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  1. i just feed mine saki-hikari koi pellets from goldfishutopia. my only gripe is that they are floating pellets so i have to hand feed all of them separately. feeding them doesnt take long, they're well trained
  2. that's just the light spectrum. plants like to be in that 6500k range to promote photosynthesis.
  3. i would just get the bulbs rated 6500k so the plants are able to absorb them. i also have a 55g tank with two T5HO lamps @ 108 watts total. i got melon swords that are growing pretty fast. the amazons are a lil slower. but anyways, try out ur lighting and see how it is. you can choose to upgrade later on if you feel its inadequate. two watts per gallon with no CO2 injection works for me so far. i'm only using flourish excel for CO2 supplementation. my substrate is just river stones but that may change soon. good luck
  4. what do u guys think? my new lighting is the nova extreme T5HO 54w x2. i bought sum flourish excel for CO2 supplement. should i get driftwood in the middle of the tank to finish off my aquascape? ps. my goldfish have been pretty good so far. they don't see the plants as food. lets hope it stays that way.
  5. update: i'm left with one working tube. i'm down to 1 watt per gallon now. its been on for at least 20 min. i hope this will keep my plants lit up until i can get an exchange.
  6. this is for the current nova extreme 48" fixture. the lights would turn off after five min and then id have to reseat the bulbs everytime. it was getting annoying. the pins were very loose and was not a snug fit compared to my old tank light. later today i tried reseating the bulbs so it could make good contact in the socket. i turned it on and placed the fixture on the tank. within 2 mins i heard a buzzing sound. it was starting to smell sumthin burning so i turned it off. the plastic socket started to melt. now i can't remove the bulb cause melted plastic hardened. what a nightmare! i'm gonna call bigals and see if i can get an exchange. i think the fixture had a design flaw. the sockets were too far apart and the pins weren't making good contact. this would make the lights go off. its either that or the ballast itself. this really sucks.
  7. thanks guys! i have an anacharis and hygro in there at the moment. i just bought an amazon and oriental sword today. they will both be potted as soon as they are finished getting sterilized. pics coming! btw: the oriental sword i got was free cuz it was in such bad shape. i hope it survives.
  8. thanks! my goldfish are ignoring the plants for now. i hope it stays that way lol
  9. i'm just starting out and plan to add a couple more pots later on. any suggestions?
  10. hey i just got my light fixture today and its ###### bright! i'm lovin it so i went ahead and bought anacharis, hygro, river rocks, and small terra cotta pots. right now i'm sterilizing the pot by boiling and plants thru potassium permangamate. i'll post pics when its set up
  11. yeah! i want it just like that, but w/ glass cups. may i have permission to copy ur idea? lol
  12. i would love to try that, but for now i'm gonna do potted plant set up. i'll have four of them lined up and then have a big drift wood in the middle.
  13. i plan to use plain gravel with river rocks on top to prevent the fish from digging into the plant
  14. ok so i bought the new light fixture and i can't wait! those stock lights are soo dim that my tank was starting to look boring. now i need sum suggestions for the types of plants that can be potted. can you guys throw in some names for low - med light plants? i'm going to be at 2 watts per gallon. right now my arrangement will be four potted plants in glass cups or terra cotta. later on i wanna add a big driftwood in the middle of the tank. that will be my set up soon. i'm excited
  15. Hello all! since there is a huge black friday sale at bigals, i decided to get a new light fixture for my tank. Here it is.. http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...0000kfreshwater I'm interested in low to med light plants. i was wondering if CO2 is mandatory since i'm gonna have a total of 108w. Also, i'm planning to do potted plants. Do I need to get substrate like flourite to maintain healthy plants?
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