week?! XD
  11. hi everyone!!! I haven't been active around the board lately but it is due to school, anyway in today's module we have to find out how siphoning actually works? the mechanisms behind it !? hahaha so I was thinking if any of you here would know ? I think this is a little more than normal goldfish keeping but I think it would be interesting to find out! so far we have only learned that it is due to the pressure working on it, and if you siphon water into another container on the same level where the source of the water is, the water will stop siphoning the moment both containers reach the same level, therefore I think it could be due to pressure! I believe at the end of the day we should have an answer to this, as this is the aim of my lesson today! HAHAHA so since it was rather fish related, I was thinking some of you here may know something which I would be gladly listen you what all of you have to say! THX!
  12. the plants grow faster than buffalo can eat right?! haha I have one ranchu named buffalo too! XD
  13. nice fishes! the colors and the fishes all look so healthy and nice! ^^
  14. I really only clicked once! it too around 5 mins when everything was processed and then when I saw my reply! this happened and I cant del them.
  15. any idea why this happened!?
  16. here is another excess post
  17. hi... apparently something happened... well I only click once "add reply" but... as you can see it is not like it is just one click.. sorry!
  18. haha I would really want to try keeping some! since it is really rare seeing an earthworm that size in my area! maybe you should mail some over to me! HAHA
  19. wow! I didn't know myself too!(I know there are huge earthworms but didn't know they are called nightcrawlers) hahahah they really look huge to me! can we keep them??
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