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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. My brother has an android and a good camera. I'll ask him to help me next time he comes over. In the mean time, I have a friend bring me some java moss. Just -in -case
  2. I have two goldfish in my 55 goldfish tank - Janis a fan-tail and Bubbles an Oranda. There was a third one Chad who passed away last week and the night before Chad passed Janis started going after Bubbles in a big way and has done so intermittently since then. I am not good at sexing gold fish by the vent so I have been looking out for love bumps ie tubercles. The problem is I don't see any tubercles on Janis' gill plates, or Bubbles' for that matter. I got Bubbles just about two years ago and Janis a few months before then. They were both about 1 inch when I got them. It's possible they might have been stunted before I got them. Janis had "her" mature coloring and Bubbles had a fully developed hood- but I know for sure these guys are at least two years old! So the question is can Janis still be a spawning male without the tubercles or is Janis just sweet on Bubbles regardless of what genders the fish are. I am sorry to say I didn't test the water when Chad fell ill with dropsy. I just did a 50% water change when I saw Chad was ill and did 5 days of Maracyn 2. I didn't do the 25% water change because it was clear by then Chad was dying and I didn't want to add insult to injury. I was really surprised that they started on this when they did because the tank was getting pretty grody. I'll test my water when I get home tonight if you think that may explain the lack of tubercles. Thanks for looking. S
  3. I have a 2+ year old telescope named Chad who has had a bloody eye for the past 4 or 5 days. Chad has an intermittent swimbladder issue and I suspect he scraped his eye on something. Oddly enough, he is swimming OK today. He lives in a 55 gallon aquarium that's equipped with two filters - a penguin 320 and a penguin 350 that have been going for about 4 years and two 12 inch airstones. Chad lives with two other goldfish about the same size - an oranda and a fantail and about 10 pond snails I keep to help with the glass. I just tested the water with my API testkit and I have 0 ammonia and nitrite, the PH is 5.4, and the nitrate is 10 ppm. I change 50% of their water with Prime. The last time was this past Sunday. I feed them Omega One protein enhanced goldfish flakes twice a day. Once in awhile I'll give them an extra feeding as a treat and they have live plants to nibble on when they are hungry. Occasionally I'll give them peas. I tried Melafix when I first noticed the problem on Sunday, It seemed to clear up a little and now it looks worse. I'm worried about him bleeding so long having serious problems with his eye, I am not as worried about the swim bladder issue because he eats okay, the other fish are nice to him, and he doesn't seem to have other problems. I would love some advice, S
  4. I have three 2 year old Comets and a blackmoore, who is probably older, living in a 55 gallon tank. I know it?s a bit crowded, but their parameters are stable and I do a 50% water change and vacuum the gravel at least once a week. Last night, I noticed one of Comets Mick hassling one of the other Comets Timmy a bit more. I also noticed that Timmy looked more like a girl in the vent area than Mick did and he/she is a bit chubbier than the other comets. I think Cholly the blackmoore could be a girl, but Cholly has always been chubby. Neither Mick or Johnny, who I think is also a boy, have grown any tubercles yet. My question is do I wait to prepare for fry until I see tubercles or should I start cycling a fry tank NOW? Also, I have a fry tank for live bearers kept in the high 70s F. Could goldie babies bunk with them if I get caught by surprise. I was kind of hoping my comets would wait til I built them a pond but that might not happen. Kids! S
  5. I'm one of those crazy comet fans who bought some feeders and raised them in a tank. My babies are about 18-24 months old now and they're getting big! Not necessarily because of this, but a desire to do some more sophisticated landscaping, we are looking into digging a pond in our backyard. My questions are regarding what pump to get and the number of gallons needed per fish. I know that in a tank, it's best for each single-tailed goldfish to have at least 20 gallons each and that the filter should be capable of running 10 times in the volume of the tank in an hour. For example, a 10 gallon tank would need a 100 gph filter at the very least. Do the rules change in a pond? If we do it at all, it would have to be with a solar pump and I'm thinking it might be hard to find a big enough one at a reasonable price. I have so many other questions, but I'll start with this. Thanks, Scruffy
  6. My poor little Cholly looks like he has pink-eye. His got a little pinkish or reddish rim around the lower part of one his eyes. It does not look swollen - at least no more than usual. I haven't noticed anything else odd about him. He's eating OK and his breathing and energy level are good. Cholly lives in a 55 gallon with 3 Comets ranging from 4 to 6 inches. I usually do a weekly water change and gravel cleaning because it is getting a little crowded, If my test kit is accurate, my ammonia yesterday was about .5 ppm, the Nitrite was 0, and the Nitrate was over 40ppm. I did a 75% water change using 2 drops per gallon prime and added about 2 tsp of aquarium salt. I think our water company has been using even MORE chloramines or my test kit is getting old, because this afternoon I was still getting . 5 ammonia. I plopped in 5 ml of Prime into my tank and I hope that helps. I know the water quality doesn't help, but I'll keep working on it. In the mean time, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a blackmoore with pink eye and what they've done about it. Scruffy
  7. I had gotten into the habit of tossing the enough prime for the whole aquarium into the tank and then adding the new water after that. Now I treat the water by the bucketful and let it sit while vaccum the gravel and siphon out the old water. It seems to work pretty well. By the way, Saturday when I discovered our fabulous water had a ammonia, I dropped about 7 ml into the 55 gal, but didn't have time to change the water. When I tested the ammonia Sunday afternoon, the ammonia was gone! I still did a 50% since I didn't trust my Nitrate kit and I figured I'd be ahead if it was still 20ppm as it was on Saturday. S
  8. Well, I enough Prime to put 5 ml in each of my three tanks. After a couple hours, the fish in the tropical tanks still looked peaked, so I bought some more Prime and did a partial water change on each of them. This time, I treated the the new water, instead of putting it in the tank and then adding the new water. It really seemed to help. I agree that this could be a seasonal thing, I just wish I knew when it started happening. By the way Jewels I completely sympathize with your horror at the API nitrate kits. I guess the false readings had a lot to do with why my snails are going gangbusters and the plants are not.
