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  1. I am, in all honesty, a lazy fish keeper. When I was trying to decide if I should add another fish (3 in a 29 gallon with 300 gph) I ultimately decided, no. Although it would be okay for the fish, my biceps would get tired! Right now I only change 4 gallons a week! And I love that! It's so easy. So I got an apple snail to curb my new-creature-cravings and we're all very happy.
  2. We've (mostly) all been there! I started with a fantail in a 2 gallon tank! He lasted for six months in that sucker before I finally upgraded him. And then I had three fish living in a 10 gallon tank (still not a good idea!) One of them died a terrible death (massive fin rot, he had no more tail!) and got my wake up call. Now I've got two goldies and a snail in a 29 gallon with 300 gph filter. Once you're set up, things get much easier. Once your tank is 'cycled', things get much easier. Right now my routine involves changing about 4 gallons a week. I feed my fish at most three times a day, at least every other day (depends how busy I am, and I'm usually not home on the weekends). Every two weeks I'll do a bit of clean-up (I have a cycle going on, I do one filter and my fake plants one session, other decorations and glass and tank the next session, and then the big filter the next session). I am a pretty very busy person and I don't feel overwhelmed at all. The hard parts about fishkeeping are getting all the equipment you need and cycling your tank (nothing like changing 10 gallons of water every day!!) Once that's over with, everything is easier, I promise.
  3. Just saying good luck Be careful to make sure your snail is getting food, too. I've had this issue with my fish/snail tank and after asking around online to solve my issue (fish eating the snail's food) I finally had to put up a tank divider. When I come home from Japan I'm going to get a seperate tank for him. Hopefully your fish won't like your snail food! Good luck!!
  4. welcome to goldfish addiction. It's okay, you're not alone. I started with one fish in a two gallon (eek), then three fish in a ten gallon (still eek!) and now I have two fish and a snail in a 29 gallon (perfect). The only thing stopping me from getting another 29 gallon is the fact that I'm leaving the country for a month and I don't want to ask my parents to take care of TWO tanks for a whole month. But once I get back....muwahaha! If you really want to get a new little aqua friend, I say get one of those little 'starter goldfish' tanks and buy a fabulous snail from rainbowsnails.net. I bought a gorgeous PURPLE snail and he is starting to become my tank favorite (shh, don't tell the fish). I can't wait till I have more water space so that I can get him a MAGENTA friend, haha. But they are little poop monsters, that's for sure. And feeding them can be a pain if your fish have a taste for algae wafers.
  5. I live in Las Vegas and our house is kept at 82* causing my fish tank to hang out around 78* during the summer months and 72* during the winter months (vegas pretty much only has two seasons, lol). I have two HOB filters that aerate the water as well as a rectangular airstone and my fish seem to handle it just fine, and so does my snail. I've read that warmer water causes their metabolism to speed up, though, so I make sure to feed my fish lots of food to fuel their hyperactivity. My fish and my snail are all little zoomers, CONSTANTLY moving. I haven't had the tank during the hottest part of summer yet, so I am a little concerned. If it becomes an issue I think that I'll just stick an ice cube in the filter so that water being circulated becomes cooler....haven't tried it yet, but that's my plan. I'm not going to worry about it until my tank hits 82* or higher.
  6. Japan! How cool I'm going this summer and I can't wait!
  7. Problem solved My snail has been sectioned off. The fish store didn't have the tank divider for my size tank but that turned out to be a blessing! So I bought two smaller ones (size Medium, I think) and figured that I could figure out some way to stack them to make them fit in my 29 gallon. Turns out tank dividers are really ugly, all that blue plastic! So what I did was use the skinny plastic parts (that are supposed to be placed on the 'top' and 'bottom' of the divider) as the sides, stacking one whole one and one cut one on top of each other. I layered the plastic sheets and tied a few spots together to make sure the fish couldn't slip in. Then I used the fat plastic (that is supposed to be the 'side') as the BOTTOM and anchored it with gravel on either side. I think it's MUCH prettier looking than how it's 'supposed' to look. Why don't they just make clear plastic instead of that blue? Gah. Anyways, I had this very exciting moment where I just DROPPED his wafer in the tank and didn't have to get wet up to my armpit fishing my snail out to feed him, ha! I win fishies, I win.
  8. And that is why I just bought a tank divider today my goldfish enjoyed my snail's algae wafers too much! Of course, when I originally bought the wafers FOR the goldfish they wouldn't have anything to do with them.
  9. I agree, you're going to want to do some research and figure out how big of a tank you need/want, what other equipment and accessories you'll need (at the very least you need to get a water test kit and a filter that does 10x gallons per hour of your tank, so if you have a 20 gallon tank you'll want something like a Penguin 200, which filters 200 gallons per hour), where the tank will fit, and who is going to take care of it. The filter and test kit you can get a really good deal on by going to vvvv.com. Find the test kit and filter you want and print out the price. Then drive to a real vvvv. If you live in the US the store will price match it for you and you'll save some money. (I saved $15 on my Penguin 200 filter!). I also agree that craigslist.org is a great place to find a tank. I bought my 29 gallon tank for $20 through Craigslist. But get your parent's permission before you e-mail anyone about anything on there. When you find a good deal, show your mom and if she okays it then you can e-mail them. ----------- Also, it IS much easier to take care of a bigger tank. I had a 10 gallon tank and I had to change 5 gallons of water EVERY day! I would use my test kit to test my water and the water would be TOXIC, so I had to put lots of new water in to get GOOD water for my fish. Now I have a 29 gallon and I change 5 gallons of water every WEEK. It's much easier to change five gallons a week than five gallons a day. As far as cleaning goes, it's pretty much the same as my 10 gallon tank. The only thing I would recomend for you is to make sure that you can reach the bottom of the tank comfortably. I have a 29 gallon that sits on my dresser. 29 gallon tanks are pretty tall (18 inches) and I have to use a stool in order to touch anything on the bottom of my tank. It's a pain in the bum, honestly, so make sure wherever your tank is going to be sitting, you get a size where you can reach the bottom! Also, it's better to be understocked than overstocked. Don't buy a new tank and then buy a new fish because you have more space! less fish=less poop=less water changes Good luck lady, being 12 and broke is hard. That's why I didn't get any pets until I was 18 and had money to do what I wanted
  10. When I bought my apple snail from rainbowsnails I got a little pamphlet about snails and it said that it's totally okay if your snail shuts up and floats around for a few days. So, I'd say your snail is fine, maybe he just likes to be clamped up and floating? If you're ever worried that he's dead take him out of the water and sniff him, supposedly the smell will make it VERY clear if he is dead. My snail isn't a floater but sometimes he'll just clamp up *shrugs* As long as he's coming out and moving sometimes and eating well then I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. My oranda's bigger than my other fish, newer than my other fish, and much more agressive. Although really he only turns into a bully when there is food involved. He'll try to push the other fish out of the direction of the food. Or if he feels he hasn't got his 'share' he'll bump the fish 'cause he knows he's holding some in his mouth, lol. I just make sure the oranda gets his share and they're usually cool.
  12. I wrapped mine up in a paper towel, put it in a zipblock bag, and threw him away. I couldn't burry it either and didn't want to flush him. Seemed the best idea.
  13. oh yum! I love dim sum. Super cute goldies!
  14. My oranda has a little bit of that too. Not so widespread (maybe his wen will be smaller?) but definetly there. His wen JUST started growing when they appeared so I'd put my money on wen growth.
  15. I do Omega One as well because it's got so much good fish action. When it runs out I might try the ProGold, though, as I've heard so many good things about it!
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