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  1. i'm pretty sure some gouramis are community, and some semi-aggressive. i know that at my store we have platy's and swordtails in with the community gouramis and they seem to do great.
  2. one more thing is that the fry are VERY easily stressed, do not give them gravel in the new tank, and do only water changes as needed, they are very sensitive to water changes as well as movement. I usually only do one small water change a week and all my mollies are doing amazing. So just dont get carried away with water changes.
  3. You have nooo idea. i almost brought home the chincilla....my parents would have killed me tho. On another note, my pregnant black mollie is no longer pregnant, she gave birth on the 7th, to about 50 fry. I've been doing 20% water changes daily, and only lost 2. ^.^ I very much LOVE working there, and work tonight from 5pm to 10:30pm. (were open late the next 2 weeks) So thats always great. I'm majoring in graphics roght now at college, but when i graduate in 2009, i just may need to go back to school for boilogy. I want to work at a zoo. Im going to bring my camera to work tonight and see if i can't get some pictures for you all.
  4. yea i know! its amazing. And we treat all our sick animals, and have a vet come in every week to look in on them and perscribe more meds if needed. I get to help medicat the sick chincilla that has namonia. the poor little guy. I brought home 3 more baby fish today. 2 platty's, and a molly. hopefully they all live. It really is a great job. We spend 3hours taking care of the animals every morning before we open. they are spoiled. ^.^
  5. thanks ) Oh my god you guys, I dont mean to be rude, but some people that have fish know NOTHING about them. a guy comes into my work today and hes got a betta fish at home in a 5gallon acrylic tank. But he comes in wanting more fish "a buddy for his betta". me an nick had to politely inform him that ANY fish he puts in that tank will be attacked by the betta and one of them would die. And he was like "even if i got another male betta the would fight?" and i was like "buddy thats the WOST thing you could possibly do. One would lie within minutes. so we talked him into getting a 2.5 gallon to move his betta into, and 2 dwarf platys for his 5 gallon tank. So it all worked out. i mean, he was really nice about it and everything, but i thought that EVERYONE knew that bettas can't be placed in the same tank with ANYTIHNG especially other bettas. the poor guy didn't have a clue. lol I sent him home with like 6 fish care guides one on bettas, one on platys, and a few other small tropical community fish since if all goes well with the platys, he'll be back in a few weeks to get a 55 gallon tank and get mollies, tetras, a pleco, and platys and possibly some guppies. (i needed to inform him that he could not put an oscar in with them, because of cours, the oscar would eat every last one of them) So hes going to studdy what i gave him. lol
  6. Thanks so much ^.^ Its wonderful being around animals all day. I mean, literally i hang around the fish dept. But i get to prepare the meals for all the small animals, take care of the new arrival and sick animals, and clean all the fish stuff. The thing that gets me the most is how many fish die. We literally check out water with test strips 2 times a day, and take out the dead fish in the morning and at night. And its really sad that we are REQUIRED to carry the tropical anglefish even tho their water requirements are different than all the other tropicals, so almost ALL the anglefish we get in die since all the tropical tanks share the same water/filteration/etc. So we are trying to make it so that they dont send us any more, since its not fair to the fish. And i love all fish and everything, But it makes me so sad to bag feederfish for people... i know big fish like oscars need to eat, but its also not fair to the poor small comet goldfish and minnows. But i really really love this job, and even though im in college for graphic design, i plan to stay at vvvv well after i graduate. its just a great and fun place to be. Plus, who doesnt want free baby fish?! I'll try to bring my camera to work with me one day and on my break take pictures of the fish tanks. We have some nice looking fish. We even let the goldfish (the huge ones) alternate around in the tropical tanks for a few hours sometimes and they love it because they eat all the small neucence snails that come in with all the orders and keep reproducing! I thought goldfish needed like Low temps, but they dont mind being in the trop tanks for a few hours, and the love the free snack whats even better, is that i have the right ro REFUSE sale. so if someone comes in, saying they have a 10gallon tank, and want like 25 commet goldfish, i nicely explain to them that they can have 1fancy goldfish at the most in that 10 gallon, and if they complain, i say "sorry, but if you dont care enough to take the proper care of your fish, and take their needs into concideration, then you will not be getting any fish here" My manager tells us to refuse to people that wont care for them properly, or if we do give in, write on the bag and reciept "NO RETURN" lol.
  7. So i havent been on here in a few months. I've been busy with college and work. But a few weeks ago i quit my job at Toys-R-us, because quite frankly, i was sick of dealing with all their Bull. And can you guess where i've been working for the past 2 weeks? vvvv! I love it. I'm around Fish ALL the time. Because i'm a pet care specialist. I'm learning so much about goldfish, as well as all tropical fish. I even get to bring home babies from livebearers FREE. this past week i've brought home 6 babies. i think 5 are swordtails or platys, and i have no idea what the other is. I'll find out eventually. ^.^ Its just so much fun, and i've been BEGGING them to give the bettas bigger containers instead of those TINY cups, but so far no luck. But i've been taking care of things as best as i can, and i get 15% all pets and supplies, how cool is this!? PS, when i move out of my parents house in the summer, I'm getting a 55gallon tropical tank, and a 30 gallon for my 2 goldfish ^.^ The guy i Open the store with tomorrow, has a 55, a few 20's, and a 90gallon tank! he's awesome. He finds me baby fish to take home. So if anyone lives near New England states, like NH (where i live), VT, MA, NY, and is looooooking for a particular fish, let me know, and i can see if we are eligable to get that fish in. *i'm in love with fish now more than ever*
  8. Ill take it, WHere do you live?
  9. They are so CUTE! If they make babies, you must share them with me! Pretty please!
  10. Yea, the omg eggs one is great. I don't have to deal with a bunch of eggs and stuff tho, cuz all my preggers are livebearers! But i'm not even kidding when i say i can see the babies inside of the platy's. I see lots of little blackish balls with dark black eyes!!!! I'm so excited, i know within a couple days they will have them! But its a pain tho, cuz its been almost 90 days since i got the platy's and its taken them this long to give birth. Mollies have babies like every 30 days. I dont know how long it takes guppies tho, and my guppies are pregnant too.
  11. i have never tried this before, but you know how when you take care of a baby animal, you feed it milk through a tiny eye-dropper, maybe try soaking flakes in a small cup, and sucking them up with some water into an eyedropper and force feeding him a little bit? I would wait till a mod says the ok, because ive never done it with fish before, but i had to do it with my dog when he was a puppy, and it worked great.
  12. Aww, we would never "Make" you euthonize him, its just something suggested with the fish has no way of improvement and is suffering. So go ahead and try with a toothpick, and if he can open it a little, maybe try feeding him some finely crushed soaked flakes or TINY pellets soaked. We need to get some food in him to start improvement.
  13. that whole set up is so pretty. I love the shape of the vase, and how you rpretty fish looks with the decor. Its very simple, but looks amazing. You did a great job. I too hope your live plants that got moved to the pond heal up well.
  14. i LOVE your bird, is that the kind of bird that can live to be like 100years old? My friend used to have a bird like that, but hers was CRAZY and it hissed at people and wanted to peck your eyes out! But yours looks nice
  15. thats very nice. They look great. So did you get the stand with the tanks? I would be SOOOO scared that the top tank would somehow crash through to the bottom tank. I worry a lot. lol But they look great, Good job!
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