  9. OK, last night I was a little suspicious about my always raging Nitrate readings, especially in tanks I had changed just a few days ago. So I decided to test the tap water with my API test kits. The tap water was (-) for nitrite, had .5 ammonia and the Nitrate was 40ppm. I had replaced the ammonia kit about a month or so ago, but had been using the same nitrate kit since this summer. So I figured that all my Nitrate agony had been over nothing. This morning I went to a pet store to have all my tanks tested. The goldfish had 20 ppm Nitrate, one of my tropical tanks had a little nitrite, and all the tanks had .5 ammonia. Then she tested the tap water - it came out to have .5 ammonia. The petstore does use test strips, but to have it corroborate a fairly new drop test kit makes really concerned about our tap water. Does anyone have suggestions about this? S
  10. Right now, my tank's PH is about 6.8. Our tap water is very alkaline. The highest PH on the card is 7.8 with kind of a royal blue/bright aquamarine color. When I test the tap water, it comes out navy blue. This tank could use a 75% water change ca 60 ppm nitrate, but I am short on time tonight. Tomorrow, I'll do a 50% and then check it again Sunday night. Someone told me to use baking soda once to raise my PH. I'd do it tonight if I could remember the dosage.
  11. I know it's overstocked. I have toyed with the idea of getting an extra 20 or 29 for the blackmoor and maybe an Oranda or fantail. That would give each of my comets 18 and 1/3 gallons. I don't happen to have the funds right now to get one set up. Now I am going to have to rely on my buckets and my gravel vac. It's funny, when I first went out to get goldfish, I thought the comets would be less work!
  12. I?ve posted about this on a more general forum, but wanted to get a more goldfish oriented view. I have a comet that has over the past month turned almost white. Timmy?s about 5 or 6 inches now, appx 1 year old, and lives in a 55 gal with two other slightly smaller comets and a blackmoore. I?ve hadn?t had much in the way of Ammonia or Nitrite for months except when one of the filters stopped working for a few days (I have a 330 and a 350 GPH) or when I had them on flake food. For the most part I have been dealing with Nitrate which has regularly gone up to 80 ppm in a week. I was changing about 50% once a week, but have lately been working harder on the Nitrate and am now testing the tank midweek and changing it, as needed. I don?t have the resources to buy them a bigger tank or build them a pond, so I?m sure I?ll be upping my water changes more as the fish get even bigger. I?ve heard it?s not uncommon for Comets to turn white, even in the best of circumstances. I?m just wondering what the various causes are and if it?s reversable. Scruffy PS: I just saw someone reccomended a 100% water change to someone with a nitrate problem. How do you do that? Do you put the fish in a bucket? What if your tap PH doesn?t match the PH in the tank? Do you just do a series of daily water changes?
  13. I had the 350 in one and a penguin 100 in the other. I originally purchased the 350 to use in a 42 gallon tote. Since that started to bow out and crack, I ended up putting my guys in two tens. The 350 was of course handy and I knew I was going to upgrade some day and wanted to get it going on a cycle. The flow wasn't quite as bad as you'd expect, thanks to batch of ancharis that shedded all over the tank and got sucked up. I also had lots of healthier plants to break the current and a little hut where they could chill out. I got the tank sent up this past weekend and they seem to be doing all right in their new digs in the living room. I want to set up one of the 10s again w/ ONE fancy goldfish or some tropicals since I miss having fish in my room. S
  14. Well, here is what I ended up with for filtration for my 55 gallon tank. I have a complete Penguin 350 w/ 3 cartridges, two bio -wheels, and ? a jar of Purigen. The Bio-Wheels have been going since March and the Purigen I bought a couple of weeks ago because I was frustrated with still getting ammonia and nitrite and nitrate in both 10 gallons. I was not able to find bio-balls for my gutted penguin 330, but I got some ceramic noodles and some bio-filter rocks called Matrix. I don?t know much about Purigen, but I am going to assume there are some beneficial bacteria in it or on the bag and stick it with my rocks and noodles. It says on the box that the noodles last about 5 months. Hopefully I can score some bio-balls by then. Scruff
  15. I bought the tank from Craig's list. It came with an iron stand, glass top, heater, and a peguin 330 with nothing in it but the pumping parts. It doesn't have a lid, bio wheel, brackets for the wheel, filter media, nothing! But it all cost $100. I went on the manufacturer, website and the missing parts cost about the same as a new penguin 330. I've been intrigued by the idea of customized filter media and think it might be cheaper to have a bag of bio balls in the thing than getting all those parts. I posted about this in the tanks part of this forum. Unfortunately, I will most likely be cycling with fish. I have two fish in each of two ten gallon tanks. I really want them settled into a larger tank a month before my trip, but it depends on how quickly I can refinish the iron stand and I hate sandpaper! S
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