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  1. It looks great! Cant wait to see the future updates
  2. Pretty lots of swimming space for the goldies too
  3. He's gorgeous! He has a beautiful home too
  4. Aw! Congrats! He is a stunning boy, and great photo too!
  5. He's beautiful! I hope that you're able to get him
  6. So cute!! And he'll be even cuter once he does the food dance!
  7. I sorry about Vir, he was a beauty. *hugs*
  8. Hey Dan!! Great to see one of my good friends still on the board! I have been great, and am starting my second year in university. Life has been busy but I have finally found enough time to raise these two fellas! I still haven't found the perfect name for them yet, I am falling behind as I used to name them before they even get here lol I want to get back into goldies, but no space for them as of yet. I hope things are well with you too, we need to catch up one day!
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