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  1. I have a few of these in both tanks and just love them they are great bottom keepers. I really want some more. Very hard to find. I have looked over at loaches.com and did not locate a source Is there anyone here that can direct me. Ideally will add new lighting later with moon lights since they are nocturnal that would be quite fun. They are so cute Thanks Karen
  2. Yesterday purchased 3 small Pleco and are in a 2G quarantine. How best should I treat them to disinfect for any guests!!!! They are quite small. I really just don't trust isolation alone way to many things can be lurking just not worth introducing any issues to my Goldie's. I have read they do not do well in salt. Have a host of meds on hand and am placing an order from Big Al's today. Best to be safe than sorry. Thanks Karen/Cocobid
  3. I hope I am in the right place. I want to build a filter for my pond, actually a friend will help me. Time is difficult right now. What I have is about an 100G pond. Would like to build a small filter that is above the pond for all of the filtration.. I bought a 18G Rubbermaid Tub w/lid, Ceiling tile the one that is 1 "squares for dividing the filter, bioballs from existing filter. What I had thought about was cutting the tile to fit into sections in the tub, mech, bio, etc. sections. Siliconing tile into place. So here is where I get real fuzzy. What type of pump should I use. I want to pull the dirty water from the pond into the filter, place the pump in the filter box. Any suggestions on how to do this and what mistakes am I making in this design. Thought about having the intake toward the top of the tub and the outlet at the lower side, a hose would connect back to the pond. Put a drain in. Does this sound like a good design???? My existing filter keeps getting raided by the raccoons and just creates a mess. With a setup like this will be able to net the pond and house all of the mechanical out of pond. Impute is happily suggested Thank You, Karen
  4. Thank You all for thoughts of Mom...it has been one of those days. Yes, the temp is at 80. I hooked up a heater set at 82. Tonight they are just covered in white peppery stuff. I will keep online till late this evening. If the collie & plecos go there is really nothing I can do it would be almost impossible to catch them in this tank. What about the plants & salt?? I really need some help to halt this stuff before it really gets out of control.
  5. Ok.......NOW ICK Everyone has it... This tank is planted. I added a 1% salt solution & melafix but what should I do from there Plecos, loaches, plants???? The temp is at 80 will go buy a heater and gradually bring it up. What should I do???? I have never had this. I understand it can live in a tank in a dormant stage but OHHHH. Time is difficult right now please don't be shy just point me in a direction. I have had some of the fish for years!!!! Karen
  6. Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? below 20 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 7.2 Ph Level out of the Tap? ??? Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 55G/2yrs What is the name and size of the filter/s? Eheim 2028 & Aquatech dual, Power sponge w/airstone How often do you change the water and how much? 60% weekly How many fish in the tank and their size? 1lg oranda, 4 medium oranda & ryukin, 2 sm. rubber lip pleco, 2 Coolie Loach What kind of water additives or conditioners? amquel & aqua Plus Any medications added to the tank? none Add any new fish to the tank? none What do you feed your fish? gel food & occasionally soaked pro-gold, fresh vegetables Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? none Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc..? Yes, this is the issue. For probably the last 2 months I have noticed they sit on the bottom way to much. I notice this primarily during the morning and afternoon. At feeding time the perk up and act totally normal. They will actually stay on the bottom all day. I would love to believe I just have lazy fish, however that would probably be wishful thinking. The poop well I just never see it & when I do it is small chunks. No long stringy stuff. During the Xmas holidays I treated for flukes just in case. The one time for pond brand from GC. In reading a lot here before posting there are not any outward signs of anything wrong other than the bottom sitting. The tank is kept perfect, no swings in testing levels. Time is difficult as my Mom is dying. My goldfish are my calming sanity. Any help here would be so incredibly appreciated. Thank You, Karen/Cocobid
  7. The Eheim arrived have had it for quite some time now. We installed it on Saturday and actually quite easy. Ok here is were I had my only issue. The next morning I awoke to a tank with sky high Nitrate & nitrite levels. The nitrite had never happened before. When this tank was set up a couple of years ago we used gravel, filters, media, water from the other tank. Very smooth transition. So to my surprise and panic I immediately Sunday morning went to my locally owned fish store which I trust impeccably. He also is a goldfish keeper something like 11 tanks in his home... Here is what I did and it is holding well as of this morning. Did 75% water change, cranked up several air stones, added nitrifying bacteria, amquel, crossed my fingers and prayed. On Monday the tank was back to its normal levels with the exception of the Nitrate which was nice and low around 15. My LFP stated to me on Sunday AM that not to panic that this happens when you introduce a large new filter sometimes. But that in the long run I would have a very very healthy tank. Here is where he lost me he said it was actually OK for them both to spike together???? That everything was working?? But he must have been right, because all was well Monday. On another note this is a time in my life where thing are not the greatest. Yesterday Mom was moved from a transition Hospice house to a nursing home. With everything that is going on my goldfish are a piece of tranquility. I somehow manage to keep the tanks on maintenance schedules. Almost a necessary obsession ....which I feel is really ok right now. Thank You Karen/Cocobid I know the following question probably belongs in the disease section but time is a little short right now. For the last month or so I have noticed that a few of my GF have been on the bottom a lot lately. Not gasping or anything unusual just resting. No outward signs of anything weird tank is very healthy. Understandably it is egg laying season. I do feel we have some night chasing. But I am also concerned that we might have some sort of internal bacterial thing going on. Late last year we treated just as a precaution for flukes. Maybe nothing just a little concerned.
