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  1. I dont have a test kit and well its icy and can not got almost 2 hrs to the petstore to get it tested right now. I dont think ammiona could have anything to do with it as i use Prime and I have been doing 50% water changes every other day. The last one i did i did not add salt back to the tank and the black is starting to fade. Today is the day I do a water change, I wont add the salt back in again.
  2. it was a week Sunday that I started the salt. I tried to do the every 12 hr water change but every time I did that 2 of the fish would either float or bottom sit, I changed it to every other day and its been good. Before I did the salt 1 of the fish had red in his fins and red spots on him so dh put the jungle lab fungus tablets in and the red on the body disappeared and so did most of it on the fins but now the ends of his fins are black and some of the spots that were red on his body are black now. He seems to bottom sit at least 1 time a day until I put food in there and then he normal. I have no idea why his fins would turn black? I did a 50% water change yesterday but did not put add the salt back in to see how it goes. Ill do another water change tomorrow.
  3. that heater was in my 30 gallon and it kept the temp warmer when I first got it. It looks just like my 200w heater but shorter. Im thinking its a 100w. im not sure why it wont go any higher then 71. I went a head and put the 200w heater in and the temp is now 75 ill leave it as long as keeps the temp steady. I cant go get another heater right now.
  4. 30 gallon tank 3 teaspoons per gallon so its at 90 teaspoons of salt. I have been doing water changes 50% every other day and adding 45 teaspoons of salt back in. I need to do this for another week then, do I keep adding the salt or not still 50% or smaller water changes now? TIA
  5. I have been doing salt at 3% for ick since last Sunday. There are no more spots on any of my goldfish I was wondering how long do I leave the water salted and the temp at 80?
  6. For some reason the heater I have in my 20 gallon tank is not working right its been turn up all the way and the temp is staying at 71 and the light keeps coming on for a few mins then off and the on and off. I'm thinking its just not working right. It was part of a used 30 gallon set up. I'm not sure the brand or watts on it all the writing is off. The only spare heater I have right now is my 200 watt from my 55 gallon tank is that too much for a 20 to keep temp for tropicals at 78? I have a 100 watt heater but its being used in my goldfish tank right now as they have ick and need the heater its been working good and keeping the temp at 80 for the 30 gallon tank. I do not want to disrupt that tank until the fish are better I was wondering if I could use the 200 watt in the 20 until my goldfish doesn't need the hight temp anymore. I also have a 50 watt preset heater is only good for a 10 gallon and a 25 watt heater is good for a 5 gallon?
  7. ok thanks where the spices are look there for the salts metioned above got it. only Jelly Head has some white spots on his back fins the other are clear now. I did another water change and Jelly Head started to bottom sit aggggg as soon as I put a few sinking pellets he stared acting normal. I have the Omega one sinking pellets small when I got the 1st fish Peanut he would only eat pellets. I was wondering since they are bigger now can I get the bigger pellets.
  8. crap im almost out of the api salt i got a the pet store they only had 4 small 16 oz s left I got all 4 of them . it says sea salt is safe we can get that a normal store like Wally world? what about rock salt and kosher salt where can you get thoe never heard of them if I didnt have to do the every 12 hr water changes.
  9. 1st dose 30 tsb of salt then water change 50% add 15 tsb of salt back and then another 30 tsb so there should be 60 tsb in the tank then water change 50% add 30 tsb of salt back and then another 30 tsb so ther is 90 tsb of salt in the tank total then water change 50% add 45 tsb of salt back to keep it at 90 tsb. does that sound rignt? I did 30 tsb last night so I need to do a 2nd dose asap and dont want to over do it.
  10. they have ich or ick how ever you spell it they are covered in white spots looks like salt. I have 3 in a 30 gallon with a aqua clear 70 filter plus air stone aqua tech filter that came with a 20 gallon tank. Im not sure of the size. The tank has been up for a month but the filters have been running for over a year same with the rocks and decor. at least 30 % water changes a week. Water test cant do as Im out and I havent had the extra funds to get a new test kit as my hubby and I both hrs at work have been cut. I know some places will test your water for free but those are 2 hrs away and havent had the gas money to go. I know they have ick. what i read on how to salt was 1 teaspoon per gallon that will get you to .1 then 2 teaspoons per gallon 12 hrs later gets you to .2 then 3 teaspoons per gallon 12 hrs later gets to .3 you have to do 50% water changes every 12 hrs and then you have to add half of the salt back that you took out? did i miss read that. Im trying to find the page I read it on so I can link it. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/saltastreatment.html
  11. 30 gallon tank teaspoons 1st dose is 30 tsb then 50% water change in 12 hrs add 15 tsb and then 60 tsb for 2nd dose then 50% water change in 12 hrs add 30 tsb and then 90 tsb for 3rd dose then 50% water changes ever 12 hrs for about 2 weeks 45 tsb and 90 tsb for a total of 135 tsb every 12 hrs? about how many salt containers will I need I can get 65 ozs I need go get some tomorrow while I have a chance. I have to drive almost 2 hrs to get any fish stuff.
  12. My daughter wants a nemo and and a dorie fish so hubby said ok we can start a saltwater tank. I have a 30 gallon that we want to use. Do we need live rock or the corals? I know we will need the nemo house (forgot what the are called) but are the live rock and corals really needed? can you still use fake decor and fake plants? What type of filter I have an extra Penguin 330 would that work or do I need speical saltwater filter? and what about the lights? if we can bypass live rook and corals that would be really good because they are really costly right now but it we need it then we will get it but if we dont then we wont at the moment.
  13. I moved the Angelfish and Platties into a 20 with a smaller Aqua Clear Filter its a 70 does 300 gph they were in a 55 gallon tank with Aqua Clear 110 does 500 gph. Im confused why its happening with the Aqua Clear 70 and not the more powerful one
  14. Ok what is the deal. I had to move my angelfish and a 4 platties into my 20 gallon tank it has an Aqua Clear filter 70 it does 300 gph and an Aqua Tech that came with the tank when I got it not sure of the gph. This was my goldfish tank but I switched tanks thinking it would help my goldfish. well any way the filters on the tank that the angelfish were in is a Aqua Clear 110 that does 500 gph and an Aqua Tech that came with 29 gallon tank. Since my angelfish and platties have been in the 20 gallon every time they get near the intake tubs they get stuck for a sec. Today I found 1 platy stuck and I did not catch it in time. Whats the deal. this did not happen in the other tank they were in both tanks have the same type filters just the filter size is differnt its the same brand. Oh its the Aqua Clear that they are getting stuck on the tub is lower then the Aqua Tech I did have the Aqua Clear tub all the way almost to the bottom had the extra ext. on it. I removed it and also but a plant where the tub was in the middle of the plant. I do not understand why its happening on this tank and it didnt happen on the other tank. I know this tank is probley over stocked with the angelfish but Im trying to figure out wny my goldfish float at the top so much. I figured with the extra filtration the 20 would be fine for the tropicals. TIA
  15. If I needed to move a fish into one of those large plastic tubs a 30 gallon for a period of time, (I dont have extra tank) can I put the heater into it with out it melting the tub? This is just an incase general question.
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