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  1. i agree with trinket, they look quite good together, pretty similar too!
  2. I have my lights on a timer just incase im out of time.... see if that helps, althou they can go wrong when theres a powercut.
  3. welcome back wolkcano! seems a lot like what i have, althou all of mine are potted in little ceramic pots. the on that has leaves like pinecones will be munched the most in my experience.
  4. ive tried puttig them in the container that i usualy use, but they keep getting out of it. and im probably going to have to keep them for a longgggg time... maybe six months.
  5. ive read the article on it, and ive seen the opinions on it, and decided against it. just when i gave my guppies away, im given 3 albino cories to look after. i cant give them away, and i dont know what to do with them, so theyer in with the goldies and dojos. theyer too big for the goldies to swallow, and the cories seem to like swimming with them. for the first time, the dojo loaches seem afraid of a new fish in the tank. the bristlenose pleco seems to be ignoring them, althou that wont work for long, seeing how they swim. should i try and relocate them, or should i keep them? thanks for any help
  6. bristlenose plecos, hilstream loaches and dojo loaches are 100% compatiable with goldfish. most other species are sort of hit and miss.
  7. seems like the males have lost intrest, althou the breeding stars are still there, so i removed the cage.
  8. i put the ranchu in a few minutes ago and im waiting to see what happens... so far the oranda(female) has nosed the ranchu(male) a bit... maybe its becuase of the fruit? the dojos have been caught. the little buggers are so desperate to get into the cage that they have been squeezing themselves through the little holes in the wire cage... then jumping out whe theyer done.
  9. i couldnt find any deviders for my tanks or any large enough container, so she is now in a wire mesh cage(the type used in those french fries machines) thats hanging on the inside of the tank. im only feeding her algae wafers,fruit &veg ,ect.. because the pellets arent staying in the container. the 'boys'(i hope) have left her alone so far, althou the dojo loaches seem to have an uncanny ability to move in and out of the cage at will. loach-mouth sized nibble marks have been seen on the algae wafers that are put into the cage. i havent yet been able to catch the little buggers red-handed:krazy: i have just noticed the pimples on allmost all of my fish(!), a white ranchu,a white fantail, a lionhead and a calicio common... who should i try and breed her with? i think ill keep her in the container for a couple of days then ill put one of the males in to see if anything happens...
  10. its still going on, and i did a waterchange a few hours ago. ill try to get a large hatchery to keep her in if i cant find a divider. thanks for the help
  11. yes its been raining for 3 days straight and the dojo loaches have been going crazy, i tried to reply to this post yesterday evening but my internet accsess card expired just as i pressed the reply button. i put her(i hope) back i yesterday evening, but she hasent released any eggs yet. how long does this normally take? should i hand spawn her?
  12. Ammonia Level? o Nitrite Level? o Nitrate level? 10 Ph Level? 7.1 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 100gal, 3 months(+6 weeks cycle) What is the name and size of the filter/s?atman 3338(1200l/h),hydor crstal duo(??l/h) How often do you change the water and how much? 45-50% every week How many fish in the tank and their size? 6 medium goldfish, 4 dojo loaches(small), 1 bristlenose pleco(6cm) What kind of water additives or conditioners? watersafe-rite(sort of sechlorinater and removes heavy metals) and ammonia-gone(same as prime) Any medications added to the tank? no Add any new fish to the tank? no What do you feed your fish? shrimp,lettuce,alge wafers,aquafin goldfish pellets, bannanas, tubiflex worms, oranges. Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no the goldfish(all of them) have started chasing my oranda all over the tank, then squeezing it into a corner and piling up on it(like loaches). the oranda is now in quarintine. chasing started this morning. anyone know whats wrong with my fish? the oranda has been in the tank for about 1 an a half months now. please help
  13. as far as i know dojos are pretty compatiable, but i think they are only illegal in victoria and queensland...
  14. your so lucky oldhag! i havent seen this done, but if you could put a boiler or a water tank behind that wall that can be used for water changes? ive seen this done sometimes for ponds, where theres a large tank that can be filled up, and then slowly empty itself into a pond, while excess water is used to water plants or something... lol i might be getting a second tank if i get good marks at school this year, so my creative jucies are already flowing...
  15. my betta makes a crunching sound every now and then... rabid betta gnashing his teeth?
  16. some things just have to be done. its more humane for the deformed ones, and even if you let the poor things live they have a high sickness rate and will be a haven for all sorts of sicknesses that can spread to other fish. its just annother form of evolution.
  17. sorry for not being on for about two months but i havent been able to go online for a while now because of school and studying i got a new bristlenose pleco last month and hes been doing this weird thing or abut a week. every now and then (s)he rushes up to the surface and releases a few bubbles before getting to the surface, touches the surface of the water and then return to whatever (s)he was doing. i know that plecos can dissove oxygen via their stomachs, but is this normal behaviour? (s)he seems to be getting along with the other fish, but at first the dojo loaches stalked him/her. now (s)he is getting along with them pretty well, and (s)hes even sleeping with them, sometimes takeing part in pileups.
  18. they do that for all sorts of reasons, a jolt to the tank, bad water params, changes in the weather, feeding time....ect. they jump for anything.
  19. thanks guys! does anyone know how much the ppm should be?
  20. i heard that zeolite is 'rechargable', does anyone know how its done?
  21. they actualy want to help!? i do my water changes alone... the tanks in the livingroom, but i go beserk if someone tries to touch it....
  22. i think you should, theyer nice fish to have since were all talking about scientific research, does anyone know a website that has SCIENTIFIC articles about goldfish?
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