  8. Ok I am not at home to be exact but here is the best I can do on filters. The 20 has a 50aquaclear & what came with the aquarium from of all places nnnnnn. Both of my tanks came from there but that is the only thing. The 55 has the same. In route to me is the Eheim 2028. Actually my Husband was picking up some things at nnnnnn for our stores and had one the vans with him and was just doing something nice for his wife and home came the 55G. It was very sweet. But if I were to do this over I would have gone with what I believe is a 75 gallon which has the same footprint as the 55. Of one more thing since switching to gel food it seems that there is more particles after feeding in the tank, but the fish are much healthier. Karen I have no idea why the name of the store changes when I preview it but it is WM.
  9. Have a question if I bought this light for my 55G planted GF tank would I have to have Legs or could I sit this directly on the glass. This is the elevated tank so the lights on legs could be a little difficult to deal with when sitting in the room with tank. Please feel free to suggest the appropriate fixture. Tank is heavly planted with low light plants. Thanks Karen http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...mpactlight2x65w
  10. Ok so the Eheim is on the way So here is where I need a few suggestions/help! My 55G is elevated Ft. on a counter separating 2 rooms. So the plumbing is located at one end only. I run a power head several times a day to churn up the bottom at the far end and after feeding. This really helps. I intend to continue using the HOB after Eheim arrives. I am also ording the prefilter for Eheim. Here is were the questions begin. Are there any suggestions on how to plumb the tank to create a better clean without disturbing GF as a result of water flow. Also what "stuff" clamps, extra hoses, suction cups I don't even know what I would need in excess to what comes with the filter. Since the hoses will only enter from the last few inches on the back of the tank. On our 20G just added a 2nd HOB filter to the tank and what a difference it makes I was completely impressed with the water quality and the Bio bugs are not completely going the 2nd one yet. The tank location is just wonderful for "my KIDS" and me it's a total interactive environment. Yes, they "work" me or beg constantly. I have been totally consumed with my Mom and her declining health, this is not a good situation for her. Did not mean to start a thread and walk away; life is just difficult right now. Just tell me what to do Karen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See what's free at AOL.com.
  11. Monster Raccoons Ok that's what we have.. Pet's they don't even run when you are by them. I will open the back door and they just stand there like "You are going to invite me in???" I'm working on ideas I have thought about Stainless Steel mesh cloth. It is very strong and hopefully hold them. Does not rust. But the look of it I am not crazy about. They did rip out the tubing to my filter & emptied the pond. I am considering layers of pond netting. Heavily securing into the ground. The more I look at it the more I think another basin above or next to the pond housing the filter. But one drawback to that is a spillway and securing that. I have to get on this pretty quick, mosquito season is fast upon us. I want a few comets. Oh I did a little research and it appears this pond is about 80 gallons. Adding an additional basin will add another 20G's or so really help with filtration. Oh on a different note I found a UV unit that is sold for ponds that is clearanced at Lowes and was wondering if it could be used inside? It is like 75$ looks like a nice one. So sorry My Mom broke her pelvis bone and life has been a little hectic lately. Did not mean to abandon this thread. I will be back more often. Daryl sound like a nice pond. Oh one more Coon Complaint the front yard has sprinklers........they PLAY in the water like 4year olds. They love sprinklers.
  12. Last summer I finally gave into the urge for a pond. Bought a performed type the box indicated 48G, I strongly suspect that is completely wrong. I live in Texas & last summer was one of the hottest on record. Every 3 days I was adding 20G to it!!! I suspect it is around 80G+. Sad long story, short version. We live in a historic area of our city large trees and a HUGE Raccoon population. They have intruded the pond before and our fish have always made it. They have lots of things to hide in. I found the pond that morning in Jan. almost completely empty. The filter had been moved so the water had run outside of the pond. Our beautiful fish were gone.... I am still sick. So onward to a Raccoon proof pond. I need some help. It is about 5Ft long and 3ft wide with shelves and a large area 2' deep. I have room to add a raised water area above. It would rest on a raised bedding area. I have a box typed filter that always performed very well lots of media foam(2). Was thinking of a connecting piece to move the water. It has stone around the edges and built up around it. In the summer it is planted with Alocasias, a lily, papyrus. I anchor the plants with a rope around the pots pulled outside the pond under the rock. Just beautiful. I was thinking in the main pond area, an intake tube pulling the water upwards to the pump housing in a new water area. Space is an issue here so the are above could hold a 2X2-3 foot area. I will try to get a Pic of last summer so you can see what I have to work with. They were so healthy and happy. 2 comets & 1 Butterfly Koi gold~~~~~ I really like this forum I have not posted a lot----been to busy reading posts Karen
  13. Mr. B. Your welcome. Where did you order from? Were you happy with the quality? What did you order? Questions...Questions....Questions Karen
  14. Portie, Hi there I have both of my tanks planted the small one more than the larger one. I have a shipment of plants for the 55G on the way. I have similar problems with the digging up. I read a thread on a forum that suggested this and it really sounds like a good idea. I will be using it when the shipment arrives. Here is how it was described 1. Take a plastic lid cover make a small X in the center and insert the root mass. 2. Place in the soil or rock and cover. This gives a broader area to hold the plant down & still allows the roots to grow. On the subject of GF digging up the cups that larger plants come in, well I will try something similar with the cup attached. Remember some of the cups contain soil, others just a medium. Some of our plants are grown completely hydroponically and others with a soil based method. Hope this helps Karen
  15. Mr.B I had mine in quarantine for 3 weeks and I found a snail on the side of the QT so I was forced to do a PP dip for a few minutes. Granted it has a little brown but will wait and see. We just never know what is riding in on our plants. Hope all goes well I just think they are great. Karen
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