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  1. Water gets at 90% change every 2 weeks. Gravel gets a 60% vaccume with the water change. Water parameters are beautiful. Fish is not injured. Corneas are clear, no abrasions (fish has not hurt its eyes). Fish probably has bad genetics due to its breeding and purpose in life (feeder). It has a white reflective "glow" in the vitreous humor of the eye. Just wondering if anyone ever had this happen with a feeder, and the probablility of the fish being blind.
  2. I have a 5 year old 12 cent feeder fish thats eyes have a pearl like reflection in them. Fish is healthy, tank is healthy ect. It's eyes have the pearl like hue in the pupil much like what commonly happens with older black moore type goldfish. (I have one of those too) Just never seen it with comet type goldfish. It is as if the pupils "glow" white when looked at strait on. Kinda cool/creepy looking. Can I assume this fish is blind?
  3. He looks like the pearlscale on the front of the nutrifin pellet container.
  4. VERY nice! What a find. She looks perfect. I really admire this fish.
  5. I would think that the betta would totally eat them. (If it hasn't discovered them already)
  6. NightAngel

    My Gsp

    I am probably gonna sound like a terrible GSP owner. I bought them together in late 2004. The have since lived in a 20g hex ever since. They are the only fish in the tank (never shared the tank with another species at any time). They have regular type gravel and some fake plants a heater, and an aquaclear 30 filter. When I change out their water (85%) I pour in about half the amount that it states to use for a salt water tank (thinking they are brackish water fish, somewhere in between is good) and a capful of prime. I use the Oceanic salt in the silver bag. Thats it for the fuss. They are very forgiving of this regimine. I feed them a small brick blood worms once a day. Somtimes some freeze dried krill. They are actually my husbands fish, but I am the only one who cares for them (so guess the are mine). They are not that big, maybe two inches not including tail. I had no idea that they could get to five inches. I have never seen one IRL at fish stores or peoples houses that big. I wonder if that is more the exception than the rule? edit, maybe more like 2.5" without tail. I should also add that they show no agressiveness to each other. Just go crazy over the food (rip at food, not each other) I know that they need more variety in their food for sure. I could use some suggestions on low fuss variety food (frozen or freeze dried is a low fuss as I will go). Thanks.
  7. My cat's preferred water source is my 38g. Does not matter that he has his own dish of fresh water. He can get his face to the water back by the HOB filter. He has never been interested in the GF, just drinks the water.
  8. NightAngel

    My Gsp

    I love GSPs! I have had 2 since 2004. They live a long time and have loads of personality. You tank looks so nice that I felt bad for mine and cleaned their tank. It is more of a pain to clean since they need that expensive marine salt. What do you feed yours, how much salt do you use? What is the correct stocking ratio? Funny that I have had mine for so long and I do not know that much about them, but they seem to be pretty forgiving.
  9. The cute little oranda did not make it? Was it sick? What happened? Gosh, that stinks, Im sorry.
  10. The oranda with the white wen looks a lot like mine (minus the black). I have seen quite a few white wenned orandas and such around here latley. I guess they are more common than I had once thought. Cute though... Will be neat to see how they grow!
  11. Not sure if it was this thread, or the similar one posted on the same topic. There is a virus attached to your pictures (or at your picture hosting site). It has happened to me quite a few other times opening other folks pictures on this forum. What will happen is a fake security program will download on your computer saying you have all these viruses. Then it changes some stuff on your computer. I had to give my computer the three finger salute last night after trying to open your pictures. In the future I would stick to photobucket if I were you. I havent had much issues with viruses on photobucket. Lucky for me my husband fixes computers for a living. Other people here may not have a computer tech so handy. Viruses are sooo not cool.
  12. I use both the magnetic and the scrapers. I like the floating variety for the magnetic type. I have deep tanks and do not enjoy sticking my arm all the way in if it pops off the glass. The magnetic types are great for touch ups, soft diatom algea or that white haze/biofilm. For the really stubborn stuff I use a scraper but I only need to use that once in a great while while performing extensive cleaning.
  13. Great, I cant wait to see my fishies twin!
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