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  1. agreed on that post... but I always thought that all fish carrid the bacteriea for ich and such with them all the time... that it was poor water conditions and low immune systems that activated teh illnesses...??? Is this correct? I worried too, but as I have had the same fish for two years with no deaths and no additions, I don't run a quarantine tank. I am religious about water changes and water quality, so I was hoping for the best. Should I be adding aquarium salt just for the meantime do you think??
  2. Ok, so I have posted that I am revamping thsi small pond. Well, I had planned on stocking with two fancies that I would pick out and would winter inside. This has still remained the case, but now it's one fish that I will pick out. Today I rescued a very nice fantail goldfish and what I think is perhaps a rasberry tetra from someone who decided that they no longer wanted thier fish so they decided to shut off the filters, stop feeding and stop cleaning the tank. Apparently the tank was so green the owner had to seriously hunt to find the fish to catch them... There were two goldies and a tropical but one goldie didn't make it... So the tetra goes in the angel tank and if he lives a few days, I'll get him a couple of friends since I think they are schooling fish. The goldie is in a 55 trop tank with 2 leopard ctenos a small african knife and a syno, but the situation is temporary until the pond is ready to go. It kills me tha tsomeone would just decide to kill their fish. But at least I know i can give the fish a good home and an eventual small pond to call his own! Wow do I miss goldifish!! And I'm glad to be coming back!!
  3. Where do I get potassium permanganate and how do I filter a pond this small? I've been looking around and pumps seem to be everywhere but for a pond this small they are all too big. I'm almost thinking of droping a carbon/floss box bubbler into the thing!
  4. LOL Erika! No kidding! I don't have goldies any more and I miss them!!! Hence why I want to start up this pond! Goldies rock! Are the ranchu and the ryukin still doing well?
  5. Hi all, I need some advice. There is an unused pond at my new abode and I'd like to start it up. It has water in it and what the downstairs occupant thinks are baby snails in it. I don't know what they are. They look like sesame seeds but half the size. And the other problem is that one, I've never ran a pond and two, I don't know how you do a water change on one that was not built up high enough. A siphon is a real problem when you can't use gravity to get it going. Although I might be able to hook my python to the outdoor spigot for pull, that might work. I guess for starters: What kind of a pond filter would I need for what looks like a 30-40 gallon pond? I'd like to put two goldfish in there, no more, no less. How do I safely get rid of these "water fleas" or snails or sesame seeds? How do I change the water, and are there any particular outside chemicals I need to get? It's just too good an opportunity to pass up on! Thanks!
  6. I'm in good shape, although I'd like to be spaced out by one more fish. 4 LARGE fancies in a 55, 1 in a 20. I know it sounds good, but like I said, they are big fish. Still, from when I started with fish, I'm doing really well!
  7. My favorite is a poster I bought from art.com. It's Monet's Waterlillies, Morning. With some plants and the goldies, it's lovely!
  8. Ok, an adendum... I can't do it!! I just can't! I know that 4 in the 55 is just too much bioload, and I was thinking that I would have to give away one of my goldies just to have the four! I think I am going to have to return the leopards and that will free up the 30 for two goldies and that leaves the three largest for the 55. I hate to do it, because I really like those fish, but I am so attached to the goldies and I don't want to give any of them away!! ARGGGG!!! *sigh* I hate conundrums!!
  9. I'm sorry I haven't been around much guys, but I'm planning to move and things are a LOT hectic! Here is my problem, and I'm hoping some one can help! I have to move by the end of the month, and believe it or not, I'm not sweating moving the dining room suit my dad got me at an estate sale for going to grad school, or even moving any of the rest of my stuff. What is concerning me is moving the tanks. This problem is further compounded because I want to switch some fish. Tanks to be moved: 75 gallon, 4 goldfish 55 gallon, 1 11 inch oscar, 1 adult angel, 1 10 inch pleco. 50 gallon, 7 mbuna cichlids 30 gallon, 2 leopard ctenopomas, 1 african knife fish (the small variety), 1 small pleco, 1 lace catfish. I want to move the goldies to the 55 and the oscar to the 75 as he is in SERIOUS need of more room. Now, I have the last 6 days of the month off to do all of this, and be out of my house by Aug 1. I have moved fish and tanks before, but never this far of a distance. (93 miles) And I haven't moved the 75 other than when i brought it home. I'm thinking of Rubbermaid bins, garbage bags, and battery operated bubblers. And very careful driving. I know the oscar and company survived 4 hours in a garbage bag in my recycling bin while we moved and bleached his tank, but while no bleaching this time, this is still going to be a longer duration of unhappy time for all of them, just given the driving time alone, then add on the setting up and the shock of new water. All filters will be bagged up with contents still wet to preserve the good bio bugs, but will they survive that long too without water running through them? I used Biospira when setting up the Oscar tank after the bleaching, since it was practically a brand new tank and cycle, but I had a bit more money at my disposal that time. Unfortunately, I can't do that this time. Any suggestions? I'm thinking do the goldies and the oscar one day, and the other two the next day. Any other thoughts?
