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  1. Unfortunately, when I was gone to buy antibiotics, he has already passed away when I came back. I'm pretty sure it was columnaris. *sigh*
  2. Yesterday, I did a 40% water change, added some salt & some of the white stuff was gone, but there's still a little. I'm just worried it might be parasitic, because he seems very lethargic .. not swimming much but just following the water current. I was reading up on fish diseases. I realized how hard it is to diagnose sick fish & I don't want to diagnose my goldie wrongly for the fear of wrongly medicating him. After reading up the symptoms, my goldie could either be suffering from fungus or columnaris. I'm thinking whether I should pick up the goldie & try to pick off the white stuff off of him. Also, I notice that he still eats normally ............ Edit: His caudal fins are disintegrating & he can't swim. He no longer eats .. I tried hand feeding him. I think he has a case of columnaris. Since I don't have any meds on hand, I just changed the water, added some salt & Ich Attack (100% organic & contains no Maracyte blue). I really don't know what else to do at this point except to wait & see, but watching him just floating around the surface is excruciating.
  3. No, the white stuff isn't moving. I'm sure he didn't hurt himself by scraping against anything that's in the tank. The tank is bare, only gravel. He's more lethargic than usual & just floating around in the tank following the water current.
  4. I don't have the Nitrates level (don't have Nitrates test kit). I have a sponge filter. This tank has been up & running since Nov '06 so it should be cycled. I recently changed the sponge filter, but I had put the sponge filter in an already cycled tank, to make sure that the new sponge filter has some good bacteria. I looked at the goldie again & he has less of that white stuff (but still has a little).
  5. Look at where the arrows point to:
  6. It's not only on his wen. He's a lot more lethargic than usual .. he just floats & bobs in the tank according to where the water flow takes him. I have Jungle Bag Buddies & I'm going to add 1 tablet into his tank (it releases oxygen into the water). I tried taking a pic, but I can't take a good one. I'll try again.
  7. I realized yesterday that my lionhead was lethargic, but I didn't think anything of it. Today, I became more concern when he's hanging around the bottom of the tank. I looked closely & he has about 3 white fluffy tubular stuff around his head & some on his wen. I tested the water & all water params are normal (all 0 & pH is 7-7.5). He's in a 5g BiOrb (I know it's small, but I'm diligent when it comes to water changes). I looked up the disease & seems to be body fungus. I don't have any meds & don't want to treat him wrongly. I'll only add salt & see if he gets better. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, it's true about using an old filter can increase the cycle of your new tank. Just make sure that the old filter is fit for the new tank, i.e. how many gallons of water does your old filter cycle within a certain period of time? Make sure that the 5g filter is 'strong' enough for the 10g .. otherwise, you'll end up with a poorly cycled tank with dirty water & what-not. I had this problem (with a weak filter) & caused high Nitrite level.
  9. Ok .. I'm a bit late going into this thread. How is fish synchronized swimming cruel? I've just never heard of such a thing. Am I being oblivious here? Sorry
  10. High Nitrites indicate that your tank was not cycled properly. Although fish can tolerate up to 1.6mg/l of Nitrites, continuous exposure to Nitrites can cause internal diseases. So, yes, keep doing regular water changes. Make sure you use aged water to re-fill your tank & add a water primer to remove chlorine.
  11. Do you have a girl for him? He's a real looker.
  12. O my gosh .. that's a lot of snails!!! Can your puffer eat the big snails? I actually just got myself some clown loaches to get rid of snail .. they gross me out. Did you get those pond snails from a pet mega mart?
  13. I use a light blue plant light that works really well for my tank
  14. So many!!! I just use an old toothbrush to get rid of the brown-green algae in my fry tank.
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