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  1. It looks great! Cant wait to see the future updates
  2. Pretty lots of swimming space for the goldies too
  3. He's gorgeous! He has a beautiful home too
  4. Aw! Congrats! He is a stunning boy, and great photo too!
  5. He's beautiful! I hope that you're able to get him
  6. So cute!! And he'll be even cuter once he does the food dance!
  7. I sorry about Vir, he was a beauty. *hugs*
  8. Hey Dan!! Great to see one of my good friends still on the board! I have been great, and am starting my second year in university. Life has been busy but I have finally found enough time to raise these two fellas! I still haven't found the perfect name for them yet, I am falling behind as I used to name them before they even get here lol I want to get back into goldies, but no space for them as of yet. I hope things are well with you too, we need to catch up one day!
  9. That is so cute!! So much chubbiness in one place!!
  10. That is just adorable! Nothing like some fun in the bubbles!
  11. Wow!! His tank looks beautiful and he is gorgeous himself! I love what you did with the bubbles!
  12. Thank you so much everyone! I'll be sure to pass on to them about all the kind words! And lol! You guys will have to pry them off me, I have grown so attached hehee Ashlee18, I got them off aquabid from bettasg! He's fantastic
  13. oops! sorry about that! I was messing around on photobucket and that must had messed up my link, here they are again and thank you Gustave and katie!
  14. Finally, they are here! I love them so much already! My dragon is so shy, I wasn't able to get a picture of him flaring . But the salamander is so photogenic and definitely has that attitude!
  15. What a special little fellow, he's so cute! Congrats!
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