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  1. Poor thing!! I'm so sorry... I don't think that is something the snail can live with unfortunately. Have you gone to applesnail.net and posted for help there? They have more expertise on the subject. If it were me, I think I would euthanize him to be honest with you... Is the snail still moving around?
  2. Wow that's interesting, Missy!! I think that is what the fungus patch is from. I started treating him with Maroxy as well as swabbing the spot with hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip. He looks a lot better today and I hope this is the end of it. If the Maroxy doesn't get it all, I will wait a few days and try a PP bath. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish I could have gotten some more opinions but I didn't want to wait to treat, as I know how deadly fungus can be. I lost my black ranchu baby to saprolegnia within 3 days. I think the Maroxy was excellent advice and a good gentle starting point. *fingers crossed*
  3. I'm not sure what to do about this - the hydrogen peroxide is not helping. The fungus is just as bad and now he has red streaks where I'm peroxiding. I'm being as gentle as I can, but it is stressing him out to be held and swabbed. I don't see fungus anywhere else on him yet, but I can't help but think it's only a matter of time. I will do another water change and hope for some advice here.
  4. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: nearly 0, heavily planted tank pH: 8 (can get KH and GH if necessary) pH out of tap: 7.4 tank size: 40 gal filter: AQ110 (almost 500 gph) waterchanges: twice a week, 40-50% fish in tank: two small ryukins, bristlenose pleco, one mystery snail and some babies in breeder nets water additives: prime, calcium for snails medications: no new fish: no food: gel food consisting of only veggies, crushed spirulina flakes, frozen brine shrimp w/spirulina, fresh veggies, sometimes broken up progold unusual findings: fungus on dorsal fin unusual behavior: no I am battling swim bladder problems with a few of my fish currently. One is the smaller of my two baby ryus. He and his sibling are pretty sensitive when it comes to feeding time and it is rather hit or miss about what will cause issues and what is ok. So the little guy has been near the top the last few days and today i noticed some fuzzies (white fluffy spots) on his dorsal fin. The params are all fine. The water is changed twice weekly due to the bioload of the snail babies. My question is if the fungus on the dorsal fin of my ryu is from the exposure to air? When he's at the top, his dorsal fin is flopped over and that fold is where the fungus is located, in a neat little line where it's not always under the water. He's acting fine, eating normally. I swabbed the area with a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip. I'm afraid to use salt with one so small. Is there anything else I should do, or should I keep swabbing with the peroxide when I see the fungus recurring?
  5. Well, as of today, her fins are officially turning white. It's amazing how fast the colors change!! I go to work and when I come home, her black has disapeared a little more and her wen is a little more orange. I think it is this warm weather we are having - her color change started just about the first really warm day of the year. She and Spud look like siblings right now - he is the sort-of calico in one of the photos. They have the same tomato soup-colored wens. I will have to take an update photo - you won't believe how much she's changed just since I posted those first ones.
  6. The tank is very pretty!! Your fish look just big enough to get stuck in those vases, so keep an eye on them and remove them if you notice them getting too curious!! Goldies are notorious for getting stuck in places you wouldn't believe! Also, the water might get stagnant inside in the tall vases, so try to swish them out fairly often to keep things fresh. You may give up on the decor after a while of being a goldfish owner - I did! They are just too messy and destructive to keep things so pretty for very long. I've been converted by Daryl to the concept that the fish ARE the decor. Welcome to Koko's!
  7. I really like my bristlenose pleco - they stay fairly small (4-5" max usually) and are good cleaners (usually). They DO need other food though, don't be fooled by the name "algae eater". They can and will, but they need something else too. I feed mine veggies and he also eats whatever the fish don't eat, including frozen shrimp, bloodworms, pellets, etc. BNs do not have the nasty habit that commons have, which is sucking on the slime coats of other fish. That is number one reason to like them really. If you get a new algae eater, he should be quarantined in a separate tank just like any other addition. Watch him carefully for a few weeks to see if there are any problems. I had a pleco that seemed fine even after QT, but he just never grew and I found him dead one day for no reason. I mean to say that they can get diseases/parasites just like any other fish. Unfortunately, you don't really have the space for any other fish in your tank. Your goldies will soon need a bigger living space themselves (at least 30 gallons if they are fancies, more if they are single tails). I would suggest holding off on the algae eater and upping your cleaning regimine instead until you can get a bigger tank. If you can't get a bigger tank, then I don't think the algae eater is a good idea. They need 10 gallons each (bristlenose, and they are the smallest adult plecos you can get), which will be a strain on your cycle. I think at the minimum you would need a 40 gallon tank to support your 3 goldies and a pleco. Just a suggestion, but your fish will be happier and healthier for the extra space and cleaner water.
  8. Oh wow, he's beautiful!! Love that coloring.
  9. Those two are definitely hams. Thanks for all the nice comments! I knew she would change color, but boy you just don't expect it to happen so fast and so drastic!!
  10. She's going through an awkward phase and didn't want me to take photos of her (but moooooom, I'm UGLYYYYYYYY!), but I think it's very neat and wanted to share. I hope she keeps her black finnage, that would be a neat combo. Luna before: Luna today:
  11. Not sure if it's just me, but I can't see your photos. Sorry to hear about your computer - that is the pits!
  12. That's not the kind I have then - maybe it's the other that wyofish mentioned? Physids?
  13. Milaysian Trumpet Snails are the long cone looking ones Pond Snails are the conch looking ones - those breed insanely fast and don't need a mate, so you will have trouble keeping your populations down! Ramshorns (Planorbids) are the last photo As for how often to feed, I just drop in some softened veggies a few times a week, plus they get whatever leftovers the fish don't eat. The ramshorns I have like algae too, so they eat that in between my feedings. You should try to feed veggies that are high in calcium (think dark leafy veggies, like kale and broccoli) and mine really like squash like zuchinni and summer squash, which are easy to prepare and cheap to buy. You can also look into calcium supplements for your water, which will help them maintain good healthy shells. They can't eat just algae wafers, so definitely start feeding some veggies (I leave it in there until it gets gross, but it's usually gone by then!) and they will also eat fish food, whatever you have is fine. They are considered pest snails -especially the pond snails because of their hermaphroditic breeding. I would personally try to get rid of those ones now before you have a population explosion, which can overwhelm your cycle.
  14. Do your rams have operculums (a door that shuts when they go inside)? Mine are planorbids and do not have operculums, these are the ones you probably have as well. Mine lay a little egg cluster that hangs off the tip of a plant. I've never seen them lay on the side of the tank, but I imagine that they are sticky enough to do that. They wouldn't be mystery snail eggs - those clutches are laid above the water line and look very different from ramshorn eggs. You can crush any eggs you find if you don't want them to hatch - that's what I do with my ramshorn eggs if I find them. I'm being overrun now as it is from all the eggs I don't see and hatch before I notice. I will have to find someone with a snail-eating creature or give them to the petstore soon. They are great algae eaters though, so I will keep a few around.
  15. I can't really see the hole you're talking about very well. Can you take Dyson out of the tank for a quick photo? Can you tell if the edges are starting to regrow over the hole or not? It should look like thin almost clear shell growing back around the edges? Do you have calcium supplements? If so, you should add some. Is his body sticking up into the hole? Is he acting normal/eating? Do you have some dark leafy greens you can make for him so he can get some extra calcium in his system?
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