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  1. he wasnt getting any worse or better for a few days, but then yesterday i woke up and he was on his side laying in the plants and passed away later that night
  2. okay and i just dissolved 10 tsp's of aquarium salt in some warm water and put it in my main tank..is that enough? im afraid ill run out of salt if i put too much in, and wont be able to do it again in 12 hrs
  3. to keep the water params good..if i change out some of the water daily will it lower the effectiveness of meds? i went out and bought some maracyn 2 last night and started treating with that, and hes eating medi gold now too, but im not sure what else to do. and will adding salt in my main tank kill my plants? i have a bunch of sword plants and java ferns and the sword plants were just about dead for awhile and theyre making a comeback lol and im afraid ill kill them again lol
  4. im really not sure about the water params, im out of my little test sticks at the moment but i just siphoned out/changed 15 gallons a couple days ago so the params should be pretty good Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 55 gallons, 1 and a half years What kind of Filtration? 2 eclipse 3 filters How often do you change the water and how much? 10 gallons per week What kind of Water additives or conditioners? amquel + and "plant gro iron enriched" Any Medications add to the tank? nope How many fish in the tank and there size? 5 goldies, 2 are about 2", 2 are 5" and one is about 8-9" Add any new fish to the tank? mm no. this black moor is the most recent addition, about 3 weeks ago. What do you feed your fish? Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? the white rings around its eyes, it kind of appears the color has just come off the eyes too, his dorsal and oy whats it called..the back fins..are frayed, his scales were slightlyyy pineconed for a day but theyve gone down, and he has some long white stringy thing hanging off one of his eyes now Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? nope, hes acting normal If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? hm how do i test for this?
  5. my black moor has been completely fine, and then yesterday i suddenly noticed a slight whiteness around its eyes and i thought it was strange but it was late and no pet stores were opened so i just put him in the q tank and went to sleep. now i wake up this morning and look at him and just about have a heart attack..one eye is really swollen and his fins are all shredded looking and he has white rings around both eyes. is this just pop eye? or could it be something else? what should i treat him with? heres how he looks hes swimming around just fine, and doesnt *seem* sick but phsyically he looks horrible. im so worried any help would be so so so appreciated. thanks you guys
  6. i just have regular gravel for a substrate and the lighting *goes and looks* it doesnt say how many watts but its the bulbs sized for a 55 gallon tank like the long ones and theres 4 and they say "eclipse natural daylight" on them lol
  7. eylo all. im planning on painting my living room next weekend, where 4 of my fishtanks are. i was planning on just moving the tanks away from the walls a bit so i can paint around them but then i was wondering..is it okay for the fish to be in a room with paint fumes? maybe im just being paranoid but i just want to make sure it wouldnt hurt my goldies before i paint lol
  8. i just recently bought 3 amazon sword plants for my 55 gal. tank to replace ones i used to have that died when brown algae grew on them. now theres not so much brown algae in my tank, and i even bought some "plant gro" iron supplement thing to put in with the plants, and it hasnt even been a week and the leaves are turning yellow and starting to die. what can i do to keep these plants alive? i adore how they make the tank look and my goldies love to sleep in the plants but man i cant keep these plants alive for the life of me. any tips or suggestions of what to do would be sooo appreciated
  9. ehh im not sure where to post this lol so forgive me if this isnt the right part to post this in but im moving soon, and right now our water bill is paid by our landlord so i really have no clue how having fishtanks and replacing water in them affects the bill, but at our new house we're going to have to pay the water bill ourselves and i just want to..not be shocked if when the bill comes the fishtanks cause it to be high Lol i have one 55 gallon tank, one 12 gallon tank, 2 ten gallon tanks, 1 five gallon tank, and 2 2.5 gallon tanks set up right now. will siphoning & replacing water in these tanks regularly run up the water bill or does it not affect it so much? just curious
  10. ive had a few fish get gravel stuck in their mouths and everytime they were able to spit it out on their own eventually. i tried to get it out with tweezers but if it doesnt work dont worry too much, just turn the tank light off and wait. one of my fish it took like 12 hours for him to spit the rock out, but he did somehow but if you do try to pull it out with tweezers if you hold the fish right behind its pectoral fins firmly, it shouldnt be able to wiggle too much and if you hold him like half still in the water so he doesnt freak out ive found that makes it easier to try to get the rock out too good luck
  11. i thought they werent supposed to have dorsal fins? the one i bought today does though, i thought it was cute lol it reminds me of a little sharks fin or something lol does that mean shes a mix of breeds or something?
  12. thank you so much for your help guys, i did put salt in the tank through out the day but he was just too hurt i guess and he passed away a little while ago
  13. oh my god im in tears right now..i JUST bought a tiny black moor and put him in the tank and he was fine but i just looked at him and its been not even a few hours and he has no eyes and only one pectoral fin left and the rest of his fins are very very torn up i quickly moved him into the q. tank because i dont know who beat him up but omg hes alive still and i feel so horrible what do i do?
  14. fishbert- if i lower the temp in my tank somehow would it make the male goldies stop chasing the female? its at 77 degrees fahrenheit right now, although how i dont know since its winter lol
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