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  1. speaking about dogs thats exactly the reason why i started keeping fish in the first place i couldnt get a dog because of the size of my house and the fact that there is not one even one patch of grass so naturally fish was the next best option my oranda is one fish that can make one of those puppy face that says 'pick me pick me' here take a look for yourself with koi its a bit different, they tend to make the goofy face u kinda feel sorry for them and thats why u bring them home -look at my pic above, theres just something about his eyes fishmerised u and i are spending too much time with koi i think were better off going to watch the whales on the east coast i think they are migrating north at this time of the year that way we wont be tempted to even consider buying koi
  2. wow im way overstocked only 1300gallons and 14 kois + goldies i probably have to increase depth of my pond anyone else overstocked?
  3. haha thats so funny i was actually doing that at the auction(pen in hand and all) the only reason i stop bidding at the auction was because i ran out of money and because they dont accept credit card( what a shame eh) i've never seen so many $50 leave my hand so quickly its so hard to make and so easy to lose and with the driving, im sure i could get there in 30 flat u know us P platers- worst drivers on the road i actually got caught by police earlier this year but he only cautioned me i got off light , somehow i talked my way out of it i guess going to law classes really pays off
  4. yes i found the address now i gotta find the best way to getting there i dont want to get lost by the way i drive i probably get there in 30min i should pay more attention to the road signs anyways thanks once again heres a pic just for u
  5. i got the white koi from an earlier auction koi are very timid, shy creatures especially when u just buy them when i tried to give them a salt dip they were bashing their own heads into the container i had them in i guess i got lucky i kinda snuck up on the fish just when i put some food and and luckily he didnt dart away from the camera its good having a pond because u can mix goldies with koi goldies tend to stay close to the surface swimming fractically and the koi stay at the bottom and swim more gracefully
  6. sorry im living on the east side but can u give me the address for windsor hatchery i maybe able to get there some time ocz its holidays for me and how long a drive is it from say Liverpool?? heres just a couple more pics
  7. i only bought 12 between 4-12 inches, the most expensive was over $100 ouch but it was well worth it i guess all up i have 14 koi and im gonna try to breed them this spring/summer the goldies i already had from before so they dont count im probably going to have to move them not sure how many i have altogether though but it interesting to see that goldies do much better than koi in winter they are still active while the koi tend to hudle up in the corners and rarely come up to eat
  8. this one is my favourite pix just stuck up on the koi b4 he got his food impeccable timing ehh
  9. Here are some pix of my new koi hope you like them tell me what you think please? as u can see they are getting along quiet well with my goldies
  10. sorry the pictures are so large i hope they dont frighten you guys the koi range from the 8in to a foot long and they are held at auburn botanical park and its run by the KSA (koi society of australia) im still after a few more fish so ill be going to the next one i think its on 7th of august i already burnt a hole in my wallet from the last auction boy when they said show quality i was like making bids on top of my own one so you should go some day fishmerised, it quiet exciting! just a question Scot, do u think this one is a ogon?
  11. you've got good taste scottie the one on the left was auctioned as show quality i loved that fish the moment i saw it it has glitter on the spine and has red on the belly very symmetrical fish the one of the right struck me coz it look so unreal im pretty sure its scaleless ive got some other koi id like to share my dad likes the gold sparkly one but im not sure what type of koi it is i like the tancho, they remind me so much of the red cap orandas that i lost
  12. these two are the my favourite the aucioneer said the one on the left is a an asagi and the one on the right is a shusui but they both look like shusui to me does anyone know witch is which???
  13. I just went to the koi auction on Saturday and decided to get a few koi however long story short, i ended up buying 12 opps i tried to buy one of each variety of koi so here they are
  14. isnt it funny that no matter where u go there are always gf fanatics its universal, thats the beauty of the hobby unfortunately it aint so lucky for this crocodile but the koi are safe
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