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  1. i always thought they were cool. i wanna know if u can keep them with goldfish or if theyll eat them.
  2. thnx for the help, but somebody in my family has decided to build me one :]
  3. im having some trouble with my fishtank stand. well, not really a stand. its a black plastic storage unit thing from home depot that was supposed to hold up to 900 lbs, but it doesnt. Its bowed in and really weak so i have to find something really quick. any suggestions? i need something cheap, easy to assemvle, and can actually hold 350 lbs. I have a 37 gallon thats 30.5 in.X 12.5 in. weighs aboout 350 lbs when filled up.
  4. I've had these fish for maybe....2 weeks? I'm not sure. First up is my telescope. He/she was listed as moor but he was a little lighter than the others. i thought he had a nice broadtail and a unique color so i bought him. Turns out that the "unique" color was just his baby colors starting to change XP. Hes actually quite ugly in my tank but i still love him XP. He's turning a pretty gold-ish color (i think) Next is my red bubble eye. I love him. Hes a little piggie and eats anything that fits into his mouth XP. I saw him at Pets Mart and had to have him. he had the prettiest fins and he did the "take me home dance", so i gave in and took him home. Here he is. (p.s. hes the one with the long fins) srry for algae! i promise i just cleaned it! I havent named them yet. Im never good with names (except for my bubble eye named michael jackson XP), so any help would be nice :].
  5. chichidongo: i do love when stuff is on sale lol. Unfortunately these are the only pictures that werent EXTREMELY blurry. Sorry. Hidr: Ill have to save up for another tank lol. j-pond: I know, arent they beautiful?
  6. So for christmas this year, i got a new fish tank. A nice new fishtank. A nice, new and BIG fishtank. I got it at a mmm that was closing in Fountain Valley, and it was 50% off, the price being about $70. It came with everything i needed; a light, a lid, food, a heater, and a nice Penguin Bio Wheel 200 filter. Ive also gotten some new fish since the last time i was active on this forum. So here it is. P.S. Sorry for horrible pictures XP. Thats my bubble eye, Michael Jackson. Please dont ask how he got his name . This is my big Shubunkin, whos yet to be named. He's really unique. Hes got lemon yellow patches instead of the usual orange and red. This is my lil pearlie (emphasis on the little), also yet to be named. Hes less than an inch long, but hes already developed such a golfball shape to him. Hes also a big woossssss. hes afraid of any of the fishes that go near him other than his "group." This is the "Group" i was speaking of lol. They all just happen to be orange XP. The commmons are named Sushi 1-3, in order of most orange/red to least orange/red. More of the group. Thats my moor. Hes got reely pretty long fins. Hes named zimbabwe. Again, dont ask about the name . ive got almost everyone..... just missing thepearlie and the moor... WAIT! do i see a pearlie hiding behind Sushi 1? lol.
  7. what about Nessie for his/her name? It's not gender specific. And u can never go wrong with a name for a bajillion year old plesiosaur haha.
  8. Hey, everybody. Long time, no post haha. Yesterday, my bubble eye got his bubble caught in the filter. I flipped out because i thought the bubble would be popped. I turned the filter off, he got himself out, and luckily, his bubble wasn't popped. The bubble has a "bruise" on it, but other than that there's no damage to it. His tail, though ,got shredded in the middle on both sides. The incident doesn't seemed to have phased him. He's eating VERY well and swimming fine, but I don't want to take any chances. What should i do? Should i treat him with any special medicine? I put a stretchy nylon sock over the motor on the filter, but it was too thick and the filter stopped working, so I had to remove it. What should I do about the filter?
  9. i really don't want to get anything bigger than a 35 gallon, but i might consider a 40 gal. Also, if i can't find the fish i want, i'll have to get other ones. Any suggestions?? Breed and size please. Thanx.
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