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  1. Okori........... http://stores.ebay.com/firstdeal?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 ^_^ I give you your foundation stock!
  2. I am so glad that your babies are doing well. It has been such an enjoyable experience to follow their progress with you! I guess LuLu shows that there are indeed ryukin in your genetic background! Now is the time to calculate who on Koko's has extra tank space, and dispense with the fry accordingly.
  3. There are so many! You can see them all in context here. You certainly have a dedication to your (grand)babies!
  4. Waldo is so adorable! I love keeping up with this thread!
  5. My little brother was so upset that he killed my fish! I have never seen him cry so much. I just could not believe how big my little Wal-Mart fish had gotten. Occasionally the local Wal-Mart would stock BIG goldfish and sell them for like 15 dollars. This was before Petco and Petsmart came to our area. I also wish I had Koko's back then! All I had back then was the library! And TFH Publications! LOL
  6. I am just so humbled by your dedication to these little babies! My first "fancy" goldfish was a white matte. If any of these develop with matte scales, I'll home them! A lot of people don't like them, but I adore them! That's why I say your fish very well could be ryukin...time for a story. *~Flashback squigglies~* Growing up, I always had a fish aquarium. It was always neons and livebearers that I kept, with an occasional feeder goldfish. My first foray into goldfish was with a calico fantail my aunt gave me when she moved. I later upgraded to a thirty gallon and got two fantails from Wally World. I was about 11 or 12. By this time, I had learned and accepted the fact that fish from there had a 25/75 chance of making it through. What surprised me was both these little fantails lived, and THRIVED! The white matte developed a tell-tale ryukin hump. The other was a nacerous calico with a tail deformity. These fish got HUGE. When I was sixteen, I came home from school to find that my little brother had fed them for me... You can fill in the rest.
  7. They probably are Ryukins. Chain stores get their stock from farms. Usuallly the quality of the fish that winds up in pet stores isn't the best. So genetically, they very possibly are ryukins, even though they're not showing the show standard hump. Some of your babies could turn out with a hump! Do you have new pictures?
  8. Okori, it's been over a year! What news of the pearlscale babies?
  9. Yes, ones with bumpy backs, spikes, or dorsals are usually culled. Luckily, whatever farm your new baby came from missed her dorsal spike. She could be used for breeding (a white strain of bubble eyes...how beautiful!), but she could not be shown. If you do breed her (or him) make sure the mate has a smooth back. And yes, I will take ten fry, thank you ^.^
  10. The best thing to do is have pristine water conditions and give it time. Thebubbles should grow back. They may be off balance for awhile (one bigger than the other), but with TLC and patience, she can turn into a beauty. Do you have updated pictures?
  11. From now on, I'll ONLY do a blackout and water changes. I don't mind algea on the sides of the tank, because my ramshorns have a heyday with it. But I've only had the massive algea bloom with the green water twice - and both times algeacide had less than ideal outcomes!
  12. So if I put a pair in my 55 gallon with 5 shubunkins, I'd be pushing it!
  13. Thank y'all! Justin, lord no I didn't breed them! I wish that I did, though! I appreciate everyone's comments! I'm glad that y'all like them =) My little 16 cent rescue feeder goldfish is in the tank, too.
  14. Hey, y'all! Here is a picture of my new shubunkin brood. I hope y'all enjoy the pictures! http://s7.photobucket.com/user/amorecondannato/library/Goldfish?sort=3&page=1
  15. Thank y'all. It should be taken off the shelves, in my opinion. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen so long as it makes money.
  16. So, a couple of years ago I made a post bemoaning a product and it's effect on my ranchu at the time. I nearly killed six ranchu, and did manage to take out four. They were replaced by (name of company shall remain nameless), who also refunded me the cost of the dangerous, poison algeacide I purchased. I followed the directions on the bottle to a tea! My tank had a massive algea bloom and I figured I had to take drastic action. About four hours later, I noticed my ranchu gasping. I quickly got them out and cleaned the tank, and ended up losing four of them. This was no small task to do! At any rate, skip ahead a few years. I absolutely decimated my tank on a much more epic scale. My elodea, my java moss, my snails, my goldfish, ALL DEAD. It looked like a nuclear holocaust in my 55 gallon tank! Incidentally, the water was pristine, crystal clear! Completely free of the algea bloom which had only recently consumed every thing and made it ugly green! I purchased this algeacide product at the biggest big name competitor of (name of company shall remain nameless). I will say that the first poison was sold to me by a mart, and the second was sold to me by a co. The second time, it was a white bottle. It required one drop per gallon, so I metiiculously applied 55 drops. It was safe for plants, crusteaceans, fish, etc. BULL HOCK! DON'T EVER BUY ANY SORT OF ALGEACIDE! I have had TWO terrible experiences with it! The best way is to drape a heavy blanket over your tank and let NO light in for a minimum of three days. Of course, turn your lights off! This does not kill any fish, plants, or snails. It puts your tank in a "resting" state, but starves the algea of the light that it needs to survive! I don't want this sort of thing to happen to anyone else, especially not my Koko's crew!!!
  17. I really like this idea of using one of these for goldfish fry. It certainly would be an easier way to make fry more viable for people who are more green to breeding, like I am.
  18. Through my random google searches, I have found a type of goldfish I've never seen before. Tsugaru nishiki. Is this another name for a shukin, or is this a competely separate breed? Is it a phoenix egg fish? Does anyone in the states have a line of them? Such an interesting, beautiful fish!
  19. I wish that I could find a breeder who bred the pompoms without the dorsal. Or, alternatively, could import some.
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