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  1. Apparently one of your goldfish has gotten in quite the relationship; already at the move-in stage, and this early in the season. Don't be alarmed: I find random people living with me all the time! Congrats on the newly acquired fish! Now where are those pics...
  2. Sir mix a lot unavaliable for comment? Stunning tails! I'll have to contribute later, but I like where this is going
  3. So incredibly jealous! And no pics! :-p I have seen Dragons here at the mart of wall, but unfortunately no way I have the space. How large is yours? (sorry if I missed it)
  4. I like the dark smooth colors! Great contrast with the fish Almost looks like a gaming pc. Heh
  5. Thanks, Trinket: It sounds like that's the plan. I have dealt with a high PH and having to stay COMPLETELY on top of water changes for quite some time now with any cycling tank, and havent run into any issue. Honestly, if this change stays long term, it's welcome! Time for some KH / GH tests.
  6. ....... ha. I think I need to actually read before I post I blame work. Curse work for distracting me while I kill time.
  7. Heh, Tre Cool cracks me up - love it Great looking youngins!
  8. Animals destined to be our dinner is also subjective; There's no effective difference between a mealworm or a cow, if that is the determining factor. Your dog, your goldfish, your cat, your tarrantula... all are particularly precious to you much like a favorite shirt, a good friend, or your cell phone. It's a part of your life, and the loss of that just isn't desirable. Sure, there is legislation protecting certain animals, but much like all laws, these are determined based upon a popular determination as opposed to any actual factors identifying a dog as a creature that deserves more protection than a fish or a moth. Hindu's reverence for a cow is another wonderful example. Heh, if this is continued, it's only going to get worse
  9. Sorry to bump, but some input would be extremely appreciated! I'm not looking forward to testing my water weekly if this keeps up!
  10. It applies to more than just goldfish; goldfish tend to have more "character" than other smaller freshwater fish, but what about minnows? Mollies? Cows? Yes, cows. Living things are just that: living things, all the way from ants, to mosquitos, to goldfish, to cows, to people. Different people judge them in different manners. Few people will say it's not okay to swat a mosquito: it's murder. Their life is no less worthy than yours. Others will say it's not okay to eat cow. How about wearing cow. Falsehoods exist across the board. It's up to the individual to determine how they respect other living things. (Yes, I kill bugs. Yes, I go fishing, and yes, I take care of my pets.)
  11. So... it has been about a month or 2 since I have tested the PH of my tap water. My current tank is 8.2 PH Old tapwater when I last tested: 9.0 PH initially, dropping to 8.0 KH and GH were tested on an old strip test when I previously tested , and topped out on the strip. Don't recall the value at the maximum, but it was up there. Today? The tap water PH has tanked down to 7.2, have yet to test what it turns up with after sitting overnight. I am going to test the KH and GH again to see what happens. Is this kind of dramatic change normal? I tested both my tank water and the tap water today. Surely I can gradually change over my PH accordingly, but ... just what the heck! Any insight?
  12. I'll toss more up as soon as I finish up with rearranging tanks later this weekend Jasmine and Frost are the only clean red, and they're growing only more red; Donna and Ember are very clearly orange I'm also now using the excuse of "I have almost all Ryus!" to go shopping
  13. Oh... my.... I don't think I could stop staring.
  14. So incredibly jealous; I never get ANYTHING for mother's day! Looks good - great start! How are the new inhabitants so far?
  15. It's just what they do. No preventing it, and no harm from it, as far as I understand. When you feed them peas, they'll swallow the green poo immediately.
  16. Hey, at least we're civilized! It's the tattooed snake people that give me the willies; I don't mind snakes, I like them, but geez! Too much is too much! ... now excuse me while I go shopping for a larger aquarium.
  17. It depends on the store, I believe. As I understand, individual PetCos purchase their fish from various suppliers,, but I could be wrong on that one. Either way, at my local mmm, the supervisor of aquatics depending who does the work does place the order themselves with the supplier depending on the number of fish they have sold. The team lead in the store in my area is happy to tack on anything I request and adds it to the tanks on hold til I pick it up, but of course, stores may vary.
  18. That's correct; a tank should be run along as many joists as possible. What a joist can actually support depends upon the age of the house, as well as the strength the floor was intiially designed for. The maximum number of joists you can position the tank over, as well as the strength of the joists varies, so it's hard to say. While the width of your tank plays an important part, tanks can also be supplemented by plywood beneath them to extend their footprint to further distribute the weight. Unfortunately, without inspecting the house, or knowing the building requirements in the area, there is no definate way of determining what will be supported where. Talk to your brother! And welcome!
  19. It's true. My attack Ryukins will soon be fully trained and ready to defend the motherland. /proud to be a geek
  20. So extremely wretched and intriguing... It's... *sniff*.. beautiful...
  21. Thanks, yall I almost feel like I neglected the other kids!
  22. Jasmine and Frost And of course, Ember Hey, at least I'm getting better at pics!
  23. I figured it was about time I tossed a couple new pics up of my midgets. It's sure beginning to look like I have a little attraction to a few colors.... ha! Jasmine, my slightly gimped ryu. The grump, with one blue eye, and one red eye. A few of Donna; sorry for the messy glass, but... it's sure beginning to look like a hump is beginning to grow on her. Opinions? Do I have ANOTHER Ryu on my hands here, or just a fuller back on a fantail? Blurry, but sure looking like that hump is growing!
  24. *snorts ryukin* ... OH MAN, you ain't kiddin' Sendin' my hopes down the water. Hang in there! Edit: Somehow "Sending my hopes down the tank" sounds... well... wow.
  25. You know... It drives me absolutely crazy, as well. I have 5 tanks myself, which I try to make it a point to test regularly and take care of. My roommate, on the other hand, has a single 30 gallon that he lets run rampant, untouched even through the cycle. Until recently, his 4 fish have thrived. He preformed his first water change in the 5 months of the tank, and 3 days later, one passed. He left the water, no testing, no changes, and sure enough, 2 more passed a week later. While at times it may look like we are overworking, and being harmful to our fish... the reality remains that we see the problems as we arise by being more attentive. It's not that more problems occurr, but rather that we head them off. ... at least that's my 2 cents.
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