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  1. Update! 9/12/08 Just moved them all to a 150 g tub..
  2. Just wanted to show you guys my 2 Oscars..Vase and Spooners..Vase was a rescue that was found a few months back at a lfs in a flower vase somebody brought him in because they didn't want him anymore so brought him in a freaking vase..The lfs kept him in that all day because they claimed they didn't have anywhere to put him.. So, I brought him home and it was a very long journey to recovery..Spooners, was bought 8 weeks ago when he was 1 inches.. he's grown to be a handsome O! Both O's are in their own 55g..They are getting a 150 g next yr..I changed their subrate to sand and they love it! Don't worry no goldfish are fed to them..lol they eat Chiclid Gold, and frozen goodies.. heres Vase when I brought him home.. And Today Heres Spooners when I got him 8 weeks ago And today Both O's are very friendly and special to me...Vase especially and he knows it I'm the only person that can feed Vase..He sulks if anyone else tries..from across the room he will wiggle around begging for attention..quite entertaining..lol
  3. Hey guys! I was out in the pond today and look at what I found Another baby that's a bit older than the fry inside..Isn't he cute?...He's exactly 1inch Debbie! And theres 2 more that size lurking around that I know of..
  4. Got a new pic! They have really grown over the past week.. These aren't the only fry.. The others are along the bottom and out of camera view..
  5. OMG yes!.. On mine the fins, tail and eyes are developing..Weird What did they say about it?...Is this making them both suffer?
  6. Yea, it would be hard on my cam to get a good shot.. The upper sibling is a little over 1/4 inch..I will take a pic this weekend and see if I can get a good focus..
  7. Well, I'm not 100% but I have Oranda/Bubble-eye fry that are 4 months old and some already have bubble sacs growing behind the eye socket.. as far as wens they have those too...I believe it's genetics, diet, and pristine water that all aids in this...
  8. My daughters Guppy gave birth and over the past few weeks I've noticed a weird growth growing on the belly of this fry.. the fry is about 4 weeks old and that growth is another fry..You can see him moving his pecs and it poops You can clearly see 2 eyes and what seems to be somewhat of a tail..I'm just totally shocked but not surprised because humans have been known to be attached and other animals..I've just never seen it on a fish..Any Ideas on what to do? I'm not up to culling if it isn't needed.
  9. When I get new batteries yes, I'll take more pixs
  10. You should come here to my LFS.. they have a huge display tank full of platies, and feeder guppies that are 15 for 1.00! Sometimes you will get lucky and find some real pretty fancies in there..those are the ones I save..
  11. Update..Babies have been transfered to a 40 gallon tank.. Once they reach 1 inch long I'm going to place them into the Oranda pond that will be divided so they can start eating some algae and enjoying the sun...The Oranda pond is 1500 gallons.. from there they will be placed back into the 20,000 pond when big enough to survive from being eaten by the Koi.. I'm thinking around 3inches or so..Debbie, remember if you ever are in my area your more than welcomed to come and see them! I'm prolly not going to get rid of any this spawn because the pond is so large but next spawn babies will have to be re-homed..As they grow let me know which one you want and I'll save that one for you
  12. I love Glassworms! Yes they can.. you can mince them up some.. They are much softer than bloodworms. My shubby fry are younger than that and eat it with no problem
  13. The secret is space, good water, and proper conditioning of the fish.. not to mention having a male and female in a pond setting spawning occurs more often because of the natural weather pattern.
  14. Aww Thank You! The true blessing is Debbie for allowing me to adopt Dot...Dots fate wasn't looking good if somebody hadn't taken her..
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