  10. If anyone is heading to Japan any time soon, I want one of these. It's an Izumo Nankin. Bring one back for me?
  11. well, the update for the moment is that the tank is at 80 degrees, Gus is still here and swimming. pooping at the moment too. not as good of a poop as usual (as gross as that sounds, but still, a good indicator of goldie health) but still, if she is eating and pooping...? hopefully she'll get through this? what is up with this bloat though? she is really really bloated. is there anything i can do for that other than what i am doing? she doesn't appear to be in any pain, but just looking at her makes me want to go out and buy gas-x and i'm not the one who's bloated! it just LOOKS uncomfortable... is there anything i should be on the lookout for that will tell me things are getting better or that they are getting worse? i have no idea how this progresses, either when the fish get better or when they don't. as for the tank, no signs of illness in anyone else yet, and i had taken gus out when i first noticed the eyes. i didn't want to treat the entire tank with harder antibiotics if i could help it. where i may have gone wrong though, was being indecisive about whether to use the meds, or melafix. she seemed to be holding her own at first, this is before the bloat, and i put her back in the main tank and dosed it with just melafix while i figured out what to do. when i came home from work that day though and noticed that she now had the bloat, back into the quarantine tank she went. and that's where she is staying until this is resolved. although i think when i do my water change tomorrow, the tank is moving from my floor to a higher place. where, i don't know yet, but it is impossible to use a siphon on a tank that is flat on the floor. so i'll remodel tomorrow. thank you florissa and koko for all of your help and advice. i've never seen this before and it really helps to have you guys giving me helpful tips and encouragement. and i know gus appreciates it! i'll keep you posted as things progress!
  12. Will MediGold work too? I'm pretty sure I ordered Medi instead of Metro. If it won't and I placed my order today (sunday morning) do you think if I called rick in the morning and since the prices are the same, that he would switch them?
  13. I wish I had access to the Maracins, but thats a negative here. As for the Myacin and the Spectrogram, they are both Aquatronics products, the Spectro, a "ultra-wide spectrum antibiotic for comunity aquariums" for: abdominal bloat, red body patches, hemorrhage, white body slime, protruding scales, dropsy, bacterial infections, furunculosis, columnaris, and fungal infections. (I don't know what the furunc and colun are, but hey, that's what the box says) and the Myacin is a "general aquatic antibiotic" for: fin, tail or body rot, mouth and eye sores, cloudy or protruding eyes, wasting away, bacterial infections, fungal infections, popeye, and molly and tetra disease (not sure what molly and tetra disease is either). But that's what is available to me and what I've got. So... She can never go back in that tank again? Assuming she makes it? By the by, Gus is my avatar fish... Right now she is in a 20 tall quarantine tank, but since this was an emergency, it was in my basement and is uncycled, so daily water changes religiously. *sigh* So if this has to be a permanent home, it can be, I was just really hoping that I was down to the least number of tanks I could be. (As of this moment, running 240 gals of water through 6 tanks). Well, first things first, see if she makes it... Keep your fingers crossed!!
  14. I hope I'm doing this right... or as best I can. Gus, my ranchu, has popeye and what looks to be dropsy. My betta had popeye once, and a dose of Myacin took care of it, but now with the ranchu, I'm not so sure. First the popeye showed up, and now she's bloated with her scales sticking up slightly, and her wen is puffy around her eyes. So I did a search, found that I shoudl use Maracin I and II, and headed to my LFS. No luck. What he did have was Spectrogram, and told me to use it in conjunction with the Myacin and see what happened. He also recommended adding some epsom salt to the water as well as soaking the food in epsom water to see if Gus is just constipated. All of this has been done although at half strength, since the boxes said not to combine medications unless the box directed. So I'm not really sure what I'm doing. Params: Nitrate: 40 Nitrite: 0 Amonia: .5 Yep, water change as soon as I finish typing this. The picture in the disease section says once the scales raise up, they aren't likely to make it? Is this true? Gus is my goldfish connection fish, so I'm hoping the good genes factor might help her pull through. She's still swimming normally and eating like usual. I'm hoping this is a good sign. I ordered some Medigold this morning, but not sure how long it will take to get here. If anyone can offer me further advice, we'd both certainly appreciate it! Thanks!!
  15. Here's a pic... he's white and bronze though...
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